Complimentary Energy Session Survey

Thank you for choosing to participate in a thirty minute complimentary energy session!

Please complete this survey and return before Wednesday evening 9pm (PST) to participate in the Thursday morning 6-6:30am (PST) session.

Please remember to complete and return a new survey and photo each week that you wish to participate.

Reminder guidelines:

Please get comfortable.  Allow your self ample time to “be” in your space before and after each session.

If during the session, you may clear your mind of thought as you set an intent to remain open to the movement of energy and flow; you will feel that flow.

If during the session, emotion arises, feel it and allow it to pass.  Please release labels “good”/”bad”…and just allow it to be.  It will pass.  The surge of joy, the surge of sorrow will pass, and you will be left with “nothing”/”everything”…a state of being present.

Thank you!

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