Asking a question of the soul call cards

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Thank you very much for purchasing a soul call card reading! I look forward to sharing whatever energy and guidance the cards have for you!

There was a small box on the payment form to add your soul call card question. If you already did that, great – you will hear from me soon! (Within 48 hours for a 3-card reading. Within 72 hours for a 9-card reading.)

In case you didn’t see the box, or weren’t ready with your question, here is another opportunity for you to submit your question. Simple complete this, hit send and I will receive it!

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Please use this space to ask your question to the soul call cards. As shared on the information page, you may ask something generic like what do the cards wish for me to know or something about a specific area in your life. I suggest that you go with the first thing that came into your realm of being – because that quickly crossed any filters your mind could place after thinking about it.

Much peace,