Something Most People Don’t Know About Me

Today’s prompt from Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog Along in September” is to ‘share something that isn’t widely known about you’.

I’m pretty much an open book.

I share everything privately (off-line). I share almost everything on-line, not always in this space, but usually here, and often on social media somewhere.

What I don’t share is because it’s not ‘mine’ to share. (With that, anytime I share about my children or loved ones – including photos – I ask permission first.)

So, I can’t think of something that isn’t widely known, that is mine to share.

My daughter said ‘that you snore when you sleep’ – which was true; since I’ve had my inhaler and can actually breathe *is no longer true*! (yay!)

My son said ‘that you used to live on a sailboat’ – which is true, but most people know that about me; especially in this space, because lots of readers have followed me from when I wrote my first and/or second blogs while living on the boat.

I’m in the mood to share something ‘light’, so I’m going with this: I still have a baby tooth, in the bottom front. At 47, I still have a baby tooth!

As a result, when I eat food that is usually something a person would bite, if it’s something soft, I pull it apart with my fingers and eat it and if it’s something hard I cut it into bite-sized pieces and eat it.  I never bite food, directly, so it won’t accidentally pull my baby tooth out (which is pretty secure).

Lots of people who dine with me, might notice I cut my food, and might think it odd, but they never ask why and I usually don’t mention it.

It comes up at interesting times like eating sushi, for instance – I know how to use chopsticks quite well, but I can’t bite the sushi roll, so I ask for a fork and knife; most people probably don’t know why. Or when getting free samples at the chocolate store, I can’t have caramel or anything that isn’t a truffle-like consistency – even though I love the flavor! – because I don’t have a way to cut it while there. And fruit – oh man! – when most people serve fruit, like strawberries or orange slices or watermelon slices, I can’t eat it (but I want to because fruit is my favorite!) unless I also have a fork and knife to cut it with (which defeats the purpose of serving ‘finger foods’).

I think most people just think I am incredibly cultured (or odd!). But, really, I am simply protecting my baby tooth.

Dear Reader: If you consider the idea of what you choose to share with most people – what kinds of things might you choose not to share (if you choose not to share)? What is the energy in the ‘why’ you choose not to share?

Much peace and abundant love,



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  1. I do enjoy your posts Joy, what came to my mind while reading this is perception its an interesting reminder of how we can interpret another’s behaviour by our own limited perceptions and still be no where near that persons truth, it brought a smile to my face Thank you <3

    • Thank you so much for that insight, Rachel! I agree with you! That’s one of the reasons I don’t judge others or engage in gossip. Unless we ask the person, we really have zero idea of why they do certain things – even if we think we know, we can be far off. (And, in my life, it’s true that people tend to guess, and not ask, and lots of different stories float around which I’ve learned to ignore, but also reminds me not to make up stories about others, in my own mind.)

      I’m glad you are smiling :) Thank *you* for your presence and for sharing this wonderful insight!

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