Free Live Training Call: Presence to Connections That Nourish and Support


I am offering a free, live training call on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 4p (PT).

My intention for this call is to share a few basic concepts and practices about the importance of making sure the connections in your life nourish, enrich, inspire, enliven your energy and being. This is not a sales call;  I have courses you may be interested in, and will provide the links on the call page, but there is not a ‘connections course or product’  to  ‘funnel your interest’ into. It’s simply a discussion about a very important topic.

Our connections – where we choose to place our energy and who we choose to create with – are an essential component of the foundation of anything else we choose to build in life.

Yet, so many of us compromise our connections, thinking that is a form of service, and then wonder why we feel creative blocks, physical pain and weight gain and experience financial debt and general fear in life.

I created this call to share with you a few concepts of why connections that nourish and support are essential and to discuss some common barriers to creating these connections and to share some concepts to open you to the idea of playing with connector energies in your daily life. 

You can use this information to understand your relational patterns; with that understanding comes peace and possibility.

Please note: this is a potentially vulnerable conversation. I’m not going to ask you to *release connections* (that is typically a huge fear people have). I am going to ask you to look within to understand your own patterning and why you may be feeling “heavy, misunderstood, unsupported’ and how embracing connector energy and playing with it daily can dissolve barriers to flow in all areas of your life.

The call will be approximately 60 minutes.

I will consider sharing a replay with those not on the call however, the space on the call is a sacred container and the work can feel vulnerable. I want participants to feel comfortable sharing, which they sometimes do not if it is shared outside of the setting, so I will check with the participants to see how they feel.

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I look forward to connecting on the call!

Much peace,