Free, Live Training Call: Being Present to the Energy of Criticism/Judgment


I am offering a free, live training call on Sunday, October 19 at 4:30p (PT).

One common complaint I hear from heart-centered people and empaths is that people who don’t understand their choices often criticize  – that becomes a reason to justify not opening our hearts or to isolate or not share in some way. That barrier to flow then often shows up as some sort of physical pain. 

So, let’s stop that cycle. 

My intention for this call is to share with you an understanding of the energy in criticism and to offer  a practice of presence of ‘wrapping it up and letting it go”. We want to ‘let it go’ because we don’t want to absorb that energy and we want to keep our hearts open because we enjoy ‘magic’ and connection and synchronicity. If you desire to live peace and possibility, this training is for you.

Please understand this is a practice of presence; we are going to shift out of reaction into creation because when we do so, we are choosing full connection with source energy and a life of infinite possibility. 

Please note: this is a potentially vulnerable conversation. I ask that if you feel your heart saying ‘yes, please’ that you choose to participate. I love the feel of round-table discussions, but if you prefer not to speak, simply receiving the information opens energetic doors. There will be a chat room for you to participate in, but sharing your voice ensures that your questions are answered and your insights heard.

I invite you to view this video How to Practice Presence with the Energy of Criticism, Judgment, Insult

The call will be approximately 60 minutes.

I will consider sharing a replay with those not on the call  however, the space on the call is a sacred container and the work can feel vulnerable. I want participants to feel comfortable sharing, which they sometimes do not if it is shared outside of the setting, so I will check with the participants to see how they feel.

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I look forward to connecting on the call!

Much peace and abundant love,