Love Letters From My Soul to Yours

Introduction to Love Letters

I call this photo “A Sunset Kiss”.  I feel the caress of the gentle breeze on my skin, the warmth of sun on my face, the cool ocean water lapping my bare calves.

Here, at ocean’s edge, I am unguarded and free.  My soul is nourished, my spirit soars, my being celebrates the moment as it is. 

Sometimes I cry out the disappointment and frustration from the day…sometimes I wade in the water…sometimes I sing songs of praise and joy….sometimes I cry and wade and sing and laugh all in the same night.

Occasionally my children or a friend will choose to accompany me, and I have had the experience of walking a few steps with someone dear to my heart.

For the most part, though, I walk alone and I like that because I can feel the depth of beauty and truth surrounding me.

With each step, I hear and feel this message: We are surrounded by love and light, always, unconditionally.  

My heart fills with love and gratitude, regardless of the external of my life.

This is what I wish to share with you.

Thus, the creation of “Love Letters From My Soul to Yours”.

Love Letters From My Soul To Yours

“I love you”.

Can you hear and feel those words?

Unconditional love is powerful.

Love meets you right where you are.  

Love is grateful for your presence, regardless of the physical details of your life. 

Love inspires, enriches, encourages,beautifies *all*…and amplifies inner peace and abundance in all realms.

When you choose to receive these written especially for you love letters, you are choosing to receive a potent elixir of love and gratitude. 

Here are two sample letters, each using the same affirmation, yet applying love in different ways: 

“You want to know that you matter(ed).  You do. 

I promise, each moment that you chose to open your heart and share, mattered.  

Absolutely.  You might not know “how”, but choosing to vest your presence in this 
connection touched him, continuing to infuse his connections and creations as he moves forward. 

Please don’t apologize for being you.  You are beautiful in so many ways.  He didn’t “leave 
you”, he simply was unable to receive all that you chose to share.  People see and feel your beauty daily; they are waiting patiently for you to decide you wish to share again, so that  you might experience something new and equally as wonderful.”

from Beyond the Barrier (a letter of encouragement through a “break-up”)–please click the link to read the entire sample.

“Thank you for being you.  I love you. 

You are the light in the room.  You smile and World smiles back at you.  In ways that leave you full of awe and wonder.  

Thank you for amplifying love.  Thank you for amplifying light. 

You incredulously wonder, “can it get any better than this?”.  Yes.  Yes it can.  

There isn’t a limit to abundance, to love, to joy.”

from Beyond the Barrier (a letter of inspiration as new paths open)–please click the link to read the entire sample.   

Love letters are delivered through email to your in-box.

Love letters are bundled into a one-month package of four letters–one letter each week for four weeks.  You may choose the day that you prefer to receive them or you may trust that they will be perfectly placed in their own way.

Each letter includes a photo affirmation and a whisper from my soul to yours.  I share with you this seed of love and gratitude; it is yours to do with as you wish…you may savor it and celebrate it, allow it to infuse your connections and creations, to enrich and enliven in all of the ways that your being asks for.

Receive Your Custom Love Letters

Love is infinite and priceless.

However, the one-month package of love letters from my soul to yours does require physical preparation and creation.  So:

You may dip your little toe into the pond of love and gratitude and purchase one letter for $15.00.

You may trust fully and jump right into the ocean of love and gratitude and purchase the one-month package for $40.00.

Directly after you sign-up, you will receive a message with a few questions for you to contemplate, reflect upon, and return to me.  When I receive this back from you, I may then create your letter(s).

If you wish to purchase these letters as a gift for another–to share external support, encouragement, inspiration–you may do so.  Please indicate that in your reflection.

It is a joy to share this with you!

Much peace and abundant love,