An Invitation to ‘Face Forward Fully Present to Possibility’ as we Open this New Month of November

Happy New Month!

I woke in the pre-dawn hours this morning, and decided to honor my body’s ‘clock’ (even if my mind said ‘nope, not enough sleep!’).

October was full of significant change for me, and November is full of a few more. (I’m sure you can relate! Change seems to be sweeping through!)

As I process the range of feelings that come with those changes, and do some inner work to re-center, I want to include the practice of setting intentions for this month of November, of recognizing the blessings of this ‘clean slate’, of facing forward fully present to possibility.

(If this resonates with you, feels good, I invite you to consider the idea of ‘facing forward fully present to possibility’. If the idea of doing so for an entire month feels overwhelming or impossible, I invite you to consider opening to the experience for a few moments….and then a few moments more.)

It’s going to require a bit of time to feel possibility, but I know it’s there; that knowing brings peace even in the processing of change.

But, I want to set those intentions with love, from a space of centered expansiveness (as much as possible), not from lack or fear or uncertainty.

So, I got out of bed, opened the windows for fresh (chilly!!) air, and lit a candle.

I thought about how I would like to feel today, as this new day unfolds, and how I might support myself in feeling that. Water (hydration and also likely going to the ocean, but also understanding and holding space for my emotions) popped right in. So, I poured some ice water in my favorite mason drink jar. I moved my ‘angel’ to the table. I sat with my journal and wrote a bit (and will write more as the day unfolds and as it feels in flow).

I feel like I could meet my immediate need (for water), because it was expressed clearly. In meeting that need, instead of ignoring or putting it off until later (because I could have gone back to sleep, or done any number of things other than being present for a bit), I feel connected to myself, to source, to flow.

In these moments of feeling connected, my tender heart remains open and my mind starts to remember that possibility exists. 

With that, it’s easier to ‘face forward’ to this new month of November, feeling less hesitant and a *wee* bit excited.

Will this feeling last all day? All month? If I do some ‘easy’ inner work like this to cultivate and amplify it. (and if I don’t do inner work, as long as I love myself and turn compassion inward, those feelings will likely remain as well)

All of this took less than thirty minutes.

I made time today to do this because it’s important to me to feel the blessing through whatever fear or doubt or emotional pain I might be experiencing (as I hold space for the fear, doubt and emotional pain to unfold, to understand the presence of these energies and feelings, instead of quickly shifting or ‘fixing’ them).

I don’t yet know what the blessing is (blessings are), but if I can feel that it is/they are there, that’s enough natural inspiration and encouragement for me to keep my heart open.

(And if I can keep my heart open, I can continue to heal, grow, laugh, love, learn with ease, joy, peace, etc……regardless of the variables that are present and whether or not I understand why they are present and/or what that presence means.)

So, that’s what I’m focusing on currently. I’m choosing to share this with you because I know change is a constant (and collectively there has been great change, and more is to come). And, in that, it’s common to focus on the gunk and how that feels (which usually doesn’t feel promising or faith-building or peace-amplifying).

It might be helpful to be reminded that alongside the gunk (sometimes underneath it or shadowed by it) is possibility, and in that possibility are blessings (even if we can’t see them or fathom how or why they are there).

(And if you’d like some personal support in understanding and healing the tenderness in your heart or understanding and moving through change with intention or ‘mining’ the possibilities or blessings, or anything that I’ve touched upon here, I am available.)

Blessings to your heart as this month unfolds!

Much peace,

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