About Using Discernment When Sharing Your Story and The Magic and Beauty of a Banyan Tree (and why I share magic and beauty via photos)

As I sit down to write this, my intention is to simply share from my heart. I’ve had a day of centering, doing practices of presence and experiencing quiet and peace; it’s with that energy that I’m writing. (I hope that’s what you feel as you read!)

When I thought about *which part* of this not-so-great-feeling week I’d like to write about, I realized there wasn’t much. Oh, there was much in it. But, I’m in this space of focusing on releasing patterns that don’t support whole-body wellness or whole-being thriving, and part of that has to be releasing the ‘stories’ in what I experienced this past week (but very much keeping the clarity and heart guidance!).

Because I’m still in it, each time I tell specifics from it, that brings the story forward, and buries the lesson a bit.

Even if I’m telling someone who is compassionate, heart-centered and wise in experience – like you, since you likely have those traits if you read this blog; especially if the ‘listener’ is not any of that!

I’m discovering that speaking my truth (telling the story) can be healing, faith-building and growth-inducing, when I use discernment about why I’m sharing, who I’m sharing with, and what ‘results’, if any, I would like there to be from the telling. 

I invite you to consider this practice in your own life.

The Magic of the Banyan Tree and Natural Beauty in General

If you follow me on social media, you’ll notice I have a few beautiful photos from this week.

Regardless of what was happening, I still got out and explored a bit. (I figure I’m here, so I best enjoy it while I’m in it! Which is my life motto, actually.)

a beautiful banyan tree

This photo was taken the day after my birthday (yep, it was my birthday week!).

I saw a banyan tree a few weeks ago, when I first moved here, and I loved the look and energy. I wanted to touch one, and this week I did! During a planned ‘touch a banyan tree’ expedition, then also on two separate ‘unplanned’ occasions.

It feels *magical* to me. It feels like I think the tree from Avatar would feel. I want to spend as much time as possible with these trees, while I live here. And, also they are currently a ‘treat’, because, from what I know, they aren’t in the neighborhood I live in, or anywhere ‘close’.

I have this photo, because I posted it on Facebook, right before my phone freaked out and – in a series of events – wiped itself clean.  All of my personal data including texts, photos, contacts from 2014 through to last Thursday was deleted. So far, I can’t download from my iCloud account because it says the device (that I’ve owned for its lifetime) isn’t registered to me. Let’s put the technical details aside.

The bottom line is that *right then* a part of my history (that I cherish and love) was physically deleted. It definitely wasn’t what I wanted to happen. I didn’t have time to process my feelings, because I had a long in hours day. I just had to ‘accept’ that was what happened. (I mean, I didn’t have to accept it, but resisting it would have added more pain to the day, and why do that to myself?)

I call that ‘release on a dime’. Whew.

So I have this magical photo. And that’s a good starting place, I think. With this energetic intention of ‘wanting to release story, to open to living a more deep connection with magic and spirit’.

When I’m asked to release, my focus is on ‘what I can do from this moment now, with what I currently have’ to connect with source and possibility and hold space for unfolding (and for goodness to flow in during that unfolding).

That was just one example in a week full of ‘stuff’. I was so excited to celebrate my birthday week, but two days in to 48, I was waving my ‘surrender flag’; thoughts of celebration far away from my mind.

While Skyping with a friend this morning, and telling her just a wee bit about how I feel after having lived this week, she said ‘but your photos are so beautiful’.

Both are true. I had a shit week. And, whatever photos I did share showcased beauty.

I’m always going to look for the beauty, and because I’m looking for it, I am usually going to find it. And, that’s what I’m going to share. (also in my personal process, I ask to see the beauty in everything.)

I reminded my friend that I could quite literally be standing in a pile of shit, but be looking at the moon and feeling wonder, awe, gratitude, joy. What I am feeling as I look at the Moon and connect to its energy shines through my photo, and those feelings are what gives me the strength or courage or whatever to move out of the pile of shit, and clean myself off and start fresh and new.

Let’s use the Banyan tree photo as an example. While I was standing there, touching it, breathing in its energy, sharing gratitude, so moved by the experience (as in holy, holy!, I am touching a banyan tree!! wow!!), it was wonderful and good. *and* I was processing grief and feeling disheartened.

