Distance Energy Session – Energetic Intention Circle


As part of your paid Facets Energetic Intention Circle membership, you will receive an invitation for two 30-minute distance energy sessions per month.

These sessions are ‘group sessions’ – meaning that I will set a time and issue an invitation to each paid member.

The sessions for November are:

October 16th 9 – 9:30a (PDT)

November 30th 9 – 9:30a (PDT)

I will send a reminder email the day prior to the session.  If you would like to submit a formal intention for the session you may simply reply to the email.   To be clear: You do not need to ‘formally RSVP’ – you are already included in the session. If you would like to read about what is involved, there is lots of information on this page.

What is a distance energy movement session?

There seems to be this stigma around the practice of energy movement.

Energy movement is the simple acknowledgement that all things are energetic and with awareness we can alter the frequency of the mass and move that frequency in ways to enhance the fullness of our presence.

When I use energy movement in conjunction with clarity, I call that practice: transformational magic.

A distance energy movement session is: a potent, powerful resource that in essence is a movement of energy.

This is an invitation to look into your current situation: a place that you feel “stuck” or a place that energy is flowing freely and you would like to amplify it.

The “results” of your session vary upon the intent that you set for your session.  In a distance energy session, this movement of energy magnifies your intent.  For example, if your intent is to receive refreshment, your focus is upon drawing in refreshment.  If your intent is to receive a release of an internal block, your focus is upon drawing in the release of an internal block.  Your intent determines what it is that you draw in through this energy movement.

My role is twofold:

1.  To magnify your intent and focus, so that you draw in exactly what is “needed” through this energy movement.

2.  To hold space with pure, life enriching, spirit enlivening energy.  In words (impossible to describe, because flow is intangible) as we focus together through this session, we are tapped fully into flow.

My commitment to this process it to be present with pure energy and a high vibration; this presence allows you the potential to tap fully into that energy and raise your vibration just through your focus.

This video will give you a feel for the essence of my being and my overall message: The Power of Presence, Clarity, and Effortless Living with Joy Holland.

This article shares an example of how I use energy movement within my own life: Dreams Full of Angels and Answers.

What may you expect?

As we are tapped fully into flow, the “results” vary upon your ability to receive.

When one is open to receiving, one may receive a wave of refreshment that is indescribable–I call it being wrapped in unconditional love and light.  Many people have not experienced this in life – to get an idea in words of what “being wrapped” in love and light feels like please read this article: A Walk on the Beach.

If you may release expectations and allow your self to “just be” in your space, that will enable you to be fully open to flow and to the movement of energy.  When you attach ‘expectations’ you are limiting the potential of the session.

What do you feel?

What you feel varies upon each session, and the extent to which you have felt unconditional love in your life.

If one feels loved and accepted then the presence of “love and light” may feel refreshing, comfortable, peace filled, joy filled.  If one has not felt this love, a wave of emotion may arise.  Whatever it is you feel, allow it to flow through you and it will pass.  Do not add “thought” to it, or try to analyze it, just allow it to flow through you.

A “feeling” is neither good nor bad, it just is a particle of energy.  Our mind attaches a label to that energy.  When you release that label, you are feeling that energy movement.  Allow smiles, laughter, tears, congestion…it is all temporary and it will pass.  When you allow this movement, you will immediately feel “nothing” and “everything” all at once…presence.

You will feel the gift of presence (the link leads to an article that shares an example of “how” this might feel).  And with that gift comes peace and gratitude.

What is the process?

Let’s go step by step together through the process.

1. At the time of your session, please find a  comfortable space.  Please allow yourself ample time to be in this space before and after the session.

2. Take a few moments before the session to breathe and center; take a few moments after the session to feel present.  Some clients prefer to lie down in a dark room, hands placed comfortably one over your heart, one over your belly button.  Some clients prefer to be sitting in a meditation pose.  Do whatever “feels” right to you.  There is no right or wrong, there is only presence.

3.  During the session, remember to breathe.  Remember to release expectation and allow for flow.  Remember to just be.  There is no “bad” or “good” there just is (the state of being).  Treat your self to this state.  Allow energy to pass through, knowing that it will pass.

4.  When the session is complete, allow your self to feel whatever it is that you feel.  You have given your self the gift of presence with the potential for energy movement and flow.  What a beautiful, powerful gift to your self.

5.  If you would like to share your experience with me, please email me.  I love to hear reflections of energy movement.  Thank you.

Energy Movement Exercise

Within this article, I share a simple breathing exercise to center one’s energy in the midst of any external circumstances: The Seed of Inner Peace is Found Within the Blossom of Full Presence .

Thank you for your presence!  May you enjoy the sessions you choose to attend!

Much peace and abundant love,