Experiment Log Three: The Remembrance Challenge

Experiment 3: The Remembrance Challenge

Objective: To participate in Mark Silver’s The Remembrance Challenge from January 28, 2012 though February 11, 2012. (To participate in this challenge, follow the link and you will find the program under “free training”).

Method: To set aside time for and practice the concept of “remembrance”.  To receive and read the daily email prompts then practice what is suggested and record my daily observations.


January 28 – Read the email.  Read about the concept of remembrance in the workbook.  Realize that this may be more than a business venture if I open my heart to the concepts.  Do I ask the Divine into everything..and if not, why not.  And if so, do I then treat everything as a sacred container?  These are my own insights and reflections as I process the business concepts.  Is my spirit, my energy in this site and all that I share through this site?  I already practice sending a silent namaste to everything..do I then follow through and invite the divine into everything?  Do I leave ample time for gratitude…and do I share that gratitude?

January 29 – Read the email.  Brought my remembrance practice to the beach.  Stood with my feet in the water, and opened my heart through doubt and fear and found a huge source of gratitude. The prompt today is about time and allowing ‘enough time’ in personal life; and the prompt in business is about pricing–not under pricing.  My insights and reflections circulate around my belief that I have “enough time” to create all that is meaningful to me–not to “rush around” but to remain aware.  And in business when I apply that, I postponed a launch that meant a lot to me, because it means a lot to me and I want to give it enough time to breathe and be presented lovingly.  And of course, where else may I apply that concept in my life?

January 30 – Read the email.  Brought my remembrance practice into my bath.  The first prompt is to learn your symptoms around “heart disconnection”.  The prompt in business is around releasing the feeling of intimidation and allowing for strength.  Timely because I had an interview that I labelled “important” which made me nervous inside; and when I brought remembrance to it, I released the label and felt incredible joy and excitement and flow about it. Huge reminder to me to release labels.  (The heart prompt) reminded me to be aware of how much I invest and to allow time to feel luxurious and full of flow rather than limited and “constricting”.  A reminder to invest my heart in that which is spirit enlivening and life enriching.

February 3 – On January 31st, I read the email. The prompt was to bring the remembrance challenge on a solo walk.  My life then became full and today was the first day I made time for the solo walk–which was hours and so wonderful!  However, my insight is truly this: why would anything in my life be more important than inviting divine into my practice?  A serious invitation to look at and re-evaluate my priorities.  The prompt in business is to let go of struggle and invite remembrance in to present other options.  Inviting remembrance in has presented me with much to “allow for”.  A reminder when I release insistence upon , I invite in peace and abundance.

February 5 – I read the email yesterday. The prompt was to bring the remembrance challenge to mindful eating.  I brought this concept to the preparation of the food as well as the eating of the food. I noticed that the food I chose to prepare was colorful and nutritious and the preparation was simple.  As I ate,  I felt full quickly.  And the food was quite delicious.  The business prompt is to think of  the timing of projects.  This allowed me to conclude an experiment early as I could see that it diverted my focus and attention away from my business focus and attention.  It also affirmed my decision to reformat my subscription letter.  Honoring the divine in everything is life changing.


April 12 – What happened with this experiment is that once I began to invite the divine in and honor the divine in everything, my life expanded in ways that were amazing, a stretch, and it all brought me into the “land of unknown”.  While I  continued to invite and honor the divine, I discontinued the experiment.  I wonder where else in life I am so awed and amazed and become caught up in the change rather than the practice of re-membering and living gratitude.  I am beginning this experiment again, committed to completing it.(And where else in life have I allowed something significant to “drop” off instead of continuing to honor my commitment?–questions for contemplation, not judgment or criticism).

I read the welcome email and the workbook section on the practice of Remembrance.  I realize that part of the practice isn’t necessarily to invite the Divine in (which I have been familiar with from far before this experiment–using namaste as a living meditation).  Part of the practice is to allow yourself Divine space.  To acknowledge a complete (masculine and feminine) divine within.  Feels beautiful.  I also realize that about the time I stopped this practice on this page, I was experiencing drama and mess within a significant connection.  What areas did I allow stagnation as I watched one door close…now it is time to re-create and re-member.

April 13 – The prompt for today’s practice is about pricing.  My thoughts swirled around the idea of being intentional with all forms of currency of my energy.  Where in life am I undervaluing divine by too freely giving my energy away or allowing it to be distracted from purpose?  Where in life am I investing my energy into all that is life enriching and spirit enlivening, am I “getting the best return”.  In conjunction with that, am I willing to receive as graciously as I share?

The joy of presence with source, not asking, not praising, just being present reminds me of the joy of being present in all of my connections.  Allowing gratitude to expand the connection, nothing else required except simple presence.  Applicable in all areas of life.

April 15 – I skipped one day of Remembrance as within this experiment.  Divine was within, and without as I moved the day.  Literally began moving residences.  Was resistant to the idea of moving, yet again/still…forgetting that flow is fluid and as I have been moving internally of course external would follow, and internal will once move move after.  In resisting moving am I then resisting flow?  Felt wonderful to practice Remembrance today.  The prompt is regarding external approval and acceptance.  I felt extremely discouraged this week as I had received criticism not about my message, but about my being.  I allowed that criticism to temporarily dis-empower me.  I understand I can only feel discouraged if I have expectations, when I release expectations and focus on the process of creating and being, external is not relevant to my state of inner peace.  In business and in life.


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