A Bit About Clarity and How Noticing and Understanding Patterns Can Help You to Change Them and Experience Something Different

I felt nudged to share some heart guidance on this New Moon/partial solar eclipse day.

To better understand the energy of this day, here is an excerpt from Chani Nicholas Solar Eclipse in Cancer reading:

“We cannot build a family by pretending abusive dynamics are loving. We cannot build countries from stolen lands that cage stolen children and pretend it’s in the best interest of our national family. We cannot lie to ourselves about our feelings and grow into adults who know how to manage conflict with others. This eclipse asks us to weed out, unpack, and break down the power that abusive dynamics have had in our lives, and in the world, so that we might find a better way to build with one another.

In order to proclaim, for all the world to witness, that we will risk everything for the innocent, for the misunderstood, for the hungry, the tired, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, we must also be willing to risk everything for ourselves. We must be willing to go into the depths of our own inner hell if we are to work to dismantle the ones we see being ceaselessly erected in the external world. We must know that we are as deserving of protection as those that we are willing to fight for.”

Let’s give that a moment to sit.

Maybe you can relate to this part:

I’m not sure I’ve considered myself ‘deserving of protection’, and that shows in different life chapters because I’ve put myself in some precarious situations. I’ve advocated fiercely for others, but either not at all, or half-heartedly, for myself. I’ve been in abuse since childhood, and done lots of inner work to heal and experience something far different, but I am sure I am not always kind or compassionate in my words towards or about myself, or in the way I treat my body. (none, of that is ‘wrong’, I’m simply sharing some information I understand about myself)

So, that’s part of what I’m going to work with this eclipse season. That’s the part I want to ‘release’ while making different choices (creating).

As you consider this, what comes up for you? I’d love to know. Please do share in the comment section.

A Short Bit About Clarity and Understanding Patterns

As you know from reading my previous post “Tending to Energetic Wounds, and Sharing a Bit of Hope via Lei Petals“, I’m now on my third week of living in O’ahu. Energetically, I’m in the stage of ‘finding my way’ as I settle in.

Any current challenge I feel is all about my inner being, and where my patterns are coming forward and causing some discomfort. << can you relate?

If what I want (and I do!) is for this to be a move towards something….let’s say more brilliant and beautiful, prosperous, peaceful, abundant, joyful, lovely (in all realms)…. then my job is to do inner work to open to experience, connect with, and receive all of that.

What would be the sticking point? Patterns and habits learned and also those passed down through generations (that I may or may not be aware of).

How would I change them or open through them? First, by understanding they exist. Not judging myself or criticizing my ancestors (not in this stage of inner work), but understanding, then loving myself through it.

Note: Patterns are not ‘bad or good’ and you’re not ‘bad or good’ because you function through them. You would be noticing and examining them simply to see if they support the growth of your current intentions, and are aligned with your current ways of being. If they don’t support your being’s desire and ability to thrive or create or connect, that’s information to guide you in making a different choice, or series of choices.

What do I feel is going to ‘break or change’ a pattern? Certainly not forcing myself through, or into, something. Gently, joyfully (always remembering I am healing trauma and that has an effect on my current life experience) connecting, creating with, celebrating, the energies I am cultivating and wanting ‘more’ of.

So beauty, for example. Which means I am taking solo walks, and going on excursions with this family I am staying with, that give me a myriad of opportunities to see beauty that is more beautiful than I’ve seen before.

This is a photo I took last night as I walked around the neighborhood at dusk. I’m currently fascinated with reflections, which makes sense given the inner work I’ve just described. I notice this is a *tree* (ha! great noticing *grin*). That makes sense, too, since in gathering clarity about patterns, part of that work is about ‘my family tree’ – what I’ve inherited, what I feel ‘works’ and am glad to share with my children and pass forward through them, what I want to change and pass forward through my lineage.

I’ve always been about natural beauty as an anchor, as a reminder of who I am and what I am made of, as a visual of unfolding and heart whispers becoming reality, as an example of the ‘benefits’ of honoring natural cycles and seasons. That remains the same.

If you connect with me, here, in any of my online Facets of Joy spaces, or in life, it’s likely because that’s something we share in common.

My desire to seek out, and celebrate this beauty is what motivates me to leave the comfort of this home (or any space) to explore newness.

That’s one example, using one energy I’d like to cultivate and experience more of. In my inner work, I go through this with all of the energies. I’m not just thinking about or calling in different energies, I’m taking the physical steps to connect with and celebrate them in daily life.

Your anchor, your reminders, your motivation is likely going to differ from mine. But, the process of garnering clarity, loving yourself through something and into something new, different, ‘better’ and doing inner work to open to the experience, is similar.

A final note: Inner work doesn’t have to be painful (although it can be). It can be joyful and fun and lovely. Which is a new realization to some people (maybe to you). I invite you to intentionally allow some of your inner work to feel good. <3

Dear Reader: As you consider what I’ve shared here, what speaks to you? What can you relate to? What feels new, and maybe even exciting? What feels challenging? (please do share whatever you wish; I read and respond, and I know others read, and are inspired or encouraged, even if they don’t respond.)

New Moon blessings <3

Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. Joy, this is such wonderful news! You are enjoying beauty within and without and sharing it with us! I cannot wait to see more photographs of your new explorations! I am so happy for you and applaud your seeking to understand what your patterns are and how they are affecting your life now. And yes to our lessons being painfree and joyul! I am presently doing whatever I can to heal Meneire’s Disease and think I am definitely making progress! I have decided that I want to go for complete healing so I am going to keep on learning about it and remaining hopeful no matter what!
    Sending you love and hugs! <3

    • Thank you for the love, hugs and support, Jean! <3

      Since I've paused Facets of Joy stuff for so long, to advocate for my daughter and work on healing new trauma in myself, I think the community might have forgotten that I specialize in clarity and energy facilitation, so I'll be speaking about patterns and working with them in future writing, as well.

      I am so glad you are making progress in healing! Blessings as the complete healing that you are pursuing, unfolds for you, and for all that unfold from learning about it and remaining hopeful. <3

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