Waking Up to Fog This Morning and a Blessing as You Consider the Energy of Fog in Your Life

I woke this morning to fog. It felt glorious!

One: the temperatures had been in the high 90’s-100F all week; the presence of fog means cooler temperatures which is the energy of refreshment my heart has been wishing for all week.

Two: I love the feel of fog!

So, I took a few moments to walk in it, around my neighborhood this morning.

I was thinking about ‘what feels “foggy” to me in my life’ – where do I feel uncertain, what details feel uncertain. Then, I switched to the feel of fog as a security/comfort blanket.

Which reminded me of one of my favorite blog posts from my blog when I lived on the boat “Monday Blessing…Clarity“, in which I described my experience with fog “The fog caressed my cheek, leaving it damp, and I took the time to really feel the moment as it was.  The blanket of fog obscuring my vision, leaving me with the rest of my senses to explore with.”

I love experiencing life via my senses! I think part of this morning’s fog experience was to remind me that I’ve been ‘in my head’, thinking too much, instead of feeling my way through (as I prefer and love and thrive when doing!). Note taken. (maybe this ‘note’ is for you, too?)

In that article, I also shared a blessing, which I’d like to bring forward and share here, too:

May any areas of fog in your life
Be as comforting to you
Your most warm and safe
Security item–

The arms of a lover folding you in,
The hand of God holding yours,
The Universe enclosing you in Love.

May you see the Fog
Not as something to fear or curse,
But as a refreshing reminder
That all is well in your world.

All that you love is yours to love,
All that you treasure is yours to treasure.
All that you hold dear is yours to hold dear.

In this moment.

Feel the comfort and security in that.

May the peace and beauty of the place that you live,
May the love and joy in your life,
May all of the good in that which surrounds you,
Touch your heart today,
Expand throughout the week.

Blessings to your heart as this week unfolds, and within that, as October unfolds to November.

Much peace,


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  1. Thank you, Joy, that was just beautiful! I realized, as I read the blog post, that one thing most of us who are in the Facets community have in common is that we are all “feelers” and we do feel our way through life. I I LOVE that! :)
    Love to you!

    • Thank *you*, Jean for your presence and comment!

      I do tend to draw intuitives, empaths, heart-centered ‘path walkers’ and love-based people into my circles (and also those who are interested in learning more about these practices/ways of being); likely because that’s who I am and how I choose to live, and the energy that draws people ‘in’.

      Like you, I love knowing and connecting with people who choose to feel their way through at least part of their day (and life, in general). I find it inspiring and affirmative and encouraging – simply knowing others who choose similar ways exist, then listening and learning when they share.

      Love to you, too!

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