Intuitive Soul Call Card Readings

I realize that oracle cards have become extremely popular – almost mainstream. It might even be that you have a deck, and you routinely pull cards and/or readings for yourself.

So, what sets one reading apart from another? I think any differences are about the energy of the deck as well as the energy and skill-level of the person reading the cards.

The deck I use for readings is an intuitive soul call card deck, designed by Amy Oscar.

What do I bring to my readings? An intuitive knowing along with innate clarity, that has been with me since birth, and that I’ve honed via study and experience. It’s nothing I can turn off, or ‘amp’ up, it’s simply there – a part of me as much as any other body part. When you’re in ‘my space’ (energetic or physical), I sense who you are at inner core and any blocks around your ability to see and experience that in daily life. 

My focus in life is on how to be love, via sacred and spiritual connection, and learning to live with my heart wide-open as daily, physical life unfolds (and honoring that unfolding). My intention is to experience peace and possibility within that unfolding. And, that comes through my readings – it’s natural and easy for me to see the ‘big picture’ and to feel the overall invitation in a card spread and relate that to whatever you are questioning, wanting guidance on, or encouragement toward in your life.  

I love sharing heart guidance that gives you clarity, hope, inspiration, motivation, affirmation, a sense of support and direction!


While peonies were in season, here in So. Ca. a few years ago, I took the petals that had fallen off of a peony in a vase on my desk and created a heart with them, then pulled one soul call card within the peony heart.

Let’s feel into this reading together: The word “door” within the heart petals feels like an invitation to *open or close a door with love* (perhaps speaking to creating and honoring boundaries).

It also feels like an invitation to *open the door to your heart wisdom*, and share it in ways that it wishes to be expressed (which might differ from how you are currently expressing it – or maybe you aren’t yet expressing it and this is the gentle nudge inviting you to).

It might also be an invitation to ‘close the door, with love’ on anything that doesn’t support your intention to enjoy exploring your heart path – and creating and connecting peacefully and delightfully with heart energy.

The above photo and the short interpretation following it, gives you a look at a soul call card as well as the feel of the energy in them and the way I present a reading.

Prepping my Space for a Soul Call Card Reading

Soul call cards are an oracle deck. Each card has a single word on it. I read them all as invitations and affirmations (not declarations or judgments).

Before each reading, I prep myself and my reading space by: smudging my space (with sage) and opening the windows for fresh air. (Sage cleans and air refreshes). I set out crystals and stones that I feel called to at that time (to call in and/or amplify certain energy). I light a candle. Then, I center.

I hold the deck in my hands as I read your question. I attune the deck to your energy so what comes is through me *but for you*. Then, I flip the cards for your reading.

FullSizeRender (77)

Asking a Question of the Soul Call Cards

I offer individual readings only – for many reasons; mainly to amplify your personal attunement with the cards and connection with the message. During a solo reading, it is easier to be centered and open to what is shared and to feel into the guidance, without being influenced by another’s reaction or response.

As for the question of the soul call cards, you may ask something generic like “what do the cards wish for me to know?” or you may ask for guidance in a specific area, like “I’m considering this creative path, what guidance do the cards have for me?”.

The cards won’t specifically say something like ‘this specific job position’ or ‘this specific person’ is right or wrong for you. They aren’t set up to provide such information and I don’t read them in such a way.

When you consider your question, I suggest that you go with the first thing that came into your realm of being – because that quickly crossed any filters your mind could place after thinking about it. For example, if as you are reading this page, you hear something within like ‘whoa, I would love to receive guidance in this area….’ ask *that* question, not the one your mind selects after much thought (mind tends to select ‘safe’ questions that won’t create too much change or open new doors).

I don’t feel there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ question.

I do feel the ‘answer’ your heart hopes to receive will show up in the reading regardless of the question you’ve chosen to ask.


My experience of having the soul call card reading was just amazing both times I had it. Joy´s readings were so gentle and soft and it helped me a lot to understand the energy of the moment and how could I move forward in a gentle and love way and remove some blocks that were on the way. It helped me understand some issues I was facing and how to heal and let things go in my life.

Her guidance and reflections changed my inner being.  I recommend this reading for anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves. Joy speaks from the heart with love and compassion and for me that´s something that makes a difference in her reading. – Fernanda, “Blossoming Astrology” on Facebook

My Style of Reading Soul Call Cards

I work with energy, as a heart healer, and an energetic and clarity facilitator.  I respect energy and I understand the different dynamics weaving through something like a reading.

It’s important to me that I create a space that is clean, refreshing and comfortable for energy to move through and also for you to receive in whatever guidance comes through for you. 

I understand the importance of clear communication, of sharing from a centered space and of sharing information that will support you in your experience of life.

I am naturally intuitive and empathic – and that comes through my words and all that I create and share. (Perusing my site quickly will give you a feel for that.)

I don’t believe I can tell you anything you don’t already know within (although it may be buried or you may doubt what you know and hearing it through me might shine some light on that for you).

When I read these cards, I look at the words definitions and feel into the energy. I look at the way the cards flow together and the constellations around cards. I share different possibilities and perspectives.

I am careful with my energy and words because I want your experience to be light-and-love-filled so anything you take away feels encouraging and supportive.

I understand that you might feel vulnerable and rather than have you try to remember everything while keeping your heart open and processing it all, I follow-up with a PDF for you to keep and refer back to. This way, you can concentrate on the energy and the connection, while I’m reading, then read and process it all at your leisure.

I, and the people I’ve read for, experience that within the week or so after the reading, you may have more insights and ‘aha’s’ and it’s great to have that PDF to look at, which includes a photo of your reading and my interpretation of the cards.

