Celebrating Daily Magic 30-Day Photo Journey #celebratingdailymagic


The timing of the next session will be Fall 2016 (specific dates will be posted by the end of July 2016).

Please note: This ecourse was one of my first Facets of Joy offerings a few years ago and has been running each season under the name “I Believe in Magic”.

This season (Spring & Summer 2016) I am opening the session with a name change to “Celebrating Daily Magic”.

Why? Because even if you don’t believe that magic is present in your day (or life), it’s there and I don’t want even the teeniest seed of doubt to be the reason you hesitate to join in this *magical fun*!

“Celebrating daily magic” is really what we are doing in this 30-day journey: being open to noticing and celebrating the magic we see and feel as we move through our daily lives.

As we become more aware of this magic – and choose to celebrate it – it naturally grows (our belief in it and the clarity and consistency of its presence).

Often, the way we feel about daily life changes (in wondrous, joyful ways) as does the way life feels when we are in it.

I’m not asking you to create magic – although you may, if you wish – I’m simply asking you to be open to look for and celebrate it as you move through your day.

Your mind might say ‘pshaw’ but I bet your heart is saying ‘yes, please!’. Here is a gentle nudge to follow your heart……


Information to get a feel for this ecourse

Each session of this ecourse has a different primary theme, so the class material changes each session.

We spend the first week of each session creating a foundation with practices of presence (the practices can be applied to every area of life you wish, beyond this class). We spend the following three weeks exploring this theme.

In this ecourse, my focus is not on the concepts of photographic technique. My role is to write daily prompts that inspire you to look into your every day life for things, people and spaces that light your heart, feel and look interesting, odd, and/or beautiful and light-filled to you (and fit the class theme). 

We use Flickr as our ‘class forum’. Each participant creates their own individual photo set for the session, then adds their photos to the private class board where peers in this class can view the photos and add their comments of appreciation and encouragement. 

When you look at your personal photo set, it can be a visual affirmation of all that is ‘wonderful’ in your life – when mind is in doubt that ‘magic’ exists in your daily life, there is your *proof*! 

It can also be powerful and inspiring to view the class photo set and see different spaces, angles and compositions in which ‘magic’ exists (kind of like a global view).

It is my intention that while creating for this class, and connecting within our forum, you experience ease, joy and fun and that living infinite possibility begins to feel real and ‘possible’ for you.  

To be clear: We don’t ‘force’ the magic, and maybe some days as you look into your daily life, it won’t feel magical to you. The idea is to be present to the possibility.

We understand that what we focus upon grows and that choosing to focus our attention and awareness on being open to ‘magic’ means we are most likely to see and experience it, even on the ‘less than optimal’ days.

We won’t be changing external… but we may be changing the feel of external....

With a time investment of about 15 minutes a day – or more, depending upon how much presence you wish to vest – you could potentially shift the feel of your daily life from ‘ordinary’ to *magical*.

“Your photo class motivates me, {…} it helps to have something to do everyday and see what other’s inspirations are. It’s truly spiritual sustenance and community.” – Linda

Examples of Magic in Every Day Life

The way the radiant light invites your heart whispers to dance….even if you are knee-deep in household chores or a business to-do list….

The beautiful, bold blossom of a flower in a planter by the side of the city garage parking lot….or tucked in between weeds lining the sidewalk by the grocery store….

A splash of color in an otherwise dull space ….

The smile of a stranger or a loved one as you glance up and make eye contact – a small, but certain affirmation that in that moment all is well in the world…

As you move through your day, you might not think it’s *magical*; however, during this guided study of presence, the daily prompts invite you to notice, cultivate and celebrate *light, beauty, color, open spaces* in your personal space, in the ‘mess’ of daily life ….*magical*, indeed!

Even if your heart is tender and ‘closed’ and you choose to read the prompts only (and not take photos), you will find after a few days of reading, that you are looking around – and into – your life and you will notice that your heart has opened at least a sliver with gratitude and joy – even if you didn’t think it possible!


photo credit from top left, clockwise: Linda, Tanya, Joy, Rand

Celebrating Daily Magic  isn’t at all about *thinking* ‘how to fit a prompt theme’ – it’s about opening your heart to allow world to speak to you, then sharing the essence of the experience in photo.

It’s not about *technically outstanding or extraordinarily spectacular* photos – it’s about choosing to be present to see the light, beauty, joy and peace of what is in our day and sharing that.

It’s about celebrating the magic of daily life together. And, if that resonates with you, then I hope you join us for this next session.

How This Photo Class Differs From Others

There are *many* online photo classes. This photo class differs from others because I weave practices of presence and energy movement through each prompt which gives you the opportunity to experience peace and possibility in daily life.

Your mind is engaged with the process of photography (meaning it is not engaged in fear, doubt, limitations) so your heart is free to open to explore and connect with energies that feel wonderful. 


magic is...

Can you feel the energy of magic, now…inviting you to share your heart whispers and creative expressions?


To me, magic is the moment when you drive around a mountain

and then you see a view like this-

city lights, in all sorts of beautiful and bright colors,

lighting up the night. – Kevin H – student

Sharing Heart Whispers and Creative Expressions

When we choose to share creative expressions, we often feel the energies of excitement and doubt.

Excitement: ideas come gushing to the surface and curiosity invites you to explore as your heart whispers “Yes, please!” to connection and creation. 

Doubt: mind says this is very new and unfamiliar,  I don’t know where this will lead or what it will feel like, I don’t have enough (insert material here), as your heart whispers “Yes, please!” to connection and creation. 

I supply the parameters of the sacred space with energetic intention, daily prompts, and affirmation of your creative expressions…..

