Connecting and Creating with Intention


The next session of this class will run from May 24 – June 22, 2015.

This class is different from others I have offered because, along with materials for you to explore and experiment with, I will be present, daily, with formal coaching.

Choosing to set an energetic intention, while centering and tapping into flow, invites abundance, ease, peace and joy into your connections and creations. You can apply these principles and techniques to any area of your life, including: career, family dynamics, relationships, money, home and spiritual path.

I want for you:

to feel the fullness of connection available within a sacred container (in this case, our class forum) and to feel the potency of being supported as you set an intention and create in alignment with that intention.

I timed the class so that we would have one week (module one) to understand energetic intention and to play with it a bit before the Full Moon.

Then, you can tap into the energy of Full Moon to let go of whatever isn’t resonant with your energetic intention  – so that you may experience the flow of tapping into natural elements and cycles while creating.

To ‘end’ the class, we will be tapping into the energy of New Moon, perfect for setting our new intentions after having done to work to clear, center and celebrate.

There will be two live group calls – one to share our energetic intentions and one to share our experience of releasing. 

Module 1: Creating Sacred Space and Foundation (including an understanding of barriers and boundaries)

Module 2: Understanding Energetic Intention and Manifesting with Moon’s Cycles

Module 3: Centering into, and Connecting with Energetic Intention in Daily Life (application of practice)

Module 4: Exploring Resonance and Natural Release of Non-Resonant Variables

This work is not linear – so the modules might feel linear but the principles and applications are inter-woven.

The structure of this class is intended to allow you to practice the concepts, daily – in your own life.

To be clear: the formal coaching is within the structure of this class – so does not include individual Skype or clarity sessions. I will provide one reading (based upon your intention) at the beginning of class, then be available to answer questions (within the forum) about your process as you go through class.

Because the foundation of this class is based in presence, we will not be looking into your past patterning or conditioning.

We will be starting in this moment, thinking about and feeling into energetic intention and how to best tap into natural elements to honor and support that intention.

If you’d like to ‘play with energy’, in a comfortable, non-judgmental space, this is a wonderful way to open that door. 


You will receive a daily prompt via email at 2a (PT).

You will receive an invitation to participate in a private Facebook forumForum participation is not mandatory, but it is the space to experience supporting, connecting and sharing with others (as well as to benefit from coaching I share within that space). If you choose not to participate in the forum, I will still provide a reading for you and answer your questions as you apply the practices but you will be missing the feel of the group experience.

The cost of the class is $118.00.

Registration is open now through May 23, 2015. To register, please follow this link: Registration for Connecting and Creating with Intention.

**There are two steps to registration: payment and adding your name to the student roster. After payment is complete, you will receive a prompt to add your name to the student roster.


There are currently two half-scholarships available. I will update this status as registration continues.

If you are interested in receiving or providing a scholarship, please email me at


There is a no-refund policy on this class.

When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises.  Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register to ‘Connecting and Creating with Intention’ you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class.


You took the time to read through this invitation – simply considering the idea of holding an intention and tapping into natural elements open doors (even if you choose not to participate in this ecourse). May you thank your self for reading, considering and opening doors.

Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone whom you feel will enjoy it.

Time and energy are precious – I appreciate your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,