“It’s a New Day”: Allowing Energy to Naturally Shift

I went to sleep last night, feeling the heaviness of February in different ways in my body and being.

Knowing how much I love the energy of March – typically a powerful manifesting month for me (with the feel of infinite possibility and joy that most of you feel on January 1st, with the new year!), and today’s Full Moon, and also the celebration of the natural unfolding of Winter to Spring, I tucked myself in, feeling hopeful about waking up to something ‘new and different’ in the morning.

I awoke this morning feeling *happy*! (and so happy to feel happy!)

It is true that the variables that contributed to the feeling of heaviness are still present. (For example, rain is in the forecast today, tomorrow and the next which means I might have to evacuate again – since the recent fires burned off the topsoil of the hill we live on, there is the potential for mudslides and road closures due to flooding and debris blockage.)

It is also true that, as I write this, sunshine is streaming through the window and the birds are sharing bird-song and the air is crisp and I’m alive! And all of that feels good (and lightens up the heaviness a bit).

So good, that I was nudged to write to you (not that I only have to write when things are feeling ‘good’, but that I missed being in this space and wanted to open the door to sharing, again/still.)

And, here I am. (I missed being in this space; I love connecting in this space!)

(That’s a great example of naturally shifting energy: acknowledging and understanding the energy of what I was in and how I felt – ‘heaviness’ – while also acknowledging the goodness all around and flowing in and feeling the possibility in it.)

I can’t control whether or not it rains. (And it’s okay to feel whatever I am about the rain.)

I can control what I choose to engage my mind with. Being kind to myself as I consider the rain. Enjoying the sunshine while it’s here. Choosing to center and do some inner work. Thinking about how to best prepare for the rain, and possible evacuation. Celebrating the feel of goodness that I wrote about above. Holding space and centering some more as the day unfolds.

That’s an ‘easy’ example to share with you. Because it’s obvious I can’t control the rain. But you get the idea and can feel into it and apply it to any area of you life.

Let’s go back to the feelings of happiness, joy, delight.

(I hope you feel those energies weaving through my words as you read them!)

I felt so surprised to feel happy, that I physically smiled as I got out of bed.

(I think this is so dorky, but it’s true, so I’ll share it.) I was in such a good mood, that I listened to Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good” on replay quite a few times. First, dancing around the house. Then, I hopped on the stationary bike and rode a bit (which is a *miracle* because I haven’t ridden it in many days, although I kept telling myself I wanted to, because I enjoy it and I enjoy how I feel when, and after, I ride it).

It’s been months since I listened to this song (it’s not on my usual playlist). So, when it popped into my mind, I thought ‘let’s listen’ and put it on (well, actually I thought ‘how dorky’ and *how right* for the way I’m feeling! and, then I put it on.) And, it set the tone for the morning.

I don’t usually dance around the house (although I used to!). And, I can say I’d never popped on the stationary bike first thing in the morning before anything else!! And, as you might know if you are a regular reader, I hadn’t written here since the first week of January.

I tapped into the ‘goodness’ flowing through, and doors opened, and I ‘stepped through’ (with action steps). Again, nothing about those heavy variables (which include rain, but are far more than that!) have changed, but I feel different, in these moments, and that’s where I am experiencing the shift. And, I’ll bring that light and joy and delight and openness into the unfolding of this day, and this month as it unfolds.

Here is the chorus:

*It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good
I’m feeling good..*

Oh, and then I got ready for my day. Physically dressed into my ‘day clothes’. Energetically refreshed through my practices. And, centered and open.

I chose this shirt (of course I did – so comfy feeling, in material and fit!):

I’m sure I chose this shirt to remind myself in part of ‘who I am’….as I’m about to have a ‘hard for me’ conversation, and to be present to whatever (and all) that this day holds.