Those feelings didn’t change because I experienced the tree. What did change was those feelings came alongside the grief and tenderness which made it more bearable, more light-filled, more easy to hold space to process.

What *did change* was that I asked this magical tree for a message and I listened. And, I’m still listening.

What comes through the photo is all of that, but what you feel is the dominant energy and intention: beauty, awe, peace, bliss.

I’m not sharing a photo publicly to say ‘look what’s in my world!’; rather, I’m sharing to give a visual of something for whomever wishes to, to feel into and enjoy the energy and beauty and allow it to inspire or encourage or uplift…to work its magic.

I’m uplifted and inspired, and my geographic and energetic understanding of the world is expanded when I view others photos and read what they’ve written. It consistently happens that my heart is ‘wishing for’ some sort of guidance, and browsing Instagram is one way I get it (because I am a visual learner and my feed is cultivated to amplify specific energy.)

As far as the message from the tree. I think we each receive our own message. When you feel into the tree’s energy, something is customized for your heart, in words and meaning that touches you in that moment.

I will say that standing under this tree’s canopy – which is far-reaching – was pretty awe-some and awe-inspiring. Nestling into the roots (that you see in the photo) felt to me like being in a most comfortable, sacred space. And, that’s part of the message I got. About how I want the spaces I am in and the connections I am experiencing (and being) to feel. How I am, and we each are, worthy and deserving of life-experiences that feel awesome and good, consistently, as daily life unfolds.

That’s about as heart-felt as it gets. Thank you for listening! I hope something in it speaks to you.

Dear Reader: If something from this post does speak to you I’d love to know what it is. I’d also love to know if you have boundaries around telling your story and what they are (some points I mentioned above and am curious about is how you know which parts to tell, when to tell it, to whom to tell it to). Please share in the comment section; I know other readers can relate to whatever you choose to share!

Thank you so much for your time and energy in reading through and being present! Blessings as this week unfolds <3

Much peace and abundant love,


Also, since I’ve moved, I have more time in my schedule to offer guidance and support via personal sessions. When I share my experiences, like this, I am giving you a glimpse into how I work with clarity and energy movement in my life, which is the same style (very gentle, compassionate, intentional) I share when working with clients in personal sessions.

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  1. The standing in shit passage made me remember an old joke. There were two boys — one was an optimist and one was a pessimist. They put the pessimist in a room full of new toys. They put the optimist in a room full of manure. When they checked back the pessimist was just sitting in a corner. When asked about the toys, he said, “Why bother? They will just break anyway.” They discovered the optimist digging joyfully through the manure. “There must be a pony in here somewhere!” he exclaimed.

    I’m sorry you had a shit week for your birthday. I once lost everything all at once –everything I cared about was stolen. I know the sinking feeling that leaves you with. But you are right. That sucks AND that tree is awesome. AND you are living your dream in Hawaii!

    And finally, I took to heart what you said about what to share and with whom. I’m thinking about that right now with a particular situation. So thanks for that.

    • I love this joke, Galen! Ha. Thank you for sharing! This captures the essence of why I love the toddler-love I caregive for, I’ll be like ‘let’s look for the treasure’ (in this moment) and he joyfully goes along with me, and also reminds me to look (if I forget or temporarily don’t feel like it).

      I am so sorry everything you cared about was stolen. What an awful experience. And, I hope lots of good flowed from it, or as it unfolded.

      I’m glad something I shared resonated. Thank you for the taking the time to stop by and read, and to comment.

      Blessings as this eclipse full moon, retro energy unfolds <3

  2. I love the tree, Joy! Its energ really comes through! I am so glad you are finding beauty where you are no matter what is happening
    I only share with those who feel safe and are interested. I someone is not interested then I just become the listener,’

    • I think you’d love the tree in person, too, Jean! I think all of my friends would!

      I’m doing my best to find the beauty. I thought last week was shitty, but I spent last night in tears (which at least was cleansing) feeling quite hopeless. Until I remembered I have choices, and I can keep choosing what feels best in that moment, even in variables that are constricting or triggering.

      I like your ‘sharing policy’. And, agree with it!

      Blessings and love <3

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