Understanding Wants and Allowing the Experience of Living Them

Day Two of Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog Along in September” adventure and the nudge she’s shared for today is:

*What do you really want?*

As I read this new prompt, I immediately thought of Staci Jordan Shelton’s upcoming Unraveling session Unraveled: Love and Longing and some of the powerful words she shares on the information page:

*We want to be loved.

We want to be acknowledged.

We want to be heard.

We want to be held.

We want it so desperately that we accept counterfeits, ignore red flags and settle for sad substitutes.

We deserve better.

As always my work and calling are about finding the knots that keep us stuck, stagnant and stop us from getting what we want.

I want to look at Love & Longing.

Our longings are our compass, they are the truth of who we are, and what we need.  They aren’t weak or “needy”.  But when we haven’t done the work of nourishing the deepest parts of ourselves, we stay thirsty.

That’s where the problems begin.

We don’t make healthy decisions from places of depletion and desperation.  When we are in those states, we often do things that devalue us and leave us in the desert.*

Yes! So, one thing I want is to participate in this session *grin*. I love Staci’s energy and way of being and facilitating! I have learned so much from her while participating in a previous (different-themed) session. (If Love and Longing feels intriguing to you, please take a look at her offering; it begins September 17th and I highly recommend it and I’ll also be there in it, with you!)

butterflies are one of my favorite animals; I love the reminder of transformation.

I want to be seen for who I am and appreciated for how I am showing up in that moment and loved for my inner core essence energy and my quirks and everything in between.

I want to experience friendships that light my life (like Staci’s) and romance that is aligned and resonant and feels amazing to be in.

I want to know that both of my children are feeling good about where they are in life and what they are choosing to do, explore, create, share; that they are healthy, thriving, and feeling fulfilled.

I want to make time, daily, for sacred practice and connection (and I do!) and creative expression (I’m working it back into the flow of things) and to share in groups and spaces that feel comfortable and good to share in (because I’ve shared in groups and spaces that don’t feel comfortable or good, and that’s not currently where I am called to be).

I want to always have room to breathe. And space to stretch. And ‘fertile soil’ for my heart whispers to blossom in.

I want to continue to see ‘real-life’ examples of love, compassion, kindness, grace (turned inwards and also shared externally) in all of the forms they are present, as I move through daily life.

I want to notice and celebrate beauty, magic, miracles, blessings, delightful synchronicity and signs of support, inspiration and encouragement as each day unfolds.

I want to make sure that my heart remains open to see and celebrate the ‘goodness’ of life and that I am open to being the conduit of ‘goodness’ for anyone in my realm.

I want to always make time to listen and to hold space for loved ones and friends and those who ask me to.

I want to believe in the power of love, light, peace and possibility……and so I do.

As I review this to edit it, I notice that my ‘wants’ are all really only possible for me to experience when I open to allowing myself the experience. That’s a biggie for me – opening to allow/opening to receive in/remaining fully present to goodness.

So, what I really want, then is to remain open, with love, gratitude, peace and joy.

Dear Reader: I’d love to know your answer to ‘what do you want’? (and please know it can be something material and wonderfully whimsical or seemingly frivolous – how fun!)

Thank you for your presence! 

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "Understanding Wants and Allowing the Experience of Living Them" (10)

  1. Such beautiful wants. ?

  2. I always am surprised at how few wants I have now, Joy. I live a pretty contented life with hubby and kitty. Mostly, I want to be able to keep my little house and to be able to keep it in good repair. I would love to have enough money to get some new pretties for it, but I am fine with what I have. I want to be able to be a healthy 71 year-old with as few aches and pains as possible and I would like the same for hubby and my friends. I want us all to have enough money that we don’t have to stress about it after retirement—one of my friends found that she did not have enough to meet basic expenses and is working hard now to try to make ends meet but is totally not able to handle emergencies. I guess, in my wildest dreams, I would love to win or make enough money to be able to help all of my struggling friends not to have to struggle so hard concerning money. I do enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes on-line and always dream about what good I could do with something like that! :) So health and a little more ease for everyone I know is what I would like now, Joy. I would love to be able to be lavish with financial gifts for all of my friends and for causes I want to support. Come on, Prize Patrol! :) :)

    • What a compassionate, generous heart you have, Jean! Your heart energy radiates through the ‘wants’ you’ve shared here. I second your want for health and a little more ease for everyone. And, may your wildest dreams come true (Prize Patrol will be knocking on your door, soon *grin*).

      Blessings to your heart, Jean!

  3. Joy,

    I *love* this so much! And echo many of your wants, in fact…they are so beautiful and eloquently expressed! I’m not sure I could say them any better, so I may just *borrow* those that resonate from you, if you don’t mind… ;-)

    I have struggled so much in my past with feeling I *should not want so much* and *should* rather be content with what I have and focus more on gratitude than wanting…yet, my dreams are, and have always been, *huge* and my resources (and self) have often felt small or lacking or “not enough”…so the *wanting* has often felt painful and desperate-like. Yet, I can recognize and appreciate now that it is simply my passionate yearning and deep longing underlying those dreams which brings me such depth and intensity of *wanting* AND I can really appreciate as I’ve learned to cultivate acceptance and gratitude for myself and all that is in my life now, that it is not an “either/or” proposition. Gratitude and appreciation for what I *have* actually supports manifestation of all I *want*, as well as providing peace in this moment that anchors my intensity of feeling into the depth of my hopes and dreams. It is truly life-changing to let go of that “struggle” between “what is” and “what I wish would be”…and embrace the love that feeds it all.

    your “come on prize patrol” comment made me laugh! :-) I often dream of winning the lottery (which I only play on occasion) or some large sum of $$ for the same reasons…to lavish my friends and family and causes I hold dear with financial support that helps fund their dreams…as well as my own.

    More than anything else, I want to know and experience and see and feel and create love so deep it makes miracles, so real it heals hearts and lives, and so *magical* that it helps “fund” the dreams of everyone it touches!

    • I am touched, Molly, that something I’ve shared within my ‘wants’ speaks to you enough that you want to ‘borrow it’. Thank you!!

      I understand the struggle around ‘wanting’. And I love how you shared the clarity that you are experiencing for yourself, around that struggle and opening through it, here. I hope you see and feel that clarity, that you shared!

      Yes to embracing love!!

      And, I second your last paragraph. How beautiful!!

  4. Molly. here’s to you winning the lottery and me finding the Prize Patrol at my door one day! I love your heart and affirm all of your desires and yours, too, Joy! <3

  5. Jean & Joy,

    Thank you both! :-)

  6. <3 Molly and Joy <3 Love to you both! <3

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