Free Live Training Call: Your Body is a Gift


I am offering a free, live training call on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 4p (PT).

My intention for this call is to share a few basic concepts and practices about the idea of considering your body as a sacred container.

We will speak about:

  • your body’s natural physical reactions to new spaces and external stimulus and how understanding that can bring peace and possibility to each experience (even when we feel vulnerable or afraid).
  • whole-being nourishment, physical movement with joy, and care with connection.
  • celebrating each step.
  • rest as a power tool.

It might sound radical or ‘woo-woo’; perhaps it is, because when we choose to treat our body as a gift, we are choosing to live in peace, love, gratitude – an empowered, centered state from which manifesting is ‘easy’ ; creating and connecting is joy-filled; synchronicity is the ‘norm’.

You can apply what is shared in this call (in regards to the concept of a sacred container) to any area of your life: relationships, money, career, exploration of creative expression, parenting.

Please note: this is a potentially vulnerable conversation. I ask that if you feel your heart saying ‘yes, please’ that you choose to participate. I love the feel of round-table discussions, but if you prefer not to speak, simply receiving the information opens energetic doors.

This is not a sales call; however, I will be referring to the Your Body is a Gift 30-day ecourse beginning October 21st, from which this call material is taken.

The call will be approximately 90 minutes.

I will consider sharing a replay with those not on the call – however, the space on the call is a sacred container and the work can feel vulnerable. I want participants to feel comfortable sharing, which they sometimes do not if it is shared outside of the setting, so I will check with the participants to see how they feel.

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I invite you to share this page with anyone you feel would benefit from receiving these materials and participating in the call.

I look forward to connecting on the call!

Much peace and abundant love,