28 Days of Love: February 2013


Instead of creating yearly resolutions, I set an energetic intention.

My energetic intention for 2013 is to collaborate with love.

To explore this intention, I decided to try something new– to write 28 Days of Love for February 2013.  The risk of being vulnerable to this exploration of love included: opening my heart through this space, perhaps even losing subscribers due to the increased volume of connection, writing about something as I experience and learn,  showing my imperfection as I experiment with format, voice, and content.

I had no idea how this project would evolve; yet I knew it would open an energetic door (or a few).  My commitment was simply to be present to write 28 Days of Love.

Here is the result, 28 Days of Love:

1. Honoring a Heart Whisper

2. Making Mistakes

3. Grace

4. Vulnerability

5. Connection

6. Living Your Dream

7. Faith

8.  Friendship

9. Unfolding

10. A Tribute

11. A Real-Life Fairy Tale

12. Money 

13. My Love Wish

14. Infinite Possibility

15. Silence

16. Collaboration

17. A Current of Energy

18. Desire

19. Resonance 

20. Romance 

21. Heart Whispers

22. Self-Love

23. Commitment

24. Conviction

25. Celebrate 

26. Resistance

27. Family

28.  The End

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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