Complimentary Session of Gift of Presence: Musings at Sunset



Love is the currency of Life..


Gratitude is the means of amplifying it. 

In a time of transition, I made myself a promise to walk at ocean’s edge at sunset every evening.

Ocean’s edge is where I feel Divine presence.  Sunset shares the gift of beauty— inviting heart whispers to soar and the option to explore the feel of infinite possibility.

In this 21-day celebration of sunset you will receive a daily email with a sunset photo and a heart whisper.  The format–content and feel–is similar to the above example.

While there is no formal coaching in this program, I weave energetic intention through each message.  What I capture in each photo is the feel of basking in sunset and the invitation to explore together all that Sunset reflects.

You have the opportunity to connect with me daily through email when you choose to respond to the message, sharing your own reflection and/or heart whispers.  I feel it is an honor and a joy to connect at this transparent level.

This course brings me serenity, connection with a close friend and the feeling of infinite possibility” from the article, Paradise Found by Vidya Sury

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The depth of what you experience is completely dependent upon your willingness to open your heart to the feel of the material presented. As sunset shares unconditionally, and we take what we wish from each experience, so too, each heart whisper is presented to you. 

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I look forward to walking a few energetic steps at ocean’s edge together!

Much peace and abundant love,