Tending to Energetic Wounds, and Sharing a Bit of Hope (via Lei Petal Creations)

I’m currently in the space of turning all that I understand and ‘know’ about heart healing, internally, and applying it to my own being.

I’m practicing massive self-compassion and self-love, as gently and intentionally and care-fully as I do with others – whether that be people I connect with as I move through my day, or clients who have hired me to work with them.

With my recent move to O’ahu (as I write this it’s the second morning, here) I’ve promised myself that I will remain open to as much goodness as wants to flow in. So, far, there has been lots of goodness! And I love that feeling!

I think sometimes we can become so caught up in external ‘stuff’ or are feeling so much pain, that we forget self-compassion and love and goodness exists! So, here I am reminding you!

Remaining open to goodness

It’s requiring a bit of inner work, though, to open to, and experience, so much magic in such a short time, because when something feels ‘too good’ or *consistently* good, I sometimes push it away (can you relate?, that’s pretty common).

The energetic ‘antidote’ to that seems to be (for me) centering and connecting to Source energy. And centering and connecting some more. (and patience.)

A Metaphor for Energetic Healing (with the intention to encourage you on your path)

With that, this morning, I nicked myself while shaving my legs. A small nick but enough to bleed. In a steady, small (teeny!) stream down my leg.

It didn’t hurt, but it needed healing.

I had lots of time, so I decided to tend to it, patiently. Letting it breathe. Wiping it. Repeating quite a few times. Letting it clot. Cleaning it. Repeating quite a few times.

As I was tending to it, I gave my attention to other things: posting photos, writing in my journal, putting clothes away.

Tending to it *and* attending to other things.

Eventually, the bleeding stopped. Now, you can’t tell from looking at my leg that I nicked it.

It seems like the perfect metaphor for energetic healing.

You notice the wounded spot.

You either ignore it or judge it or are in denial about it (and it doesn’t heal, and affects you as you move through your day).


You see that it’s there. Then, ignore it or judge it or are in denial about it (and it doesn’t heal, and affects you as you move through your day).


You See that it’s there. Do some tending to it. (and it affects you, but it’s healing, and as it heals it affects you less, until eventually it heals).

And, if as you’re tending, you’re also being present to life, it’s possible that you might feel some peace, joy, love, blessings, connectedness, flow of creative expression, ‘goodness’, *even with this wound*.

Just because a wound needs cleaning *again*, or fresh air *again*, doesn’t mean it’s not healing, or that you’re doing something wrong (which is what many people think when doing energy work and the same pattern comes up or the same situation presents itself), it’s simply another opportunity to tend.

And you might be thinking, as you tend, that ‘this isn’t working’, because the variables are still there….but if you keep tending, you’ll notice it hurts less, affects you less…..and then…..it’s healed, well.

I know, it’s a simple metaphor. And it doesn’t cover *all of the * energetic dynamics in the process. But, I think it gives you something to feel into, and perhaps an understanding, which seems to be very important as chaos swirls around us in this world.

Maybe, it even gives you hope. And, hope is a good thing.


I posted yesterday on my personal Facebook page:

For the first time in many, many months, I woke this morning with hope in my heart. Its presence felt miraculous and good. And I felt, and feel, grateful.

In noticing that hope was present, I understood that hope had been missing.

The family I’m staying with were going about their morning, so I took the lei they had gifted me with, sat outside at a table, in the morning sun, and plucked a few petals and played with them. Offering blessings and prayers and lots of gratitude, as I played.

There were a series of moments, sitting there, when all seemed ‘well’.

I like that feeling!

Nothing external changed. There is still lots to do. I miss my kids. The world has chaos. But, for those moments I was so fully present and so immersed in beauty and joy, that peace swooped in.

Even when the wind blew a few petals away and the perfectionist in me was a bit judgmental of my creations, I sat there, working with what I had, enjoying the texture of the petals and the connection with natural elements and the feelings of peace and joy.

That’s the energy I hope you feel as you read my words and look at the photos. 

I shared more photos there, but here are two for you:

Of course, I started with a heart-shape! I always do my best to “lead with love”.

That I felt nudged to create and play and take photos and post on social media *and write here*, shows me that I am healing. Which I think is miraculous (while also a direct result of practicing presence, daily, and doing energy work) and I appreciate very much so!

My intention for writing to you, and sharing all of this, today, is simply to share encouragement and hope. 

Blessings as solstice and full moon energies weave their way into, and through, the unfolding of the rest of June <3

Much peace,

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  1. Oh, Joy, I am so happy to hear that you are healing and that you are finding some joy and peace and keeping your heart open to all of the beauty surrounding and within yourself. Good for you for turning all of that love and goodness that you give to others onto yourself! YEA!! I am looking forward to the first Hawaii Sunset picture! Please tag me when you share that :)
    Sending you so much love!

    • Thank you so much, Jean! Healing and feeling joy and peace and keeping my heart open are all a practice of presence, so there are moments it’s easy and fun and I’m delightfully surprised and in wonder and awe *and* there are moments where it all feels way too new and all of the shadow stuff arises.

      I think in general, people don’t think of, or forget, to turn compassion and love and kindness inward, I know I do! I like reminding us all to be kind to ourselves, because I think it’s a key to peace (it’s what I experience when I practice consistently).

      I tagged you in the first sunset photo, and just now in the first sunset I found on my own, photo.

      So much appreciation for your presence, and love to you <3

  2. Thank you for sharing, Joy. The lei petals are beautiful. :) Wishing you a wonderful new journey. <3


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