How to Practice Forgiveness: Moving Through Tender Places with Grace

“The truth is, forgiveness is a tool of empowerment; yet, many in mainstream society purposely choose to withhold it–from self, others, World.  In essence, this choice is one of pain versus peace; constriction versus freedom. 

I choose presence to peace and freedom.  It is my hope that you join me.

This is an invitation to explore the concepts within forgiveness; how to move with grace, regardless of external circumstances.  Perhaps this is a practice you currently use, perhaps this is  a gentle stretch for you.

I am honored that you are choosing to walk a few steps together!”

The above is an excerpt from the Introduction to my complimentary PDF: “How to Practice Forgiveness: Moving Through Tender Places with Grace”.

Together, we ease into the practice of forgiveness, exploring the concepts of: setting an intention, creating from a centered space, the feel of empowerment, and seven steps to ease into the application of forgiveness.

Sharing this practice is dear to my heart, as my own barrier to abundance has been an inability to forgive myself for continuing to draw abuse and chaos into my life.  My inner work seemed stalled until I learned to apply the same forgiveness I so readily and graciously shared with others, internally, to me.  I used my own practices of clarity and energetics, internally.  I recognize how others might be experiencing the same barrier, so created this document to share.

If you understand that the feel of forgiveness will enliven your spirit, soul, and being in all ways, and you wish to experience the joys of this in your life, then please accept my gift of this complimentary, downloadable PDF:  How to Practice Forgiveness: Moving Through Tender Spaces with Grace (simply click the title to download your copy).

If you do read this guide, I would love to receive your feedback in the comment section below.  When you share, I learn.  Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. What a sweet primer on forgiveness! This ebook takes your hand and walks you through the logic and sanity of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not automatically easy. Joy acknowledges this, allowing for resistance while gracefully guiding you through it to the peace, joy, and freedom that belongs to anyone who learns to forgive. Forgiveness is a practice and all the instructions are clearly contained here.

  2. I discovered how forgiveness was the key to freeing myself in life just a couple of years ago. I have continued to practice forgiveness with myself, others and the world on almost a daily basis. Reading your PDF on forgiveness brought warmth to my heart as I know we are all on a journey in helping the entire world learn to forgive and claim their power in creating their ideal life. With this in mind, I have been working on a new business called Brite Life Transformations where I will help women “step out of the shadows and into their light” and truly own their personal power to create the life they desire. Being unable or unwilling to forgive creates resistance in so many areas of our life and we will continue to struggle as a result. When we learn to forgive ourselves first, then others and finally the world, we become able to receive the abundance that life has been trying to send us all along, not to mention joy and inner peace! I am still working on my website and hope to launch it in January 2013. Thank you Joy for all that you do, your writing continues to touch my heart and soul :)

  3. jean sampson said:

    I saw everything I am working on right now in your wonderful e-book. If anyone that I know wants to know about forgiveness, I know where to send them. Right now, this is the theme of my life and it feels amazing. This is a loving and brilliant gift, Joy! Thank you!

  4. I really believe tha forgiveness is one of the most importand spiritual practice for healing, transformation, and discipline in our consciousness raising as well as the change in the world reality. If we do not forgive both another and ourselves, we can not move on…

    • Thank you, Joy, for sharing your reflection.

      “…we can not move on” is the reason I chose to create and share this short guide; a barrier that often we feel but cannot see until we have applied forgiveness.

      Your entire comment is a wonderful affirmation of the power of forgiveness! The practice of forgiveness is quite empowering in all of the ways that you mention :)

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