Experiencing Delightful Synchronicity After Publishing My Previous Article, and Some Thoughts on Feeling Physically Supported by Universe

I received such a beautiful (lovely, good, positive) response to my most recent post “A Bit About My Experience of the Thomas Fire, and Encouragement as This Month, Year and Season Unfolds“. Something in the way I shared, or what I shared, resonated with so many of you, enough so that I received many personal emails, a few comments on my post, and some comments on my FB post sharing the link. I am humbled, and appreciative. Thank you so much!

I have a bit of follow-up to that article that I’d like to share with you. It has to do with synchronicity.

My intention in sharing this is to inspire you to notice *delightful*, joyful, wondrous synchronicity in your life, as you move through your ‘regular’ day. And, if it feels good, to notice *physical ways* in which you feel seen and supported by Universe.

I highlight ‘physical ways’ because lots of us walking a spiritual or love-based path tend to feel energetically or spiritually supported, which is lovely and good *and* also we sometimes don’t feel physically supported, which is either because we aren’t – usually because we aren’t asking for what we need, or open to receiving it in *or* because we are supported but don’t notice/kind of take it for granted. << simply an observation, not a judgment….see if it resonates with you, and if it does, is there an opportunity to open to something new/different/better feeling.

When I feel seen and supported by Universe, in physical ways, as much as spiritual or energetic, I feel more comfortable, more safe being here (on Earth, in this daily life, in this moment……) *and* when I feel more comfortable and more safe, I trust (in the goodness of world, in flow, in keeping my heart open, in love and joy and peace) more easily, more readily, more joyfully. (Can you relate?)

Back to lovely feeling synchronicity

I personally love the feel of synchronicity, and do my best to notice and appreciate when it’s present.

To me, it feels like being supported by Universe – a sign that the ‘powers that be’ are noticing me, and sharing love with me in ways I can best receive and experience. And, that feels magical.

So, after writing my article, in which I mentioned that pre-Thomas Fire I used to smudge daily for over a year, while chanting the Ganesha chant, but hadn’t been interested in smudging since (a result of experiencing fire as a destructive element that caused wide-spread pain and needing to do some processing around that), this happened:

That same evening, my daughter came to me with a crystal and asked me how to clear it. It’s the first crystal she’s had in a while, and she’s had it about one week or so, so it’s interesting that she came to me *after* I’d publicly shared I hadn’t been smudging, and after I’d taken the steps to create sacred space for myself (which shows me my heart is open and healing).

I smiled inside, because the only way I know to clear a crystal is to….smudge.

Yep. Ha!!!

That’s how the Universe works sometimes, gently coaxing you back to connection, back to the practices/activities/spaces you love but are feeling tender about….through loved ones you adore and trust.

So, I explained to my daughter that the best way to clear a crystal is to smudge, and that I’d prefer she just use the tiniest of sage leaves to make the tiniest of smoke to pass her crystal through. (Thinking that way I wouldn’t smell it/be drawn to it….a temporary boundary).

Our living space is small – two rooms total – so, of course I smelled it. Of course along with that came my love of the practice. I’m still not ready to do it myself, for myself, but I love and appreciate the synchronicity and the nudge.

One more synchronicity:

One of my blogger friends, Vidya Sury, writes daily. I hadn’t read many articles this past month, as my attention was diverted, so I was scanning the titles of emails in my in-box yesterday morning, to see what appealed to me to read…..and smiled when I saw this title of her recent article, Do Something You’ve Been Putting Off. Ha!!

Because, also in the article I wrote the previous day, I shared about my experience of finally cleaning off the soot, ash and debris from my backyard table (one could describe that as doing something I’d been putting off).

A task that felt overwhelming to me all month (likely more energetically overwhelming than physical) but had meaning because that is one of my favorite places to sit and just be in and create from. And, passing it as I leave home and return (sometimes a few times in a day) was a visual of the impact that fire has had. Cleaning it off lightened my mood energetically, and seeing it clean each time I pass reminds me of the healing and growing I’m doing (and the feel of possibility).

After cleaning the table (and a few other indoor surfaces), and writing my article, I also chose to work on my in-box (that I’d ignored for most of the month). Another task that felt overwhelming, that I’d been putting off, but as I worked on it felt so freeing!

So you can see, Vidya’s article was like a sign from Universe to say ‘I saw the physical steps you took – and are there any others you’ve been putting off that you now feel inspired to take, in flow?”. That felt supportive and encouraging, and again, came through someone I love.

Dear Reader: Now that you’ve read my thoughts about synchronicity and my experience with it, I have two questions for you:

Are you open to seeing and experiencing *delightful* synchronicity in your life? If you are, I invite you to notice it as your day unfolds, and come back to share it with us, in the comments – or to share a recent experience you had with delightful synchronicity. If you’re not open, I invite you to share with us a bit about why you think that might be.