I am very thorough with my interpretation of the cards, as far as definitions and the energetic threads I see and feel might apply to your question.

Here is an example of a PDF for a 3-card reading: PDF for 3-card reading.

Here is an example of a PDF for a 9-card reading: PDF for 9-card reading.

Please note: these are examples, only, so that you may get a feel for my style of reading and what is shared. I removed personal information from these examples, which will be included in yours. Your reading will be similar in form and structure but will likely differ in wording and layout.


I was dealing with some personal issues and reached out to Joy for a soul card reading. The reading affirmed for me the pathway that would decrease my stress and support my soul journey.

I find Joy is gentle, direct, incredibly helpful and highly intuitive. I trust her guidance impeccably. The beautiful PDF she provided was a great tool to help me reflect further upon her insights.

If you are seeking guidance or support with a life issue or on life’s pathway Joy’s soul card readings are a great opportunity to receive insight. – Tanya “Heartlady” on Facebook.

Gifting a Reading to Another

As you review these intuitive soul call card reading packages – 3-card and 9-card – please note that you may purchase them as a gift for another. To do so, after payment is received a screen pops up asking for information on your question – add a note in that section with the person’s name and email information.

Information on 3-card, 9-card Readings

I offer 3-card and 9-card readings.  As explained above, each reading is accompanied by a PDF for you to keep and refer back to.

I offer these readings via email with an opportunity for you to follow-up via email with any insights and/or questions you may have. You have one week from your reading to follow-up (although, of course, if something nudges you after that time period has passed, please do connect!).

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Three-card readings are ‘tasters’ – they provide a reflection about your question, information on heart direction and a message. You will receive your 3-card email response (reading) within 48 hours of purchase. A three-card intuitive soul call card reading is $44.00. You may purchase your reading here: 3-card intuitive soul call card reading = $44.00.

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Nine-card readings provide a range of information including and expanding upon the three-card readings. You will receive your 9-card email response (reading) within 72 hours of purchase. A nine-card intuitive soul call card reading is $88.00. You may purchase your reading here: 9-card intuitive soul call card reading = $88.00.

No-Refund Policy

As with all of my Facets of Joy offerings, there is a zero-refund policy on intuitive soul call cards readings.

Words of Praise

The flow of energy is important to me; because I practice presence as a way of being and I’m quite centered and tapped into universal elements, I only trust people I either know personally or who have been highly recommended to me by people I trust, to use divination tools to ‘read’ for me. I like to read reviews and testimonials because they give me an idea from different perspectives, of how a reading might feel and what I might ‘expect’.

It’s possible that you ‘screen’ in the same way. So, you will find ‘testimonials’ throughout this page, as well as different ‘reviews’ here – in this *words of praise* section – to give you a feel for the readings from people who have had them.

“I received a 3 card and also a 9 card reading from Joy.

Both resonated so deeply with me. And since I have them in pdf format, I can go back to them and see what’s going on in my life now, and each time I read them, I realize something new. They contain some wonderful affirmations, like “enough”. I am enough. Something I always need to remind myself! And the word ‘sanctuary’ resonated deeply with me, as I spend lots of time in churches, just meditating quietly in the pews, soaking up the healing, forgiveness, and love that I feel there. And right now I am going through a lot of change in my life, and the word ‘wind’ totally made sense! In that it’s gusting through and getting rid of some stuff, and allowing new and good to come in.

I am sure if I read them 2 months from now, I will understand even more. Joy readings are insightful, kind, encouraging, and so on target. I would definitely recommend them!” – Linda S


“Joy’s reading is full of her generosity and packed with her wisdom. It is very much on target and incredibly thorough. It does not give you a plan of action but rather, a deep understanding of what may be at play. One can go back to it over and over again and each time discover or revisit a piece of guidance that can light up one’s path. This reading is in fact a response to a question we ask, which makes it even more relevant. I highly recommend working with Joy. Her presence, kindness and insights will blow you away.” – Maryse G.


I recently had Joy do a 9-card intuitive soul reading. What came through was not just a few simple paragraphs of insights, but instead I received pages of insights that I could then reflect upon. The way that Joy shared and wrote my message was very helpful. The photo she provided of my card placements helped me see things for myself as well. The messages I received were in alignment with my question and made a lot of sense to me. 

I really felt that Joy’s readings are done in a sacred space. She is deeply connected and brings her intuitive gifts and insights to the sacred work that she does with these readings. Her inner beauty, love-filled heart and energy as well as her wisdom were very much reflected in my reading. 

Gift yourself a reading with Joy. Ask the question you wish to receive insights for, and be prepared for what will come to you.Suzanne M.


I received a Soul Card reading from Joy a few weeks ago and was surprised at how interesting and unexpected my cards were. (Note from Joy: Jean’s card were completely unexpected – she is really light and warm and most of the cards were potentially ‘shadowy’. With these cards, there is always an invitation – not a ‘curse’ or ‘admonition’, so I centered and opened and read them, sharing the energy running through them as opportunities for healing.)

Joy offered several ways to look at what the cards were telling me.  Rather than giving one interpretation, she offered several paths as possibilities for me to think about. I was so inspired by the unusual cards, that I felt I could (can) write a poem using the cards and their relationships within this layout. Although I have not done this yet, I have drawn a layout to take to the studio with me to see what arises when I get quiet with it.

It feels very exciting to explore this reading and see where it leads me. Joy definitely made it clear that the ultimate meaning was up to me. which is how I knew it would be with Joy’s loving and sensitive attention. – Jean S. (June 4th – note from Joy: I shared the date because she referenced ‘a few week’s ago’)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading through this information page! If you have any questions, please do ask. I look forward to sharing my gifts with you through intuitive soul call card readings!

Much peace,