Weaving Joy Into Daily Life

What I noticed about today, when I looked at the calendar, is that the date is 9-8-17.

Even though I am intuitive and I love feeling my way through life, I have always loved numbers and playing with them (as much as I love playing with energy!).

So, today’s numbers could be 9+8=17. 1+7=8. Which is infinite possibility.

9+8=17. The year is 17. Both equal 8. That is a double affirmation of infinite possibility!

……*and* we are on day 8 of Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog Along in September” adventure – which aligns right with the energy of infinite possibility! It’s been quite a door opener as far as sharing creative expression and making connections and refreshing the energy on my blog, and in my heart! What I love best is connecting through shared creative expression and it’s been fun to share my words and have regular and new readers comment, and also thoroughly enjoyable to read others blogs and expand my understanding through what they share!

I’m consistently looking for the myriad of ways infinite possibility is present in daily life and all of this encourages me to keep looking and remaining open and being present.

The key words I’ve shared so far are “play”, “infinite possibility”, “love” and “delightful surprise”. All energies that are part of each day for me (along with gratitude and peace) – regardless of external.

I want to feel and experience just how much fun I can have in a day – so that’s what I focus on. Regardless of what is in the day or what I’m doing in that day. It’s not that I can’t be serious (because I can); it’s just that my focus is on light and love, always – and the way to experience that, for me, is through joy.

So, you likely notice that my name is Joy. I’ve spent a lifetime learning to embody the energy of my name. Some say I was born with it (which is likely true), but I used to try to dim it down or hide it until I realized that was impossible, and my body would become physically ill (which was not a fun way to live). Then, I began to cultivate it, daily and share it with anyone who wished to receive it.

It’s not something I think about anymore (as in ‘how might I flow more joy into this…moment, experience, connection). It’s something I just do. Be joy. (Joy-ful, joy-filled.)

Through energy study and play, I’ve found that I (we) can hold multiple energies at once – which lots of people seem to theoretically understand but not open to in daily life. For example, last year was a big heart-stretch of a year for me, full of deep grief, intense emotional pain, and even a return of my PTSD from years prior (all related to an experience a loved one whose path directly intersects with mine, brought into my realm; and I chose to advocate for and support my loved one, instead of closing my door, so I witnessed some really tough stuff first-hand). But, in that, there was still joy in each day. Still something to laugh about, something that sparked my heart-smile, something that felt fun; even though my heart-felt raw and tender and I was processing some really ‘big for me’ stuff. 

Here is an example of “joy” in a ‘serious space’: Last October, my daughter had eye surgery. She chose to be at my house to recover. Because it was eye surgery, on the first day, she couldn’t see. And, she was ‘stuck’ in bed. She got bored. And, also frustrated. Neither of which are healing energies. (and she was also sick from the anesthesia.) So, I spent lots of the night, when she couldn’t sleep, and wasn’t feeling the best, reading jokes to her. I Googled joke websites, looked on social media, did my best to find whatever I could that would be funny to her. I even ended up reading from a ‘worst pick-up lines ever’ website. When I ran out of jokes, I looked up song lyrics and did ‘funny karaoke’ (which was new to me, but hey, I was going for comedy!). Silly, yes. Important, though. As important as anything else I did that day. And in that laughter, she temporarily forget her misery (which still existed, but had lightened). And, eventually (after a few hours of this) she fell asleep. Of course, reading jokes, hearing her laughter, and laughing alongside of her lightened my heart, too, at the most perfect time. *And*, when she talks about that day, it’s not about how ‘sucky’ surgery was (it really was!), it’s about how fun it was that I was reading jokes to her late into the night, in a darkened room (because her eyes were sensitive to light).

Joy is something lots of people leave for ‘later’; sometimes to experience as a reward. I wanted to feel joy in daily life, so I worked on cultivating it. 

When I first wanted to concentrate on cultivating joy, in my daily life, I started through my clothing and food choices. If I felt comfortable and good in what I chose to wear, it was easier to feel lighter than heavy (energetically). If my food choices were delicious and delighted me to eat, it was easier to feel joy about eating (than having it be a burden or obligation).

Since I’m an energetic being in a physical body, if my body is feeling comfortable, it’s easier for me to feel comfortable in it, which then makes life feel more comfortable to be present to.

So, as I continued to cultivate joy, it was in physical ways, such as: bedding that felt good on my skin and lovely to sleep in; shower accessories that helped support the feel of clean and refreshed; a creative space that was well-lit and comfortable in all ways to be in.

