The Heart Guidance in Losing my Special Box During my Recent Move and a New Moon/Solar Eclipse Intuitive Soul Call Card Reading

Happy day!

I *finally* received my ‘special box’ – the one I packed and priority-shipped before I left So Ca, to arrive here before I did. The box that instead, after some mis-handling by the US Post Office, arrived almost three weeks later.

me with my ‘special box’ (the one on the bottom of the two) before mailing it off

I call it my ‘special box’ because I wrapped my drum and all of my magical and inspirational tools and paintings inside a big, soft comforter and a beach sarong and towels and packed it into this one box.

After this move, I have minimal possessions; the ones that mattered a lot were *in that box*.

The first week, I was in resistance. There was nothing I could do, though, to change the fact that my box was lost, so it was futile to resist that my box wasn’t here. I’m not about forcing or controlling, but if I was, it would have been obvious that I could neither force nor control my box to get to me.

It took a little inner work to get to the point that I felt some peace about it.

(And, also, it’s okay that I wanted the box. My journey wasn’t about *why* I wanted my box, it was about knowing the box wasn’t here and might not get here and what choices I would make daily, with that understanding.)

The second week I was feeling into the possible heart lesson in the experience. At first, I couldn’t understand why this box didn’t make it to me but all of my others did. I released a lot of possessions, whittling it all down to three suitcases and a few small boxes, and I thought surely I wouldn’t be asked by Universe to give up more. How could that be fair?!

But, I also don’t think the Universe works that way. That something I care about would be taken away as a lesson. So, that was my opportunity to center and be open to what the lesson was.

By the third week (this past one) I understood that I would get my box when I was meant to and while I loved and wanted what was in it, it would be okay if it didn’t make its way to me.

We could label that the ‘acceptance stage’ if labeling it helped understand it. Once I reached this understanding, there was peace in my experience, even though nothing external had changed.

I felt the lesson was clear: I had been thinking that I ‘needed’ these tools to practice presence or magic or to lighten my space and provide encouragement and inspiration. Without them, I still practiced daily, I still felt light in my space and encouragement and inspiration in my life. I still felt connected to Source energy and the elements.

I think it was a return to my roots, if you will, a reminder that I don’t need anything other than presence and intention to do what I like to each day (as far as my spiritual path).

And, then….my box was delivered! What?! What a lovely surprise!

As I unpacked, I went through each layer, probably happier than I would have been without it missing, and felt such gratitude for the things that were in it. The toddler-love (that I care-give for) was delighted with my drum, which was in the first layer, and ran around playing it and singing, which amplified the joy in it all as I unpacked.

Now, my room feels *more* light-filled and more joy-filled, and I am glad. I also know that I don’t ‘need’ these things, and that amplifies my overall gratitude for them and peace and trust in enjoying them.

Maybe you can feel into this that I have just experienced, and apply it to an area in your life. If that resonates with you, I’d love to know what speaks to you, and how it applies, especially this part about ‘not needing the tools you think you do’ and ‘leaning into accepting something that you felt resistance about at first’.

Intuitive Soul Call Card New Moon/Solar Eclipse reading

With that…..I now have my intuitive soul caller cards with me!! Yay!

Of course, I pulled a few cards in the New Moon/solar eclipse energy! It felt so good to pull a reading after a bit of not having the tools to do so!

I actually pulled the cards yesterday, still very much in New Moon energy, but didn’t have the space to write until today.

In practicing unfolding, I intended to write and share last night, but the family I am with went shopping in town, so I went with them. By the time we got home, there were only a few moments to decompress and re-center before bed.

Quiet, contemplative space/s and practice/s light my heart, and also it’s great to connect in different ways; in honoring flow, I’m experiencing the blessing of *and* instead of the energy of ‘either/or’.

I am going to share the cards with you, along with a simple interpretation, in case you’d like to feel into it and apply it to an area in your life. Please remember, though, that the reading isn’t customized and is far more general than I would do for a personal reading. I am offering personal readings again;  if you are interested in learning more about personal soul call card readings, and/or gifting yourself one, please follow this link: Intuitive Soul Call Card Readings. It would be an honor to read for you, from my new space, with this lovely energy!!

I pulled this reading in the energy of my newly set-up room.

I chose my spirit quartz crystal as an accompaniment. In general, spirit quartz energy is about community and harmony, and you can see it has ‘facets’, so that feels like it fits my intention and purpose of sharing through this Facets of Joy site.

In this three-card reading, my question was simply ‘what heart guidance do you have for us?’.

