Cultivating Your Voice: A Complimentary Ebook


Written by Joy Holland in collaboration with various women authors, presented to you by Facets of Joy this book is for you: all women and men who have a voice.

This ebook was conceived in my heart as a gift to celebrate International Women’s Day.  As happens with heart whispers, the original whispers were heard, then magnified.

There are times that you were full of doubt and were not sure you even had a voice.  There are times you knew with great conviction what you wished to say and you shared your voice confidently.  And there are many, many times that you felt somewhere in between.

As I created this book, I realized the words were as much for me as for anyone else.  Each contribution touched my heart in exactly the “right” spot, affirming to me that alone my voice is powerful; yet within community each voice combined to make this beautiful symphony that fills my heart with wonder, awe, and gratitude.

Thank you for accepting the beautiful gift of your voice and for being present to the idea of cultivating it and sharing it with World.

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It is my pleasure to share this complimentary gift with you, no subscription or sign-up form required.  It is my genuine wish that something within inspires you to honor stillness and silence so that you may hear your voice; to honor transparency and excellence as you hone your voice; to honor your own path as you share your voice.

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The truth of the creation of this book is that I conceived the idea and created this book within one week.  My heart said,”yes, please!”, my mind said a lot of things that would have kept this book from being created.  I had no idea “how” to do this, especially without help from a “techie”–this is my first ebook, my first collaborative effort on such a large-scale, and from the moment I titled the book “Cultivating Your Voice” I literally had laryngitis (yes, I see the symbolism).  On the eve of this launch, my computer crashed, my friend’s computer wouldn’t allow me to sign onto my site, and my laryngitis had turned to bronchitis.  I forwarded this link to another friend to upload for me, and this friend commented something like the book looked fine considering I only had a few days to put it together.

I was going to delay the launch.

I see a pattern within mainstream (and many of my clients)–they get so close to their dream, then they literally walk away.  They self-sabotage, they quit, they allow external to distract them from the experience they truly want, fear sets in and they become paralyzed. In my life, I allow the impossible to be truly possible–I dream big then allow magic beyond what I could ask for to be perfectly placed.  I embrace my dream, not walk away from it.

So, I went outside and looked at the almost-full moon of tomorrow and I allowed gratitude for the process to fill my being.  Then, I re-read the book.

In the book, I write about “Exploring the Concept of Voice”.  I gave this project one million per cent (within the practice of honoring unfolding and flow).  That means that although I do care about being “technically correct” I might not create in the technically correct way, but that my essence is in each word.  The women who contributed to this book did so because they believed in my dream.  If I held out for perfection (as in aesthetics) I might not have published.  The words are beautiful, the message is powerful, and as I re-read it right before I almost delayed, I couldn’t help but hear the message loud and clear.  In my own words, and the words of women whom I respect and inspire me greatly within my own journey, I heard the strength of our combined voices resisting the fear of “not enough” and proclaiming loudly: let your heart whispers roam free.

My last words in this book: When every ounce of your being *believes* that everything is possible, it is.

So, I published.  As is.

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My heart whispered and was answered by these wonderful women who so generously chose to share their time, energy, and talents (their magnificent voices) to create the beautiful symphony that is this ebook. Please visit their sites and support their work. They are living proof that when you create from your heart space, everything truly is possible!

Adrienne Jurado – Experience Life Fully

Danielle LaPorte – Danielle

Elle –  Reflecting a Life

Evita Ochel – Evolving Beings

Jess Morrow – Invincible Summer

Jamie Ridler – Jamie Ridler Studios

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo – Threads of Awakening

Lisa Rough – Sacred Circle Creative Life

Lynn Fang – Upcycled Love

Melissa Reyes – Miz Meliz

Pema Teeter – Story Charmer

Sandra Pawula – Always Well Within

Tara Sophia Mohr – Wise Living

Vidya Sury –  Going A-Musing

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Upcycled Love: Cultivating Your Voice : “In choosing authentic self-expression, we get a step closer to peace and understanding.”

Miz Meliz : International Women’s Day : “I am proud to be a part of it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Always Well Within : Inspiration for Cultivating Your Voice : “The process illustrates how love and clarity have the power to carry us through the inevitable obstacles that arise when we attempt to do something new, different, and significant.”

Going A-Musing : Cultivating Your Voice:  “When you open your heart, everything is possible”.

Musings of Magick : Passing the Pleasure Stick “Definitely worth a read, especially if you’re having a hard time communicating with yourself. ”

Invincible Summer: Bliss All Around : “It is a sweet, yet empowering, medley of voices joining together in a chorus that will guide you toward your personal authenticity.”

