A Note About Abuse


When you choose to speak of the abuse you are in, you dissolve the power of the person creating the chaos as you amplify your inner strength.

I understand why you would choose to be silent.

I have also experienced the wonder of choosing to speak about exactly what you are in, and receiving support and love and insights to turn inward to heal.

You are worthy of love, abundance, joy, peace, comfort – a person’s anger directed toward you can temporarily blind you to that worthiness. If you can center into love, that anger can’t touch you. And, if you cannot center into love, speaking about it allows others to help you.

I know it might feel impossible, and you might be concerned about external repercussions from the person creating the chaos, if you speak about it.

*Using your voice begins to break the cycle.*

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to another, try speaking to God/Source, writing in a journal, singing it out in a song, physical movement (speaking with your body), any expression that offers you the opportunity to use your *voice*.

These expressions shift our energy back to center core, naturally amplifying spirit. Anger and spirit are non-resonant energies; they cannot energetically exist in the same space.

Breaking the cycle happens one whisper, one step, at a time.

Love meets you in that whisper, that step.

Thank you for choosing to break the cycle!

As my complimentary gift to you, I offer this eBook of powerful affirmations A Celebration of Your Presence.  To download the eBook, simply click the title link.

If you feel that you have no one to speak to, and/or you can tap into the essence of my energy within this space and feel comfortable sharing with me, please connect with me via email joy@facetsofjoy.com.

Much peace and abundant love,