And, then it naturally expanded from there, to include: reading things that made me laugh or sparked my interest in something (which for me is joy-inducing); being present only to friendships that light my heart in some way; seeing the sunset from the beach most evenings; moving only in physical ways that felt good and fun (which is when my interest in dance surged!), being present to sacred connection with joy (through chanting, walking prayer and meditation, etc.).

Within that, joy naturally expanded, on its own. I do work that is fun and that I love (so it’s not ‘work’ in my mind), I am surrounded by people who enjoy life and living, I feel happy in my home and with where I live. I’m full of gratitude.

And, for me, that’s the biggest joy amplifier: gratitude. I am truly grateful (in wonder and awe as well) to be alive, and to be blessed to be my children’s mom and to have the capacity to love and be loved and to create and share. It’s all a miracle really. And, those feelings are the biggest source of my joy.

And, my goal in life is to coax out your heart-smile – if we’re passing on the street or you are a guest in my home – however it is that we meet – I want my presence to be light and joy-filled and comfortable enough for you that you smile. And I will do almost whatever it takes to get that smile (almost, because I likely won’t run naked in the streets….or eat something gross, but I might….)


Dear Reader: What is something that makes your heart smile?

Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. Reading this made my heart smile, sometimes it can feel isolating to be a human who is just happy to be alive and can find joy in life, <3

    • I’m glad your heart is smiling, Rachel :)

      I can understand feeling isolated, and also there are so many people around who are happy to be alive and experience joy; but we might not find each other unless we have the confidence to be joyful (in public) as we move through our day. *grin* I search those people out and when I ‘see’ them in public I say ‘ha! I’m noticing you’re a joyful one – thank you for being that/you/the light in this space’ and I like when people do that to me, too. <3

  2. What a beautiful message Joy! So many good ideas to invoke joy in daily life. I am definitely going to earmark this post for reference. In answer to your question, my heart smiles when I look at my husband looking at our daughters at the same time I am. We share that “love look” that only the two of us can have.

    • I am smiling as I feel the energy in your description of this ‘love look’. How special – thank you for sharing, Mary!

      And, thank you for the kind words!!

  3. What an inspiring, interesting blog! I got a lot from it, thank you. I love how you helped your daughter. That was such a sweet thing to do. And yes Gratitude is so important.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Jean.

      I know I can hold a person’s pain for them, but I can lighten it, and that’s part of what I feel being ‘love and light’ is, in this physical world – sitting with the pain and holding space and helping in a physical way. We can do that for ourselves, too – which is something I’m learning/remembering to do – to not abandon myself/my body when I’m in pain, but to be supportive, loving, encouraging and kind.

  4. Joy,

    Reading this post made my heart smile, as does reading most everything you share. It is so refreshing, enlivening, and comforting to know there are people out there who love with the intensity and passion that I do, as I have always felt *different* (and not always in a good way) because of these traits in myself. My capacity for deeply feeling (which I forget at times so many of us have) into life, is something that made me stand out and feel different, and often alone and lonely, growing up in a small town with sometimes small-minded people. Still does at times, yet I am learning to “let my light shine”, let others be who they are, respond how they choose, and be okay with being more fully who I am in each moment of my life. It’s been an amazing, often terrifying, often exhilarating experience, so I can completely relate to your idea of focusing on finding joy in every day experiences, no matter the external…and while I may not be as practiced as you at it, I’m getting so much better with doing the same in my own life! As someone who’s been told more than once that she is “too serious”, “too loud”, “too idealistic”, “too talkative” and “too much” by so many in my life, it feels good to finally learn to embrace all my “just-enoughness” and be able to express all the facets that make up my uniqueness. To have someone not only accept that uniqueness, but celebrate it, and encourage it, as you have since I’ve come to know you…is priceless… as they say. :-) Here’s to you and your Joy-full-ness bringing more love and light to this world every day! Thank you!

    • Wow, Molly, thank you for sharing such love and joy-filled words!

      This “it is so refreshing, enlivening and comforting” are feelings I hope each person experiences as they share their inner core essence energy with others and allow themselves to be seen and appreciated. What you’ve written here is inspiring, and I hope readers of your comment feel that as well as encouraged to be the radiant light they are.

      Thank you for your presence, here, and in life! Blessings as you keep on being you!!

  5. Hey, Joy, I loved this post! Joy all through it, even when Kait had the surgery and felt yukky! :) Shows it can be done! If you DO decide to run naked in the streets, let me know and we will go together :) and definitely invite Robin Easton to go with us! :) But you can eat something yukky by yourself and I will just watch (or maybe not). :) Love you!

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