If I was reading for myself, it would be super clear (based upon what I’ve just shared with you above and knowing I’ve just moved and my focus is on *finding my way* – in all facets of meaning – here on this island) that the invitation is ‘to let go of the idea or thought that I need something external to find my way‘ (like some piece of wisdom or a physical guide or map or person or vehicle or character trait).

Along with that, it could be a reminder that ‘any surface discomfort is due to my thinking that I need something external to help me‘ (and that I either don’t have it, or don’t feel adequate finding or using it, or am not enough as I am, with what I have to experience something).

So, if I am feeling any emotional pain and would like to heal it and/or would like to experience something with as little or no emotional pain as possible, the guidance would be to examine my thinking for any limiting or constricting thoughts, and to release them if they are there, and/or to hold space for understanding why they are there….while also noticing and using the variables that are present to connect and create (not necessarily artistically, but as far as life experience) with.

Maybe that speaks to you.

I’m not reading just for myself, though, so here is how I would read these cards, in general.

In this layout, surrender would be the question card; mountain would be the heart card; map would be the answer card. But, as in life, the energy isn’t linear, this just gives you a foundation to process from.

If I look at the layout in a linear way, the invitation would be ‘what thoughts can you release or needing to know can you let go of, in regards to a challenge or stretch-experience in your life that would then allow clarity to flow through?’

If I look at the cards and read them energetically, the invitation would be ‘in what area are you being asked to let go of something or what are you being asked to let go of (could be a thought or idea or even the same way of doing something, it doesn’t have to be physical), that your resistance is causing some sort of shadow over your inner knowing (so self-doubt, or confusion, that normally wouldn’t be there, or is amplified) and that manifests as uncertainty about your next step or movement or creative expression?’

I like to be pro-active, so from that I would read the cards as such: ‘what can I let go of, that no longer fits, or that stifles or diminishes my inner knowing, my connection with my intuitive knowing and trust in it, so that this that currently feels challenging feels more peaceful, more ‘easy’ to keep my heart open through and experience?’

And, I think the general reminder is that ‘you know’ as in *you have the answer within, you have the intuitive knowing and wisdom and skill and ability to step forward and through* this, that you are in, that might seem new or different, to you. *You got this*. 

As with anything I share, please take what resonates and please delete what doesn’t.

I do feel that if you’ve read this far, there is something in this for you. If something in this speaks to you, I’d love to know! If you have any questions, or further insight, please do share that as well.

Thank you for your time and energy in listening to my ‘special box’ story, and exploring this intuitive soul call card reading with me!

Blessings as this week unfolds <3

Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. Joy!
    I am so *overjoyed* :-) to be seeing you here in this space we all love so much, sharing from your heart again!

    As I’ve been in transition myself with a move to a new part of the country these past four months, so much in my life has been releasing, shifting, and changing, with new jobs, new experiences, new temporary home environment, and *lots* of ‘finding my way’ both literally and figuratively.

    I’ve discovered so much about how my way of moving through the world has changed in the past few years, and with this move it really feels like a solidifying or so many ‘new’ ways of being for me, which as I look back, I can see have actually been developing and solidifying for years now…

    When I think back to my life; who I was, where I was energetically, emotionally, and physically when I first connected with you and started working with you all those years ago, I can see how much has shifted and changed, and how much I have changed in how I move through my life and the world, *and* I see patterns I continue from long ago learned ways of coping or dealing with challenges that are still with me despite my many attempts to heal or change them.

    And still, post-move, I receive reminders every single day of how much I have changed, how my connections with the world around me have changed, and how that impacts my daily experience. Some of that is seeing flow and synchronicity show up more and more frequently… much of it is in how I feel in my daily life… yet mostly, it’s this feeling of really being where I belong, living in congruence with my inner knowing, which, for me, has always been a missing piece.

    So, I love that you are talking about inner knowing here! And I love that you are experiencing connections in this new beautiful place you are living, and opening your heart to sharing all you have to share in this space again…

    And I have my own very clear interpretation of your reading for myself! (This being fully intuitive, as I don’t *know* rules to follow in reading soul caller cards). The mountain represents the strength of my heart energy, that when I surrender to that strength, and by doing so share from my heart center, opening through that vulnerability of allowing myself to be seen, I am given a *map* of the way forward by the universe.

