Free Live Call – Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy


It is such fun to share connect and explore money manifesting together!

My intention for this call is to share a few basic concepts and practices about money manifesting. While I will invite you to participate in the 30-day Manifesting Money with Joy ecourse, it is not a sales call. You can take what we cover in the call and apply it directly to your manifesting and money practices as well as to any area of life you are choosing to create in.

The call will be approximately 90 minutes.

Here is are my proposed topics for discussion, subject to change in the call:
1. Blessing
2. Circle introduction
3. Whole body engagement in creating
4. Definition of money
5. Concept of a sacred container
6. Current way of generating money
7. Intention to manifest money
8. Ability to manifest money
9. Four step manifesting process
10. Celebration and the energy of joy
11. Receiving
12. Delightful Surprise
13. Practice of Presence – Steps, “Natural” and Delightful Surprise
14. An invitation to participate in the 30-day ecourse beginning September 8th
15. Takeaways
16. Closing Blessing

When you register, you will receive a link to a free Manifesting Money with Joy play sheet, which includes a sample of an affirmation we use in class as well as questions and concepts for you to consider in your money manifesting practice. 

I will consider sharing a replay with those not on the call– however, the space on the call is a sacred container and the work can feel vulnerable. I want participants to feel comfortable sharing, which they sometimes do not if it is shared outside of the setting, so I will check with the participants to see how they feel.

To register for the call (and to receive your free Manifesting Money with Joy play sheet), please complete the following.

Please Note: After you confirm your registration, you will immediately be forwarded to a page on my website containing the call-in information and the play sheet download. Please make sure to confirm, then look for that link. Thank you!

(edit by Joy: Sept 3 – 8:30p PT – the call has ended so I have removed the link)

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I look forward to connecting on the call!

Much peace,