Living Infinite Possibility: My Passion List

My deepest wish:  to remain open to the element of *orgasmic amplitude* in my life!

*grin* In other words: to increase the pleasure of living by remaining open to magical surprise.

Perhaps that catches you off guard.  (I like that.  A lot! Anything can happen while you are caught off guard!)  I wonder: do you allow your self to be unguarded in life, so that surprises are frequent (almost expected) and you are fully aware that everything is possible because you have experienced it to be? How incredibly fun life is:  each day full of delight and joy to the “nth” degree, your heart overflowing with gratitude, your entire being radiant with pleasure!

(Or are you panicked at the thought of unguarded–clenching your teeth with fear even as you read these words that cannot possibly touch you in such a state).

I wonder, are you comfortable with my choice of words and my cultivation of daily pleasure? You know that my foundation is love, peace, and joy.  You know that my purpose in life is to be love.  You know that I tap into Universal Flow and use my gifts within the energy field to guide others to work through fear to create the lives of abundance that they long for.  So why would I then express a wish that at surface seems superficial, perhaps even selfish?  What am I doing cultivating pleasure when there is serious business in the world?

This excerpt is from an article I wrote titled: “My Deepest Wish: Orgasmic Amplitude“.

What I have discovered about passion is quite simple: one cannot cultivate passion in the midst of “stale” or stagnant.  Nor can one experience the feeling of passion from mind. To cultivate and experience passion requires trust and the willingness to allow a bit of vulnerability.  The depth of passion experienced is directly correlated to the depth of vulnerability one allows.  Orgasmic amplitude, then, “the spice of life” if you will…infinite possibility to the nth degree… is available the very second that we choose to open our heart to full presence in this moment. 

My life truly is as magical as I allow it to be.  If I wish to amplify that magic, to experience absolutely extraordinary, I bypass fear (of what? failure, perceived pain, scarcity of resources) with the practice of visioning extraordinary as my reality.  Not merely setting my sights on some far-off place, connection, activity, but living infinite possibility by investing full presence to the practice of living this moment *now*.

I do believe that I draw to me that which is in my space with resonance to my alignment/energy/vibration. As I honor unfolding, it is not my practice to draw to me specific x,y,z; it is my intention to draw to me the feeling of x,y,z.  For example, I might say I wish to make love in the moonlight but I do not draw to me a specific lover, just the overall feeling of making love in the moonlight.

Having used that example, however, this list is not about physical desire, but each item on this list is absolutely about delighting my senses in every way possible.  For, when my senses are delighted, barriers are dissolved and my heart whispers are free to circulate and, upon their return, to be perfectly placed as my reality.  And, the feeling of each item can be experienced in this moment, as I am, with what I have, although the specifics might require travel, time, energy, finances.

Two last points: as I cultivate passion, I must be in resonance with passion to draw it to me; that resonance is fluid, so, too, my list is fluid. As there isn’t a cap on infinite possibility, there isn’t a cap on my experience of life…the only limits are those that are self-imposed.

It is my wish, that as you review my passion list, you are inspired to create your own. And may we understand that this moment is perfect as it is, so there is no need to wait for perfection to experience anything…we are already in it!

As I share with you, so, too I declare to Universe, here is my passion list…I am ready to experiment, explore, and experience :)  How exciting!

(And, if you would like assistance accessing clarity or removing barriers…. if you wish to not only make a passion list, but live it…here is the link to my services: clarity with *joy*).

In no particular order, my passion list:

(Created July 22, 2012)

Cooking tour of France

Wine tasting in Italy

Attend Burning Man festival

See fireworks and concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Become a certified scuba diver

Attend hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, NM

Visit Sedona, Arizona

Go to MJ Cirque show in August 2012 with Kevin

View the sunrise/sunset/moon/stars with kisses in every…city?/state/country/continent….

Learn East Coast swing dancing

Practice the art of aerial silk

Sail one season of Wet Wednesday races

Sail in the Greek islands

Visit Suzie and Simon in Australia

Visit Arvind in London

Slow dance with love barefoot on the beach

Cruise in Alaska

Grow a vegetable garden and prepare dinner solely from garden ingredients

Walk a portion of the Appalachian Trail

Bungee jump

Run a rock n roll marathon

Participate in one Tough Mudder

Attend Thanksgiving Macy’s parade in NYC

Live a minimum of six months in Maui or Kauai

Lease a horse with Kaitlyn for a minimum of six months

Sit on Megan’s porch spinning *magic*

Parasailing in St Croix

Visit Victoria Falls in Southern Africa

Experience a movie quality romantic seduction..flower petals, lush linens, music, candlelight…wow me

Learn to play piano

Crew for Bahaha sailing race

Sun salutations on New Year’s Eve to ring in the New Year

Something with unimaginable speed and driving

Swimming with the dolphins

(7-23-2012 addendum)

Refreshing in the Cook islands

Participate in Amy Oscar’s Soul Caller Training

As I live these experiences, I will update them. As my trust deepens, my soul ripens, my heart opens ever farther, I shall add to my list.

And, so it shall be: a life infused with passion, knowing that the simplicity of biting into a fresh peach or berry, feeling sun on my face, being folded into a warm embrace is absolutely *enough*.

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.