A Love Letter to Facets of Joy

Dear Facets of Joy,

Less than one year ago, you were born.  My heart whispers, the truth of my essence, in this space, on the web.

From day one, I created and connected *through* you.  You grew.  My heart space grew.  A wonderful cycle of flow…yet, all of a sudden, I was in a completely vulnerable spot.  Quite unexpectedly.  I hadn’t visioned such growth, nor was I completely comfortable with it.

Anything I could have asked for, happened within a few short months.  While I was so appreciative, I was also afraid.  To continue to create and connect with transparency, required that I trust to a depth I hadn’t experienced before.  Opening my heart to strangers has always been easy for me, yet now I was in a position to allow this heart opening within a large number of people.  An ever increasing number. I was in the position to be rejected in a big way.  (Or accepted, but I couldn’t see that then).

To parallel this, in life I had opened my heart to share my personal space in a way I hadn’t before.  I committed to allow unfolding, which meant that in the moments I was afraid and would want to quit, I found myself learning and growing and continuing beyond what I knew into the realm of infinite possibility. 

As I did so with my heart in life, I did so with you as well.

Leading to these moments of now.

I created and connected, stretched and grew, rested and refreshed…and I think I never specifically told you “I love you”.

Neither you, nor I, even look the same as we did back then…nor do we feel the same.  As I streamlined your pages and lovingly honored excellence within simplicity, so, too, I did the same with myself. We stand boldly in our truth, quite uncluttered and unlayered.

I love you.  I tear up as I write this.

When I created you, I had no idea technically “how” to create a site, I just went by feel.  My “techie” wouldn’t always agree, but he implemented it all as I asked, and he taught me “how” to code along the way.  I initially resisted this knowledge, because I thought I couldn’t do it ‘well’, but as I kept experimenting, I learned “how”– a lot of technical “how’s”.  There is still much I do not know, but I am comfortable asking.

I used to be afraid if I worked on the technical parts, I would crash you. Seriously.  My fear was that I would push a button and you would just disappear.  (I was used to people in my life doing so, so I thought it might be the same with you). Thus, my resistance to push buttons. 

But, guess what?  When I made a “mistake” I would learn how to fix it. And you waited patiently while I learned.  As I experimented with you, so, too, I began to experiment in life.  To be comfortable with my truth, and draw to me those who resonated with it. 

So, it was, that I credited my “techie” with creating you, and he did give us this wonderful connection–thank you!–when it was I, and you, together that chose the colors and feel and created the messages and pages that comprise you now.  This is my heart on the page, a page  overflowing with *transformational magic* (love and gratitude expressed through full presence). 

I learned to allow you to unfold as you were meant to, which means that a few of the services I offered at the beginning no longer exist, and all of this now is brand new.  It means that I trust you to lead me into the unknown, and I trust myself to open to all of *this*.

As I experience through you, here on the internet, so too I experience with my Heart in world.

Even though I was present to you, I initially resisted knowing the depth of you, because I had no idea where you would bring me.  I felt “not enough”, yet gloriously ready to experience you.  As I affirmed the joy of creating and connecting, that fear effortlessly dissolved.

When I click onto you, as an observer, your beauty surprises me.  You are so aesthetically appealing to me, and your message is so refreshingly peaceful and inviting.  My heart fills with awe, wonder, and gratitude.

I love you.

I no longer look to yesterday to see what you were, or think of tomorrow to see what you will become, I love and appreciate you right now, as you are.

It is not about the money, or the amount of people that subscribe, or the number of comments; it is about the process of learning to trust organic growth within unfolding, and using that trust to embrace the experience of infinite possibility into my now.  It is about listening to my heart whispers, and allowing full creative expression; even when I have no idea ‘where’ the path might lead, choosing to step onto it and celebrate it. 

It has been about falling in love and experiencing resonance within it.

And so it shall continue to be.

Thank you for being you.  I love your essence.  I love your presence.  I love you. 