    I’m applying this right now, though it could be applied on many levels, to my current home search. As I’ve been staying with family temporarily since my relocation, I am in search of my next home of my own, closer to Portsmouth, where I have started working and ultimately wish to settle…and closer to the ocean. (One of the main reasons I felt called to move here in the first place…) it’s felt stalled and like a struggle a bit lately, with the challenges of finding affordable and dog-friendly in my chosen location a bit of a stretch…so, I’ve mostly been working on *not* pushing, and instead on trusting that my new home will find me, and trusting that I will know t when I see it, and mostly trusting that it is all happening in good timing- even if not my *preferred* timing (as you would say, *grin*). And in doing all this inner work (while still, of course, monitoring available rentals, talking to people about what I’m seeking, etc), I’ve been finding I’m mostly *waiting*. Which for me is the hardest part! Yet, it’s been beautiful and so peaceful to settle into this style of *not forcing* something I want…keeping myself open (surrender) to possibilities, wherever they may come from, and learning that I do have this deep inner knowing that is guiding me. (So when, for example, I found a *sort of good-enough* place that didn’t feel quite right (and was a huge stretch financially), I let it go, despite my fear-monster telling me I was crazy because I’d never find something better, I’d regret losing it, etc.).

    So, for me, surrender is to trusting my inner knowing *and* the timing of the things out of my direct control… and allowing myself what I need to find comfort in my day to day current less-than-ideal home circumstances (which I am still oh so grateful for!). Practicing Joy-filled caring and kindness to myself! :-)

    I would love to see some of your Hawaii images here when you feel so inclined! I know everyone shares everything on social media these days and I miss out on much not connecting there, yet I find that an important boundary for my own peace and sense of well-being. And, I’d still love to see some beautiful Hawaii views! So perhaps a ‘here is my beautiful new home’ post here!! ?

    • Thank you so much for your enthusiastic and lovely opening in your response, Molly!

      Anything I share, whether that be writing or photographs or spoken words, is purely from the heart with love. When I was deep in heart healing, creative expression was more subdued, and for myself, in forms such as food preparation and clothing choices. It’s a lovely feeling to have words flow through my fingertips, again, through this space!

      Blessings on your new move and all that unfolds from the energy shift within all of the transition you’ve described! <3

      I'm glad you are understanding more about your way of moving through the world. It will likely continue to evolve, a bit, as your compassion and love expand, but once you 'know your way' applies to all areas of life. << wow, that's cool!, because my heart needed to hear this, and that just flowed right to you! I am glad you are understanding more about your patterning. I feel that as we continue to heal and learn and grow, (we can label that inner work, if we want), we might see patterns from our past 'back again', but they are likely surface and easy to process through (since we've done the inner work, and do inner work). I think a lot of people can read what you've shared here and relate. And, as a result feel less alone in what they are experiencing in life. So, thank you for sharing! I love your personal interpretation of the cards! I am so glad you shared! Blessings as you and your home find each other! One practice I like to do is to thank my current living space for hosting me (feeling genuine gratitude for all that is 'good' that I experience in it). From there, with that gratitude and pure joy, I ask my new living space to call me to it. If we look at it energetically, it might be that the 'waiting period' is in part for you to do the inner work to open to live in the new space (since it's an 'upgrade', if you will). It might be some logistical piece that needs to fall into place for the current homeowners to vacate the perfect place for you. I'm glad you are not forcing it, you could force yourself into a place that isn't resonant and causes pain. I understand and respect your social media boundary. I won't be re-posting photos I have shared previously on social media here on my site, because I write in 'real-time' with whatever I have from that day. But you can just look at my sidebar, for the Instagram link, and see the most recent six photos. Blessings and love <3

  2. I am SO happy for you, Joy, that you received your special box!!! YEA!!! And for the inner work you did in realizing that you were “enough” without the special things in it, although if was, I am sure, delightful to have it arrive and to be reconnected with the things in it! I have often noticed that right after I let go of caring whether or not I have or can do something, that thing will occur in my life :). Funny how that works. The card spread seemed very right on for all of us humans! So great that the first card was surrender :) :) which is a very important skill to learn, I think. The Universe can do so much more than we were holding onto if we can just get out of the way. Again, I am so glad the box arrived! Enjoy every moment of exploring it and using the special things in it, Joy. Much love to you! <3

    • It was glorious to *finally* receive my box, Jean! The toddler-love thoroughly enjoyed the un-packing of it. Also, there wasn’t much in it as far as volume or items, but it was what it all represented that made it so special to me.

      When I pulled the ‘surrender’ card, I was thinking ‘oh, no, let me pull something else’ *grin*, which is kind of how I feel about surrender in life, sometimes – let me try something else, first. Ha.

      Thank you for the love and support <3

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