Create Radiant Love Gift-A-Thon


Congratulations for choosing to participate in Create Radiant Love’s Midsummer Madness Gift-a-Thon!  Your gift is one 30-day session of Illuminate Your Heart Whispers.

A Little Bit About Your Bonus Gift:

Illuminate Your Heart Whispers is a self-study ecourse that consists of 30 *love dares* – messages and prompts that invite you to:

  • listen to your heart whispers (that inner voice that says “yes, please!” to full creative expression and connection.
  • move beyond your comfort zone into the feel of enlivening and enriching heart energy.
  • consider the energy of love from reflections offered by over 20 writers.

The ecourse is delivered via one daily email containing a message that dares you to explore depth and range of love; potentially opening your heart space and infusing your life with love.  The retail value is $30.

Each prompt is written by a different author, ensuring that you receive a variety of expression and level of challenge. 

Registration Information

You will receive one daily prompt to your inbox each day for 30 days.  This prompt will be sent at 1:00a (PDT).  Please complete the following information to be added to the student roster.

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Please note: When you choose to receive this series, you will also be welcomed as a member of the Facets of Joy community, which means that you will be receiving articles and updates in your email in-box.

You will be asked to confirm your subscription to this list.  When you confirm your email, you will receive your first lesson within 48 hours of sign-up.

List of collaborators

I am a heart-healer who teaches presence and facilitates clarity and energy movement.  I take heart-work very seriously. I had two very specific, very different, requirements for collaborators: to have moxie and spirit and passion; to be extremely talented writers who use words in ways that enliven. My intention is to engage your mind as your heart celebrates and these writers are the collaborators daring us to move with love: 

Sandi Amorim – Deva Coaching

Chris Badgett – Unconventional Parents

Jen Bardall  – The Misadventures of Mrs B

Julie Barrett – A Clear Sign

Satya Colombo –

Arvind Devalia –

Maia Duerr – The Liberated Life Project

Lisa Erickson – Mommy Mystic

Carrie Hensley – Carrie

Erica Holthausen – Honest Marketing Revolution

Carolyn Hughes – The Hurt Healer

Ken Jos – Be Beautiful and Dance

Kim – Talon

Tanya Levy – Parenting Cents

Evelyn Lim -Abundance Tapestry

Janice Lynne Lundy – Janice Lynne

Andrea Maurer – Andrea

Peggy Nolan – Serendipity Smiles 

Sandra Pawula – Always Well Within

Galen Pearl – 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place

Jill Salahub – A Thousand Shares of Gray

Tracey Selingo – Your Promise Profit

Unity Schmidt – Healing with Unity

Keith Smith – Straight Up Living

Vidya Sury – Vidya

Rebecca Tracey – The Uncaged Life

Dave Ursillo – Dave

Molly Yarrington – This Magic Place

Just reading the names is inspiring…wait until you experience the dares!

I look forward to walking a few energetic steps together!  Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,