Much peace,



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  1. Wow Joy! I can completely feel the emotions you express here. The past couple of years have been a very similar experience for me. From having no idea how to create a site (I didn’t have a techie), being afraid of crashing it (I did that a few times and learned how to fix it), pouring my heart into it, watching it (and me) evolve and sitting back to enjoy the process and what it and I have become.

    Through the evolution of my site, I have evolved. I’m learning how to express my True Self in parts of my life where I felt that was off limits (mostly my corporate life).

    I love this journey and where it has taken me and can feel through your writing that you share this experience.

    Can’t wait to see where it leads us!

    Big Hugs!!

    • Thank you, Paige! Seeing you here brightens my heart smile *because* I know we walk similar paths, in different ways.

      When I started this site, my techie helped enthusiastically; a precious gift! Soon after, he chose to invest full presence to travel, so I found myself quite unexpectedly in this unknown land very much on my own. Learning code was challenging yet also fulfilling.

      This has been the biggest gift to me as well: “I’m learning how to express my True Self in parts of my life where I felt that was off limits”. I wanted to experience expansion, and it turns out that through Facets, choosing to open my heart through fear and vulnerability, I found it. I live it. Amazing!

      I am excited to see how your corporate journey unfolds! I love watching as you create and connect, because it inspires me greatly…

      A big hug to you as well :)

  2. I love that you wrote this letter, Joy! As goofy as it might seem, I totally get where you’re coming from… because we do have a relationship with these sites that we create, in the same way an artist has a relationship with a painting she created, or even in the way our cars seem to have their own personalities and respond to us depending on the energy we give to them, positive or negative. “The ghost in the machine,” maybe.

    So wonderful to hear your love for this process and this site… she’s giving it right back to you, and those of us who visit can feel it!

    • *grin*, Maia, *goofy* does tend to sum up my love expressions!

      But I share publicly to inspire others to declare love as openly. For me, a past pattern had been to hold in my declarations of love, for fear of being judged; but, more than that, because I had a fear that once I declared love it would be removed (a strong remnant from my past). So, my intention moving forward it so love openly, freely…

      One example is that I keep the details of my children and my friends quite private in social media…yet, they know they are loved beyond measure. However, moving forward I intend to share that a bit more publicly, because the little things we do to cultivate and celebrate that love might inspire others to do the same. So much emphasis is on pain and suffering, when my reality is joy and celebration.

      Thank you for your reflection..I hadn’t thought of my site in relation to an artist/painting, yet your visual is spot-on. An ever-evolving masterpiece. And, my car and I have a relationship that only we can understand…so I’m laughing at the analogy!

      Love to you, and a huge hug!

  3. Joy,

    i love you, your heart, your essence, your beautiful wisdom, and the sense of peace and love you share so openly and honestly. as i build my website currently (hopefully to go live by Monday- http://www.soulinspiredwellness.com), i have been so moved by the exercise and dance that goes into the creation of a website, or a heart-felt and meaningful one anyway. i have had the chance to look back on all of my life, the whole journey leading up to this moment, and take all of that in an effort to articulate who i am in this moment, and what i am here on this planet to humbly, yet enthusiastically offer the world. no small task as you well know, but such a rich and fulfilling one. cannot wait to share my heart and words with you soon. you are so beautiful, and i am so touched by our unique and wonderful friendship! congrats to you on all you have accomplished, and the growth you have experienced- it is truly amazing!



    • Your beautiful words brought a stream of happy tears, thank you, Lindsay :) I believe that we draw to us that which resonates, so to receive all that you reflect and share shows me that I am aligned with love, joy, peace, beauty…all that is you…and *that* is a wonderful affirmation!

      You capture the magnitude of my feelings with this: “i have had the chance to look back on all of my life, the whole journey leading up to this moment, and take all of that in an effort to articulate who i am in this moment, and what i am here on this planet to humbly, yet enthusiastically offer the world.”

      This site is my heart truth *now*…all of the moments of pain and beauty and everything in between, “mattered” because I can use it all here to connect with a wide range of diverse beings. These connections enrich and enliven and inspire me to keep stretching as I do my inner work and move through World.