Are you open to feeling physically supported by Universe? If so, I invite you to notice it as your day unfolds, and come back to share an experience with us, in the comments – or to share a recent experience you had with feeling physically supported by Universe. If you’re not open, I invite you to share with us a bit about why you think that might be.

There is no judgment here, it’s a sacred container feel of a space, and whatever you share will be met with love and compassion.

As always, thank you for your time and presence!!

Much peace,

If you’d like some personal support and encouragement, as you walk your heart-path, I do offer personal sessions. 

I mentioned this at the beginning of the month, and I’ll mention it here, again, in case you are interested: the 2018 Year Overview Intuitive Soul Call Card Readings, are available to purchase through January 31, 2018. I will be working on them once again, next week, so if your heart says ‘yes, please‘ , it would be an honor and a delight to pull a reading for you and to share the heart guidance from the cards.

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Comments on: "Experiencing Delightful Synchronicity After Publishing My Previous Article, and Some Thoughts on Feeling Physically Supported by Universe" (4)

  1. Robin Easton said:

    This is beautiful, dear Joy. I LOVE how you have always been so aware of these magical “seemingly” little things that are actually very powerful and helpful to our lives.

    Also, I did not know that people cleared crystals with sage. Often out here in NM people put them in a creek for a few days, amking sure that they are secured by a cord or a mesh bag so that they do not wash downstream. I have had both Native and non-Native friends tell me this. I also bet if you put them in the ocean it would work, as long as they don’t go out with the tide.

    Also, I LOVE how patient you were with Kait. That just moved me to tears. And instead of reacting adversely to the sage smoke, you used it and saw it as a healing return to something you love. Just beautiful.

    Also, often Anglos out here waaay over due the sage smoke until the room looks like some smoke infested barroom. Lol :) The Native people I know only use a very little and basically cleanse themselves with it and then put the fire out. Because even sage smoke can be toxic if too much is used. I like this gentle way, like what Kait did because I highly allergic to smoke, after being through so many fires. So Kait is doing it in a very minimalist Native way, which is very cool.

    I just really enjoyed this whole post. I just felt soothed and comforted by it. You are a remarkable woman, and depth visionary. I learn so much from you.

    Much, much love to you,

    • What a delightful surprise, to ‘see’ you, here, Robin – thank you for the heart-smile of your presence!!

      After I wrote this, I realized that actually I do believe and practice that words and energetic intention can bless anything, and so we could have cleared Kait’s crystal that way.

      When I began working with crystals, as energy centers, and learning their properties, I was taught that you can clear and bless them with a bit of sage. I’m not sure ‘who’ taught me that, but I’d heard it from others as well. It’s interesting to me that my mind focused on that, rather than my intuitive knowing and practice (of using words and energy to clear and bless).

      Thank you for sharing about the practice of putting crystals in the creek. That makes sense!! I like the feel! (And, also, the run-off from the fires are affecting our local natural water sources, so I think I’d feel the need to ‘bless’ them, first, then the crystals *grin*).

      I am laughing so hard about “Anglos way over do the sage smoke!”. I know this well!! Being an Anglo, I’ve done it a few times myself *grin*. And, also, in my personal practice I use a ‘pinch’ of sage (you’d be proud!).

      I tend to be naturally patient in life, and it’s also probably a by-product of all of the centering I do. It’s usually easy with Kait or Kev because there is a base of love, with each of them. I think in that way, they are lucky I’m their mom, because I tend not to over-react. Learning to be patient with myself has been the challenge (which is easier the more I learn to love and be compassionate with myself).

      I know with certainty that source reaches me through my children, and I feel blessed and grateful to remain open to that through them. I know to pay attention when either of them come to me with something that feels tender to me, that their is ‘heart medicine’ if I can remain present and open.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am touched, honored, delighted. And smiling :)

      So much love to you!!

  2. My life is just full of things that happen and make way for other things to happen that are just exactly what I needed (and am usally not aware that I need), but at this late hour I cannot think of one of them :) I know that I have shared a bunch with you as they were happening, Joy :)
    I am so glad that it is happening for you and that you are beginning to do things that make your life feel more normal and supported by the Universe. It has been quite a challenge, I am sure, for you, and for so many other people in the fires. So much love to you and your kids! <3

    • I can think of a few examples you’ve shared with me, Jean *grin* – one is that you were desiring to do bigger paintings, but didn’t have the canvas, then one day big canvases were gifted to you (I think they were in the give-away pile at your studio, or a friend was closing a studio and gave them to you). I am always in awe, and joy, when you share your examples!

      Thank you for your kind words, and your presence. Love to you!!

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