Vidya Sury: Paradise Found

I Am

by Peggy Nolan

 Learning still

more gratitude

How much I have to

learn, unlearn, relearn

cover, uncover, discover

How little I understand

always striving to be more

do more

be better than

shine brighter than 1,000 stars

When I already do

because I AM

don’t know it

don’t trust it

can’t fathom it

A constant struggle

Am I enough?

Inside this moment

the unknown, the unnamed

free floating

free from past

free from future

free from fear

free from worry

Scary this freedom

the pit in my belly

looking to be filled

with something



I keep seeking

to feed the fire

with praise



From someone



I thought I had this licked

I thought I made peace

A constant new lesson



Peggy Nolan is the author of the eBook, “Get Inspired: Take the 30 Day Affirmation Challenge,” and creator of the blog, Serendipity Smiles, and the resource website for stepfamilies, The Stepmom’s Toolbox.


Comments on: "Cultivating Your Voice: A Complimentary Ebook" (25)

  1. Love this: When every ounce of your being *believes* that everything is possible, it is. And it was:)

    What a wonderful process and amazing the body created the space for you to fulfil your vision- amazing what one can do in 7 days.

    Now to read
    love and light

    • Hi Suzie,
      Thank you for your lovely words!

      Creating this book was a wonderful reminder to me of how empowering it is to live in alignment and tap fully into flow. I had been “playing it safe” the last few months, which is really unlike me, so I decided to take a risk, let my own heart whispers roam whip up some *joy* magic:) Soul enlivening to me!

  2. What a beautiful gift for Women’s Day! I am truly blessed to be featured in this book – and I’ll treasure this forever.

    Joy, you’re very inspirational and your energy is tangible to me in a beautiful, big-hug kind of way. I pray your physical voice quickly transforms into the clear bell-like voice of your wonderful soul.

    Your light shines so brightly!

    More about the book in my own blog post – I can’t wait to enjoy the entire book and the beautiful contributors’ words!

    Love, Vidya

    • Vidya,
      Thank you for your participation in this project.

      Part of the story of creation, as you know, was that I let *my* heart whispers roam, and they were answered with such beautiful spirit! I fully understood the challenge of writing on a deadline and within a theme, so to be answered with such volume even within the constraints was ultra-surprising (and delightful!) to me.

      We have shown that everything truly is possible, when we allow it to be. This experience has been life changing for me, and I shall use it as I continue to create through this site and in life!

  3. You did an amazing job putting this together and the ebook oozes the heart whispers that compelled you to write it! The contributors’ pieces are fantastic too, poetic and powerful. :)

    I’m always saying how there’s no better way to change the world than through setting an example and you’re living proof of that!

    • Hi Raam,
      Thank you for your kind words:)

      Knowing you has expanded my entire world; from day one you continue to symbolize to me infinite possibility. Combined with my belief in flow, the only limits in my life are those that I impose. Pretty empowering.

      I feel that my work doesn’t normally resonate with you (the whole heart whisper thing) so to see your presence here and to receive your words around this project is a gift. Thank you for sharing.

      I don’t feel that I’m changing the world, but I am creating a life, and if anything within my story inspires others to live their dreams, that would be amazingly beautiful. I am able to create as I do because others (such as yourself) inspire me to do so.

      • Joy,

        You ARE changing the world…for we all ARE the world, and you have changed me and my world profoundly, by reflecting back to me my own power to change my world, my self. So, even if it is “me” doing (being?) the change, it is as much you being the change that inspires others as well. In one big happy circle we flow and flow back into and around each other….and Love is that flow, and inspiration is Love’s heart whispers…and we all reflect Love’s spirit and Love’s Source back to ourselves and others, over and over again.

        I am so thankful to have connected to this truth again through both you and Raam and both of your wonderful ways… :)

        love, love, love,


        • Hi Molly,

          When I choose to honor my life’s purpose of being love, and to live within alignment while honoring that purpose, my world expands. When I am willing to allow for vulnerability by not only listening to my heart whispers, but circulating them through full creative expression (as with this ebook), I am creating change; releasing anything self-limiting as infinite possibility becomes my reality. Empowering. If this inspires another to perhaps open to love, or to vulnerability or to live in alignment, or to experience the inner peace of being “them”, that is a “reward” of abundance and encouraging to me to continue to create (and to live) as I do.