      I am so excited to experience your message through your new site…and to watch as your journey continues to unfold in ways that inspire me greatly!

      Love, and a huge energetic hug, to you!

  4. Thank-you Joy for the birth of Facets of Joy! Thank-you for the correspondence we had at one point. We each reached a ‘point’ where it was time for us to connect – and so it happened. Out of 6 billion souls, you and I were connected. I thank-you for your service to me – you moved me along on “my” path. Through Facets of Joy you speak into the hearts of so many others. Bless you in all! Namaste! ~ Ricky

    • Your presence always makes me smile, Ricky…as if I ‘have done something right’, so thank you!

      Walking a few steps with you invited me to continue to explore expansion (did you know you represent expansion to me?)…into infinite possibility. That you chose to trust me even though you were at first unsure of my methods, invited me to look into my own life and affirm trust in areas that might have been “lacking”.

      It is my sincere hope that my message here through Facets speaks to hearts…and that my heart is open to receiving all that is perfectly placed in return!

      A huge energetic hug to you, and namaste.

  5. So lovely! A huge hug to your blog and you :-) I can’t believe it is barely a year old! I feel as though I’ve known you and your blog forever! And what a wonderful feeling that is for me. I visualized reading this in your voice and loved it :-) Nurturing a blog is so much like bringing up a child, while being bold enough to receive people’s comments.

    Yes, I am completely enchanted by this! Love you, Joy. Vidya

    • *grin* true story, Vidya..while living on the boat, I met a charming man who said hello as he tenderly took my hand, and with a wink told me the name of his boat was “enchante” (enchanted). I have been fascinated with the idea of “enchanted” ever since (because we know I love to spin magic, so learning to receive that same magic is a thrill for me!). You couldn’t have known “enchanted” is *my word*, yet you did know, and that is why I love you—and am very much looking forward to meeting!

      Yes, this site is barely one..still in diapers really (which means lots of sh** happens??? couldn’t resist!). I had been online three years previous, so maybe you had known me “forever”.

      I toyed with the idea of taping a reading of this piece…but my voice was full of pure love, and happy tears, each time I read I fell more in love (I”m a sucker for beautiful words, even if they are my own)…so I would have had readers in tears, instead of joy-filled light…and it made me feel quite vulnerable indeed. My “takeaway”: it’s easy to say I love you in written word, how does it feel to speak it..declare it “out loud”.

      Love and a huge energetic hug to you!

  6. I feel your blessed intention as you hold us and walk with us to create a life faceted with joy, gratitude, love and abundance. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Tanya, for taking the time to share your affirmation of my declaration of love. As you feel my intention, so too might you experience the abundance within that intention, as you create and connect within your own life.

      Thank you for your presence!

  7. jean sampson said:

    What a beautiful love letter! It seems that you have grown and learned and let go, all in a short time and with great intention and attention to going deeper and deeper into yourself and into trust—-and it has been a dance between who you are and what you write, It is as if your own words have been the vehicle by which you are healing and growing. And you are, by example, inviting the readers to find their own means of discovering who they are when they are completely vulnerable and open.
    Just lovely, Joy! This is a love letter to a journey, as well as a journal! Love you ..

    • It is wonderful, Jean, that you are able to see so clearly what my heart is expressing through this letter, and through my site. My heart whispers rise effortlessly as I create in myriad ways…teaching *me* in ways I can best receive, inviting me to celebrate as I create and connect :) I then share my creative process with others with whom it resonates to show that love is a joy, living is a celebration, and full creative expression is a portal to inner peace.

      I do believe that this letter might be my first “formal” declaration of love of the process, so yes, it affirms my commitment “to the journey” :)

      I used to fear commitment (felt like a box) but I find there is infinite freedom as I vest my presence to this commitment to heart truth, alignment and resonance with, as I move through World.

      Thank *you* for your presence, your energy is wonderful to connect with!!! Love to you :)

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