The Art of Receiving Abundance

An excerpt from the introduction:

“In a world full of messages that we need to do more, be more, have more…so many people succumb to the feelings of “not enough”. We yearn for freedom, yet , we are tethered to obligation. We listen to numerous messages on minimalism that sound wonderful, yet conflict with this striving for abundance that mainstream adheres to.

The paradox is that we wish to “fit in”, so we ride this current of “needing more” while our beings scream “enough already”.  Please stop.

With tools and resources on how to manifest abundance, we are primed for “more” yet left wondering why we don’t have it.

Inner peace is as elusive as external well-being. In general, we don’t feel abundant, we feel burnt out, exhausted. We wish to be the change, yet it is impossible to thrive from survival mode.

We know how to cultivate abundance, but we hadn’t been taught how to receive it.

So, we don’t. Receive it. We analyze, refuse, deflect, and even give it away, and then we tend to berate and/or criticize ourselves for not having abundance.

Feels painful. A society knowing how to manifest abundance, yet living in pain.

This book invites us to explore, together, the art of receiving abundance.”

“So many of us seem to be in a constant chase for the abundance that we know is out there.  Yet we’re frustrated by how difficult it seems to obtain.  When I read The Art of Receiving Abundance, I felt like doing the V8 head slap.  Could it be that simple?  Yes, it can.  We know how to chase abundance but we’ve never been taught how to openly receive it.

 I’ve grown up with a deep sense of not being enough and now I can see how that has deflected so much of the abundance that’s openly waiting for me.  When we feel that we’re not enough, not good enough or haven’t worked hard enough (whatever “enough” is), we feel undeserving of the great stuff in life so we deflect it.

 In The Art of Receiving Abundance, Joy gently guides us through the five steps to opening ourselves to receiving.  If you’ve been feeling blocked and stuck in your life, this book is for you.”Paige Burkes

Joy’s writing  always speaks directly to my heart. This book, “The Art of Receiving Abundance” was no different.   

In this lovely book, Joy raises a very relevant question: how to receive abundance. We’re so caught up with manifesting abundance, we haven’t focused enough on receiving it. Beautifully interspersed with “energetic check in’s”,  Joy eases the reader into the process of exploring ways to receive abundance. She highlights the fact that it is a matter of personal choice and so, we have the freedom to open our arms, and our hearts, since the perception of abundance is personal to each of us. As she introduces us to each tenet of receiving, she follows it up with an affirmation that the reader can take away. Ultimately, it is all about feeling good and being grateful for what we are blessed with. From therein flows inner peace.

In one word, this book is magic. Just like its author, Joy, who is determined to make everyone who connects with her feel wonderful about themselves.  I am blessed to know her and call her my friend. Vidya Sury

“This book is a very gentle and clear manual outlining the tenets which, if we explore them and apply them to our lives, will enable us to be willing and ready to receive abundance. I was able, as I read through it, to see what my emotional and energetic states were, in regard to receiving abundance in ALL its many forms. Statements such as, “When something resonates strongly, we receive it naturally..”  remind me to stay out of old patterns of negativity and remain in the benign (and receptive) present!  And, of course, gratitude was one of the tenets that I LOVE to be continually present to! 

Thanks, Joy, for this beautiful gift from your heart!” – Jean Sampson (artist)

“We are regularly told to be open to attracting abundance, but few of us know where to even begin with this process. This is where Joy beautifully guides the reader on a journey of exploration and reflection through the art of receiving abundance. From tenets rooted in wisdom, to practical affirmations and energetic check-ins, this e-book will make a wonderful resource for anyone who is ready to explore their heart whispers, and allow abundance into their life.” –Evita Ochel

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