A Warm Welcome to Jodi Chapman’s Soul Speak Community


I love Jodi’s message and energy and am delighted you have chosen to drop-in to visit my Facets home!

Thank you for your presence!


Knowing “how” to receive is a vital step in living the feel of abundance. We spend so much time manifesting and visioning, yet often deflect the very abundance that is placed, simply because it is unfamiliar to us.  This book invites you to explore the art of receiving so that you may live the feel of abundance.

To receive your complimentary copy, and join the Facets community, simply follow this link: The Art of Receiving Abundance

Celebrating With Joy!

It is exciting to invite you to join myself and others as we open July by Celebrating with Joy:


When we choose to celebrate with joy,

we are choosing to share abundance

as we embrace the feel of infinite possibility.

Joy is a heart smile–physically manifested in myriad ways.

Joy is the element of delightful surprise, abundance, peace, passion, desire, laughter, wonder, awe, beauty…fresh, free, delicious, decadent.

In this chapter of my life, I am learning to embody joy.  I absolutely understand the ethereal essence of Joy, yet I hadn’t understood how to physically connect or create with this essence here on Earth, until very recently.

To fully express Joy is to surrender to the ‘orgasmic, lose your mind feeling‘ that naturally opens heart space…. to feel the fullness of the moment through your senses, your heart and soul, your physical body, and yes, your mind–regardless of external.

For more information and to register for the class, please follow this link: Celebrating with Joy

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Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.