Gift of Presence to Gratitude


To amplify the feel of abundance and/or to cultivate the feel of infinite possibility, we may simply apply presence to gratitude. 

We sometimes feel stuck because all that we “think” we don’t have externally distracts us from acknowledging, appreciating, and celebrating all that we do have.

This practice of presence to gratitude invites us to experience the powerful shift that occurs when we choose to focus upon the gifts of the moment.

We are not ignoring reality or denying the existence of something not in resonance; we are simply vesting presence to that which enlivens, allowing the rest to naturally slough away.  In such a way, there isn’t an exhausting struggle or a push into a new space, there is a gentle stretch into expansion, by simply focusing our awareness on gratitude.

When we choose to acknowledge and appreciate the moment as it is, we are choosing to amplify the feel of abundance.

When we apply the principle of presence to gratitude, regardless of external circumstances, we are living the experience of infinite possibility.

…this has been a wonderful class and I am so glad you brought SO MUCH attention to the role gratitude plays in living an abundant and love-filled life! I think my next step is to begin a gratitude journal that I can write in at the same time as I took the class. That will make me more and more conscious of the every- moment things to be grateful for!

Some of the lessons really stand out for me, especially the  things that I had not thought were appropriate to be grateful for. I discovered that there are so many more things I can shine the light of gratitude on in my life!” – Jean S

This 21-day self-study is for you if:

  • You read the above and feel the resonance within it.  You find yourself nodding in affirmation, you hear your heart whispering “yes, please” to the experience of presence to gratitude.
  • You are familiar with the practice of presence and would like to enrich it with the application of gratitude.
  • You are familiar with the practice of gratitude and would like to enhance it with presence.
  • The concepts of abundance and infinite possibility are something you are familiar with and would like to explore.

Course materials and details

The format of the material is a daily email with a photo affirmation and short message.  This email will be sent at 3pm (pst) daily for 21-days.

It is not required, but it is requested, that– after reading the daily message–you respond to me with your daily gratitude list.

The timing of the self- study is set at 21 days because this is approximately the time it takes to establish a habit.

There are two programs:

The daily photo affirmation and the message are the same for each program. The difference is the option of coaching.

1. Ruby: Although I weave energetic intention through each message, there is no formal coaching in this program.  You receive the daily email and you have the opportunity to connect with me through email by sharing your reflections or response along with your daily gratitude list. Cost $15.00

2. Diamond: There is formal coaching in this program.  

Upon registration, you will be asked  to set an energetic intention for this study. You will also be asked to consider one specific connection, creation, project, situation in which you would like to apply gratitude.  

Your daily gratitude list will be specific to your energetic intention and variable you chose to apply presence to gratitude to.  The combination of setting an intention and applying focused presence through gratitude to that intention it powerful and potent.

I will hold your intention and specific variable for the 21-days and I will respond to you through email every 7 days with a reminder of your intention and variable and a check-in.  As in the ruby program, you have the opportunity to connect with me through email by sharing your reflections or response along with your daily gratitude list.  Cost: $60.00


If the feel of this study resonates with you, and you wish to experience an immersion into the feel of abundance and infinite possibility, through this Gift of Presence to Gratitude 21-day study, then please follow the links below to register.

Ruby: no-coaching – $15.00 – purchase.

Diamond: coaching – $60.00 – purchase.

The depth of what you experience is completely dependent upon your willingness to open your heart to the feel of the material presented. 

As presence is unconditional, and we take what we wish from each experience, so too each invitation to cultivate and celebrate gratitude is presented to you.

Gifting this Ecourse to another

The ruby package of this ecourse makes a wonderful gift (sharing the gift of presence to the feel of abundance and infinite possibility.  If you would like to gift this ecourse to someone, please use your name and information for payment, then submit their name and information for registration.

Please note: I would not suggest gifting the coaching package unless you are certain that the recipient would consider coaching a *gift* of resonance.

Complimentary Guide

To learn more about the gift of presence, I offer you this complimentary PDF document “Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance“.  (Please click the title to download the document). This guide offers you techniques to cultivate presence using the tools of gratitude and love. To be clear, you may access this document whether or not you register for this class.

If you have any questions, please email me.

I look forward to sharing a few energetic steps together through this study!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger.  Savor. Relish.