Clarity Collage and Personal Letter: A Message From My Heart to Yours


A clarity collage and personal letter is a unique, empowering, inspiring tangible and energetic tool that engages your mind in positive thought and invites your heart to open to peace, possibility and prosperity in a specific area of your life (and in your life, in general).

I look at my personal clarity collage as a visual reminder that I am loved by Source and supported by Universe in my physical, daily life and as a reminder of the power of weaving intuitive understanding into my relationships, movements and creative expressions.

Each time I look at my personal clarity collage, a new layer of the message and energy is revealed to me/understood by me.

How I create each clarity collage

My collage process is purely intuitive.

Each collage is hand-made, completely different in energy, feel and images from the others. I make one collage per day, in the morning, after I meditate and center. Instead of choosing a specific theme, I listen to my heart and choose images and phrases that speak to me. I watch in wonder and amazement as each image and phrase flows together to create a cohesive, powerful collage.

Each collage is full of heart energy, faith (in unfolding, life, source), love (of life and this world we live in), gratitude (for the beauty I see and the ever-present flow of energy that we may tap into and create with each moment we choose).

The collages differ slightly in size – each one is about 6 inches x 8 1/2 inches in size.

How I write the personal letters

My letter writing process is also purely intuitive.

If you feel nudged/excited to purchase this clarity collage and personal letter package, it is most likely because your heart is saying ‘yes, please’. In those moments, you most likely feel with certainty what area in your life you feel this message will apply to (although you may have a specific area, it might also be that upon receipt of your clarity collage and letter package you feel that it applies to multiple areas or to life in general.)

When you order your clarity collage and letter, what I would like to know (to the best of your ability) is what that heart nudge is and what is currently unfolding in your life that you feel this message might apply to.

I read the words that you share, then leave them for a bit.

Sharing heart energy is an honor –  I center into love and gratitude, clear by smudging and spending time in fresh air, invite Source energy into my creative space and this creative expression and from that space, I choose a clarity collage and write a letter from my heart to yours.

In this letter, I will share with you what the images and/or phrases on the collage mean to me and how I feel they relate to what you have shared.

I bless the letter, weaving love and gratitude into and around it, then leave it for a bit. After a few hours, I go back to the letter to edit it.

The letters differ slightly in length – each one is about 3-7 paragraphs, depending upon what you share.

I will email you when I mail your clarity collage and personal letter package, so you know when to expect it. I will mail your clarity collage and personal letter within 48 hours of receiving your order.

A clarity collage and personal letter is a unique, thoughtful gift idea

You may wish to purchase a clarity collage and personal letter package as a treat for a loved one as a gift for a birthdays, graduation, personal accomplishment, general encouragement and inspiration, celebration of relationship/friendship/heart connection.

Purchasing your clarity collage and personal letter

Each clarity collage and personal letter package is $25.00 (which includes shipping).

There are two steps to ordering:

  1. Pay for your purchase.
  2. Upon payment, you will see a form to complete and return. Please share a bit about what area you would like this insight and guidance to apply to.

To order your clarity collage and personal letter, please follow this link: Clarity collage and personal letter, $25.00.

A few examples of a clarity collage

Please remember that each clarity collage is completely different.

Here are a few examples to give you a feel for how the collage looks and what the energy within it feels like:





No refund policy

Because each item is personalized, there is no refund on this clarity collage and personal letter package.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my clarity collage and personal letter offering. It’s a unique product created with heart energy. Simply reading this page offers that heart energy to you, even if you don’t purchase a clarity collage and personal letter package. May you feel that energy in any of the spaces in your life you wish to!

If you have any questions, please email me. 

Thank you for sharing a bit of your time and energy! 

Much peace and abundant love,