Note: I wrote this, then set it aside to edit it, before publishing it and sharing with you. I had the conversation. It was hard. I was present through it and thanked myself. I went to the library to pick up some books and noticed that when I started the car on the way to, and on the way from, the library, there was lots of hesitation as the engine was turning over. (not the technical terms *grin*) I quick did a (legal) u-turn and went to the mechanic that I trust and like, who happens to be by the library. I left with a new battery (and wow – the energy of that is hard to miss!!!….new battery…clean, fresh energy!), albeit also with less money. Right when I felt sad and discouraged from a conversation with a friend, in which I felt my way of being wasn’t being understood or appreciated……I got a text from another friend saying “I miss you and wish you were here”.

So, it’s not like that goodness meant that other stuff wasn’t present (and it didn’t erase or change the ‘big stuff’ that I’m not specifically addressing here, but living through).

But it did flow through, and felt present and likely was part of the reason I was able to process and stay present to what I did, as the day unfolded. 

And, for that, I am grateful.

Dear Reader: Happy March! Happy Full Moon! Happy Almost Change of the Seasons!! Thank you so much for ‘listening’ and sharing in this experience. As you read through, I hope that something from what I’ve shared speaks to you, in an encouraging, supportive and/or inspiring way.

I invite you to share something about what is feeling *good, right, joyful, delightful, lovely* in your life, so that we may all celebrate with you.

I also invite you to play with the practice of choosing one connection or experience (to start with) and being very intentional with where you place your thoughts/what you engage your mind with, place your attention on, to see how energy might shift naturally as you focus on what you can control, instead of what you can’t. And, to share your experience, as well as any questions you might have, with us, in the comment section.

There is no judgment here, it’s a sacred container feel of a space, and whatever you share will be met with love and compassion.

As always, thank you for your time and presence!

Much peace,


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Comments on: "“It’s a New Day”: Allowing Energy to Naturally Shift" (3)

  1. Joy, it was just delightful to hear about you getting up feeling happy! And dancing around the room!! i am going to have to admit that I have not gotten up feeling happy or feeling happy any other time of day since the vertigo has happened. But one thing I am glad to see is the beautiful pink trees here that say, loud and clear, that spring is coming and very soon. I don’t know that it will make a difference for my ear but it is nice for my eyes. At any rate, I am so glad you got up happy and dancing around the room! So good to hear and so inspiring! Love to you!

  2. Catriona said:

    Joy, I am loving reading this <3

    What feels delightful at the moment is: that we are snowed in :-) Although in some ways less than ideal, I love the hibernation feeling, the storecupboard cooking ….. and the fact that snowbite makes the kale so tender I can practically eat it straight off the plant ….. :-) The farmer will dig us out tomorrow!

  3. Joy,

    I had begun an email to you the day before you posted this…and then when I saw your post, I thought *what perfect timing* and intended to write you a reply, finish my email, connect in some way…and here we are- nearing the end of March already!…and my reply has not yet happened. I guess this has been such a March of Manifestation for me, that I have gotten caught up in all the new so much my routines and any sense of “regularity” has gone right out the window. I’ve manifested a new home locale, two new jobs, in new career fields, and oh so much is just *new* for me right now…all wonderful, all long-awaited, and still all a bit disorienting…yes! So, now, as I catch up clearing out my inbox from the past *on-the-move* month of March…I wanted to at least reach out and say, for now, thank you for sharing this- all of it- I am really keying into the focus my energy on what I can control and want more of in my life, and so much is just sloughing away naturally- it feels like I am a snake shedding old skins carried so many years as I come into this spring season.

    I am *loving* my current new practice of documenting my days and adding a little creativity to each one with my Spring Studio Yearbook from Jamie Ridler Studios! This is what I am celebrating now, along with my new jobs (so much more congruent with my energy than past job), and this new place I am exploring which is opening new doors and new possibilities for me in so many ways…and…I’m close to the ocean again! Not super close yet, but so much closer than I was these past 9 years…and working on moving closer still!

    I hope you have also had a March of Manifestation and new possibilities and opportunities arising as well…and that those shifts you have encountered have brought you more peace and more joy than you dreamed possible.

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