Inspiration for this Page

My tagline under my signature in all of my articles says: “Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.”

Each word is part of my essence, yet you as a reader only know of “explore” and “experience” through my writing; “experiment” has been private until now. (Why? I feel perhaps I do not excel at experiments and the thinkers would scoff at my attempts, however to release that self-limiting belief, I am going public with my experiments. For the record, no thinker has yet to scoff!).

A person who inspires me to experiment is David Cain of Raptitude . A ‘thinker’ who intrigues me with his ability not only to question and experiment but to share those questions and experiments and insights openly in a writing style that is simple yet engrossing. Check out his experiment section here.

My Goal

As an empath and intuitive, I am one who “feels” my way through life.  Where the thinkers in the world spend hours each day contemplating, questioning, researching; I spend hours each day in meditation, silence, nature, connection, and creative expressions.  My “goal” is to learn to open my heart fully by:

1. embracing and harnessing the natural energy surrounding me.

2. tapping fully into universal flow by dong the internal work to remove barriers.

3.  eradicating my internal self-limiting belief  of duality.

Duality. I process life with a focus and awareness from my heart space; yet, for me to differentiate in words “heart space” and “mind space” is setting up a self-limiting belief of duality existing within my being.  As a pulsating ball of energy, I am both a thinker and a feeler–simultaneously.  In my heart space I am cognizant of thought, yet habitually releasing that thought as it surfaces; likewise, in my mind space I am cognizant of feeling, yet habitually releasing that feeling as it surfaces.  This duality is self-limiting for me, because when I tell myself I am a “feeler” I am in essence telling my self I am not a thinker; thus, I do not invest in activities that “make me think“ only because I have bought into my own belief that “thinking” is not within my realm of reality.

Accountability and Connection. Within my life, I experiment quite frequently. However, I feel there is an accountability by publishing the results online as I process the experiment and I also feel there is an opportunity to connect through what is reflected. I know that reading of David’s experiments inspires me to try something new (for me currently that is embrace routine and commitment–necessary within experimenting). That is my goal within this page then: to share my experiments for accountability and for connection through reflection.

Experiment 1: Morning Pages

This experiment is for the month of January 2012.

Click here for the experiment log (updated daily).

Concluded January 31, 2012.

Experiment 2: A Year With Myself

This experiment is for the year of 2012.

Click here for the experiment log (updated weekly).

Concluded February 5, 2012.  The experiment page includes this decision in the results.

Experiment 3 : The Remembrance Challenge

This experiment is for fourteen days beginning 1-28-2012, ending 2-11-2012.

Click here for the experiment log (updated daily).

Re-started April 12, 2012.