With Sixty Dollars, I Manifested a Chair for Fifty-Five! (and a few thoughts about creating from, and with, comfort)

If you know me, and you likely do through reading here on my blog *grin*, then you know I love manifesting. It’s a practice that lights my heart, and is a source of great delight and joy!

This morning, I experienced a fun manifesting story that I’d like to share with you.

For this past month, or so, I’ve had $60 set aside for the purpose of buying an accessory chair for a table we were gifted in October. The table is currently pushed into a corner by the kitchen, because there is no room for it in our little living space, but I love the energy of it, and enjoy sitting there to write in my journal or draw.

In order to sit at the table, I make do by dragging my daughter’s chair from our bedroom to the table, but that only ‘works’ if she’s not using it (which she usually is, since it fits by her desk). It’s a soft chair, made of material, without a ‘proper’ seat, so it’s not comfortable for me, but she loves it!! Since it’s the only chair we have, I use it (and am grateful, even if it’s not comfortable for long periods of sitting).

With that, this morning, I was near tears because I wanted a place to sit to do my computer work from. The only chair I have is at my outside table and it was too chilly and smokey to sit outside. My computer only works in my room, so the couch isn’t an option.

It’s been this way for months but today I felt the limitations as intolerable. 

I have this new focus (within the last few months) on comfort and creating from comfort – because I’ve been creating from less than comfortable for much of my life, and I’d like to try a different experience. So, it’s likely this intention is part of why I began to feel distraught at tolerating discomfort.

(And, it’s also true that for most of last year, I wasn’t home much each day, so it was easier to tolerate, and even ignore, the discomfort.)

I thought I would at least research office chairs, to get a feel for my options. I said ‘show me something comfortable, cute and affordable that fits in my space’. Most chairs I saw were either bulky and not what I was looking for, or were far more than $100.

I kept researching. (My ‘research’ was about ten minutes, keeping it easy and light.) I found an office chair on sale from $140 to $55!!!!! I looked to see if they had any in stock, and it said there were three.

I drove to get it right away. (That wasn’t in my morning plans, at all!!)

I found the floor model and sat in it; knowing if it was uncomfortable I wouldn’t purchase it.

I was astounded that it was so comfortable and in my budget!! So, I bought it. And, brought it home in the box. 

(One note: the salesperson had his attention elsewhere, and actually told me to go downstairs to tell the cashier he needed help. He only had one other customer, and he had already checked to make sure the chairs we wanted were in stock. We were both being patient and not understanding why he was unable to help us. I could have taken this as a sign that the chair wasn’t meant to be, especially because the cashier was by the front door, but I just went with what I had….and I told the cashier the man needed help – and the manager apologized profusely to me, as he loaded my chair in the car.)

Of course, the chair required assembly. I get frazzled with assembly. My kids usually help. My kids were not available.

I could have waited for either of them to help, but I decided I’d coach myself through the assembly, step by step, purposely not listening to my mind say ‘you don’t like this and you can’t do it’. I took out the parts, felt frazzled, then centered and encouraged myself.

I did it!! I put it together myself! And, as I write this, I’m sitting in it (still not in my bedroom yet because Kait is sleeping). I’m feeling so proud of myself! My kids won’t believe I did it!! I hardly believe it!

Here I am, feeling proud of myself, while sitting in my chair, having just put it together:

Here’s the gist of the flow of this manifesting experience: I had $60. I had an intention to purchase a chair. A comfortable chair. I didn’t spend the money. I didn’t insist upon purchasing a specific chair or even an accessory chair. I waited patiently. I noticed what wasn’t in my budget and simply let it go. And, when the time came when my entire body said “I really need a chair”, everything unfolded in flow (with ease and joy) for that chair to be perfectly placed. 

I wrote this up, then let it be. Eventually, Kait woke up and I put the chair in it’s new place. She was very surprised that I bought a chair. She was more surprised I put it together. The thing is, with the little living space we have, this chair only had one spot to fit in. And, it does fit. And, I am so happy! |

And, then Kev came home and was equally surprised that I bought an offer chair, and that I put it together. Then, he sat in it and agreed it is very comfortable.

Dear Reader: So, what shall you do with this? Maybe allow it to light your heart and inspire you in your manifesting practice. Maybe be delighted along with me. Maybe consider the energy of comfort and flow of creative expression to see if what I’ve shared about it in my journey resonates with, or speaks to, you in any way in your journey. I’d love for you to share your thoughts.

There is no judgment here, it’s a sacred container feel of a space, and whatever you share will be met with love and compassion.

As always, thank you for your time and presence!

Much peace,


I’m an excellent manifester – by nature, and also because I love the feel and have honed my skills. If you’d like personal support and encouragement as you manifest in your life, I invite you to schedule a personal session. I’d be delighted to work together!


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  1. Hey, Joy. Happy New Year! I just spent some time catching up on your blog, especially all your experience with the fire. Yikes! But mostly what I always get from your writing is about your heart energy. I’ve always admired that about you. I still have two of the guided meditations you did.

    Lately I’ve been drawn more into heart energy. I admit not something I’ve paid that much attention to. But now I see that it was missing from my whole soul picture, so to speak. And now that it is activated, wow, I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders.

    So I just wanted to say thank you for all the heart energy you put out there in the world. And I’m glad that you and your kids were safe during the fire!

    • Wow, Galen – two whole months passed by before I returned to my blog after writing this! New Year’s Blessings to you, along with Full Moon, March and almost Spring blessings, too <3

      I'm so glad to hear that heart energy has more of your attention and it seems to be 'working it's magic' in your life! Thank *you* for being the blessing that you are - I love reading your blog (I'm usually inspired and/or something I believe in or am practicing is affirmed, and I also learn as I process what you've written.)

  2. Yay Joy, go you!!!!!! <3

    • I’m going to write a follow-up article, Catriona, because this little chair has been such a wonderful comfort – *the space* I sit and receive news that is less than glorious, but also process inner work, and I set up a small table in front of it so I can write and use my computer. I had no idea how special and important my ‘little’, very guided, purchase would turn out to be! <3

  3. I love that you manifested that chair, Joy! And love even more that you put it together, I am always the one who puts things together in my family because Bill won’t read the directions! :) If I don’t stop him, he will break something trying to muscle it together, especially something plastic! I am having more trouble with my hands as I age, so if things require a lot of twisting and wrenching, I try to get his help (he is also having trouble so we are a sad lot :) )
    But I am the brains of the operation! So happy that you have the chair for the money you had to spend—-and that it fits in the house and is well-put-together! <3

    • If you lived locally, Jean, I’d gladly allow you to put together my once in a while purchases that need putting together and I’d be encouraging and grateful!! Besides being the brains, you’re a creative genius, too (lucky Bill!! *grin*).

      Blessings to you <3

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