I Believe in Magic – Day Eight

Please note:  I run my Facets classes through Mailchimp.  On Saturday, my entire account was temporarily suspended due to a compliance violation (in a money class prompt I used the word orgasm a few times in relationship to blocks and flow). While my account is under review, my temporary fix is to write the class here, in this space, so that I may share photos and graphics and then to share the link with you via individual emails.  I apologize for the delay and the inconvenience.


Photo Credit: Elsie Chang


Photo Credit: Rand

In the sixth prompt, I shared this reflection:

I recognize that we are each in different levels of familiarity and comfort in working through heart space; that opening heart and feeling into energy, intuition, and sensory exploration is a very personal choice.  A choice that invites vulnerability into this space.

As we continue to vest presence to this cultivation of magic, our willingness to make the time to read the prompts, be open to magic, take photos that capture the essence of our thought and feeling and share those photos in a public (private to us, but still public) forum is completely dependent upon our comfort level.

Observing our comfort level is one practice that invites clarity.  For if we are ultra-comfortable that might mean we are on surface level, skimming through, or it might mean we are so trusting of the process, we have chosen to vest full presence.  If we are uncomfortable, it might mean that we are challenging self with skill, technique, stretching heart space, feeling doubt and choosing to create and connect anyway.

The answer may vary daily.  Perhaps we are comfortable with the structure of the class, but individual prompts stretch us.  Perhaps we are comfortable with the camera, but sharing with others stretches us.

It is what we choose to do with our observations that determine the depth and range of our experience.  

(Again, these skills apply to this class, but also to any journey into and from heart space…you can follow along each day and apply this to any connection, creation, expression).

If we choose to lean into ultra-comfort or discomfort we are choosing to gently stretch our edge, inviting expansion.  If we choose to remain in ultra-comfort or discomfort, or to withdraw presence, we are choosing to temporarily constrict the space.

This is a choice.  Each moment, we make this choice.

Today’s prompt is to think about the meaning of comfort and to feel into that meaning of comfort. To capture in photo the meaning and feel of comfort.

And, if you would like to take it a step further, is comfort related to your meaning and feel of abundance?

The photo link is to an article on my site “The Permission to Be You”; for when we are engaged in being *essence of self* we are in creative, expansion mode. To read the article, simply click the photo link.

To those of you who have chosen not to participate in the Flickr group, you may jump in at any time…just start with today if you’d like, or if you’d prefer not to add your own photos, you may comment on peers photos. (Simply forward me your Flickr name to join in.)

If you have any questions, or would like to share your response to this reflection, please hit ‘reply’ and share.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,