….however, the dynamics of the student energy, expressions, willingness to share depth and range…will determine the quality of this class. 

So, we really won’t know what shape the class will take, what it will feel like, what energetic doors will open.

While we focus on cultivating and sharing magic in the physical realm, we cannot predict how it might unfold in the energetic, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heart-space realms.

We can say, what we focus on grows, so there is the possibility that doors you thought were closed, might open, and you might find yourself in new spaces.

 I am most happy to express my gratitude to Joy for creating the *I Believe In Magic Photo Journey* classes. There is a core group that has participated in the majority of the classes so far. We come from different parts of the United States and the World. Wonderful friendships are also being made as new participants enroll!

*Magic* is the key word! With Joy’s prompts, discussions, and with her personally being a fellow learning student…the synchronicity of how our photos flow as they are uploaded each day is indeed *Magic*. There is no right or wrong. There is no negative feedback. There is positive support. There are learning questions. I will be participating in my 4th photo journey starting this October 6th. It is my greatest hope that there will be many more new friends sharing their world via the camera lens, their descriptions (which can be very poetic). Joy is never static. This class will be different than the others...I am so looking forward to it…Come Join Us!! Much peace, Rand

Class Format and Registration Details

The intention of this class is to provide a forum to share magical moments and the joy of heart connection via photography.

The structure of this class is that of a sacred container, a space of unconditional love and gratitude, in which we all feel comfortable exploring and experimenting. 


photo credit from top left, clockwise: Maryse, Rand, Catriona, Tanya

You will receive one daily prompt to your inbox each day for 30 days. This prompt will be sent at 1:00a (PT).

You will receive an invitation to join a private Flickr group.  This space is where we will be posting our photographs each day.

The cost of the class is $50.00.

Registration will open in August 2016. To register, please follow this link: Registration for Celebrating Daily Magic – $50.

There are two steps to registration: payment and adding your name to the student roster. After payment is complete, you will receive a prompt to add your name to the student roster.


The Light of Magic or The Magic Of Light

Do you believe in pink skys and magic wands, well I do. So, it is “really” a lamp post against a pink sky or it is “really” a giant magic wand. You. choose.

photo & quote credit Tanya Levy – former student & Heartlady on FB

May I Enroll in Class if I Don’t Want to Share Photographs

A consistent question I receive from prospective students considering this photo journey ecourse is:

What if I don’t have a camera or I don’t want to share my photographs in the forum–may I still enroll in this class? 

Yes! – and this is why: the class is written with presence to unfolding, progressing from the beginning steps of setting an intention and clearing space to the “ending steps” of sharing in the forum.

If one simply receives the prompts and contemplates the meaning and feel of each concept, there is potential to learn presence and apply it to any area of life

If you choose not to experience the added depth of connecting through creative process, and of sharing affirmations of  that process with others, you will still be “dancing in divine dust”, and if you change your mind during the session, you may always add your photos at that time.

I recently participated in Joy Holland’s beautiful online program—the “I Believe in Magic” 30-Day Photo Journey. The experience was literally and figuratively eye-opening and transformative….  

This 30-day photo journey lays out an intentional path to focus on seeing and sensing, and deeply appreciating ‘magic’ in the world.  Simple process. Profound self-discovery. I encourage you to join a heart-centered community of fellow ‘seers’ of beauty and magic. [Pssst….release that inner critic who thinks you need to be a skilled photographer in order to participate.] This 30-day photo journey prompted me to explore and create external visual images that reflect and align with my internal sense making and soul’s vision and wisdom. Magic, indeed! Elsie Chang, Global Perspectives Coaching

May I Enroll in Class if I Don’t Believe in *Magic*

What if you don’t believe in magic?

What if your heart is tender and/or your mind is doubting and you just don’t feel like celebrating the energy of magic?

What if you don’t think your current space/experience feels “magical”?

As long as you are open to exploring, you may certainly join in. 

Please note: my intention is not to “make you a believer in magic”. My intention is to center into love and gratitude (what I call *transformational magic*) to share with you material that invites you to look for and experience beauty/positive energy/flow in your current space and experience. 


A device to capture photos with–this can range from your phone camera to a point and shoot camera.  (I use my iPhone camera for all of my photos.)

The ability to post photos on our Flickr group page.

Time to capture and share at least one photo a day.

A belief in the possibility that magic is real.


While there is no formal coaching in this program, I do weave energetic and principles into all that I practice and share.  I fully understand that each prompt, and this entire process of “immersion into magic”, is an exercise in trust-building and faith.

The daily prompts are suggestions to keep the class on a similar theme for that day. For example, one day we might focus on the color red, another might be reflections, another might be water. These suggestions allow us to experience different perspectives within the same theme (again, an opportunity for expansion).

It is not necessary to join the Flickr group; however, part of the joy of this class is viewing the theme through other’s eyes.  The group is a place for sharing and affirming, not critiquing quality and content, but to visually see and feel the magical moments of those in the class.

Inspirational Video

I love this message – each time I listen, I remember ‘why” I love the art of photography – as Chris says in the video “photography means writing with light”.


There is currently one full scholarship (there are currently no full scholarships) and two pay-what-you-can scholarships available. I will update this status as registration continues.

If you are interested in receiving or providing a scholarship, please email me at joy@facetsofjoy.com

No-Refund Policy

There is a no-refund policy on this class.

When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises. Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register for Celebrating Daily Magic you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class. 

Thank you!

Your presence is vital to the energy and existence of this forum. I appreciate your choice to walk a few energetic steps together and I very much look forward to all that you have to share!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.