          Thank you for your kind words:)

  4. Thanks Joy for putting this together – what a wonderful gift!

    So many people around the world will now find their voice, thanks to you and all the wonderful contributors :-)

    As you said:-

    “As we release all that is self-limiting, we step into infinite possibility”

    • Hi Arvind,

      Thank you for your support and encouragement of this wonderful project that is so dear to my heart. It is truly an international event with contributors from the US, Canada, and India, and with supporters (such as yourself) from all around the world. When we allow our heart whispers to roam, they surely do!

  5. Thank you, Joy, for this amazing opportunity to take part in a symphony of voices! I am so honored to be listed among such wonderful, beautiful, wise women. I am so grateful for our friendship, and you too inspire me beyond what you know or what I am even capable of vocalizing. Thank you thank you thank you!!! And may your laryngitis transform into a voice of sweet melodies :)

    • Hi Lynn,
      Thank you for your kind words:) Wow.

      My laryngitis continues…I understand it, and am not resisting it but leaning into the lessons presented.

      When I asked you if I should create an ebook, you had no idea I meant *now* but your words affirmed the project for me, and it was a ‘go’. You reflected to me that everything truly is possible…and we made it so:)

      Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the book, and for the beautiful article on your site about the book! You are a wonderful, wise, beautiful woman! Thank you for being you and for all that you share:)

  6. Thank you for this gift! I downloaded it on to my iPad so I can read it on the plane Saturday when heading to California.

    • Hi Loran,

      Thank you for supporting this project:) I do hope you enjoy you travels. I live in So Ca, so I personally think you are traveling to a place of beauty, peace, and joy:)

  7. Joy–You are so so beautiful, inside and out! It’s amazing what happens when we follow our heart isn’t it? :)

    Thank you so much for putting this together and for including me. I’m honored to be considered among your wise women friends and to have the opportunity to share some of my insights with your readers. I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy in “yoga world” for the time being, but I’m hoping to get back to writing soon. Just seeing this made me realize how much I do love it and sharing my voice with friends, fellow, writers, and dear readers, so thank you for that as well.

    Much love,

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for your kind words! It was my pleasure to include you in this wonderful project…yours is a voice that greatly inspires my own as I create within my life!

      And, yes, when I follow my heart, my life is magical and my world is expanded beyond what I could ask for or imagine. Beautiful in all realms!

  8. What a beautiful book! I can’t wait to read it!

    • Hi Betsy,

      Yours is a voice that greatly inspires my own as I choose to live in a way that honors my little family unit and our life together. Thank you for your support of this project!

  9. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy…..this is very exciting! What a wonderful gift you are giving, and I am glad you didn’t let ANYTHING stop you! We all know that you are quite unstoppable, with anything you set your heart on!! So, now for the juicy part—-reading and enjoying it. Can’t wait! Love and hugs to you!! With gratitude!! :)

    • Hi Jean,

      When I am in flow and living in alignment, abundant excitement and delight is a part of daily life:) It is wonderful to create from my heart whispers, to open that door and allow for magnificent within collaboration.

      Although I was ultra-focused on this project, I did remain within my practice of unfolding, so as external was presented, I allowed for it as I continued to create. What truly “helped” was that in moments of overwhelm or discouragement I would receive an article from a contributor and it would buoy my spirits, remind me to plug back in (or to unplug) a lovely sign perfectly placed! As happens in life, when I am aware and open to flow.

      I am thrilled to have your presence here, yours is a voice that I love to connect with!

  10. I’m so honored to be included with these brilliant women in your amazing e-book. Just the story of the birthing process is a tremendous inspiration on its own. Keep lighting up the world with your beauty, love, joy, and clarity!

    • Hi Sandra,

      The story of the birthing process is wonderful for me to reflect upon…stretches back through time past the last two weeks–I can clearly see how opening my heart to unknown in one area let to these moments of creation now. I feel overwhelming gratitude for my decisions to follow my heart and allow my heart whispers to roam free–through doubt and fear to allow for full creative expression within life, and within this project. Truly magnificent!

      Thank you for your participation in this project…your voice is one that reflects to me wisdom and grace and I inspires me within my life.

      Thank you for your kind words, they truly fill my heart with warmth and appreciation!

  11. Congratulations, Joy, for producing a beautiful ebook with beautiful energy. I especially appreciate that you shared your process; an inspiration in itself. Thanks for it all!

    • Hi Patti,

      Thank you for your kind words:) I chose to share a bit about the process of creation, because so often people tell us “how easy” something is, and then we become discouraged when we find it is “not easy” at all. When presented with external, it is our choice to allow it to distract us, or to inspire us. My overall life message is everything truly is possible when we allow it to be, so it is a joy to share that through the creation of this book.

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