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“I don’t believe in “accidents” so it was meant to be that I found Joy!  As soon as I saw the Facets of Joy community, I felt like I was ‘at home’.  I really felt a connection to Joy right away. It was no surprise that I would find myself signing up for a clarity session with Joy! She was AMAZING!!  I was surprised at how quickly she was able to help me narrow down my TRUE goals. Then, even more surprised at how gifted she was with bringing CLARITY to these goals and making them happen!

The best thing that happened is that my life has been changed forever…for the better and so it is! If you are wondering if a Clarity session with Joy is for you, then that is the Universe’s way of nudging you!  I am so happy that I realized this because the Universe can only show you the gifts, but then it is up to us to open them and to use them!!” – Leace

“Joy offered me a great opportunity to connect transparently, something I normally struggle with. She asked great questions about the issues in my life, allowing me to see the bigger picture. Through following her advice of being present to gratitude, I gained a greater and deeper appreciation of myself and the world.

And most importantly, she taught me how to dream and access my heart space! My life has opened up in so many ways (and my imagination is crazier than ever), and now I truly believe that anything is possible. So thank you, Joy! I have been given such powerful tools that I can always rely on.”  Esther

” I enjoyed the process, wonderful gentle guidance!  The flow was in synchronization with my life progress.  I am so grateful for this gift, I will refer to often for direction.  I am growing my awareness and presence more and more each day.  Thank You Joy, for you have touched my heart.”  – Eric J.

My Services

We take a combination of presence, affirmation, accountability, energetic intentions and movement, intuitive clarity facilitation, and customize them to apply to your general practice, specific creation, or connection.

My goal is to share resources and tools that ultimately will allow you to experience:

  •  inner peace in the midst of any external
  • empowerment
  • genuine connection
  • full creative expression
  • whole-body wellness
  • the reality of living infinite possibility

You choose the depth and range of the journey.  You create the process.

Change Your Life

I am going to tell you this straight out.  Working with me will change your life.  In ways beyond what we can imagine.

As I move through these past few months, and find myself moving more and more into my Self, much of my life has become unfamiliar to me. I don’t do many of the same things I did a year or two ago: I am not connected with many of the same people, I don’t live in the same place, I don’t eat the same foods, I don’t enjoy many of the same activities I used to enjoy, and I don’t think the same thoughts. I am quite literally learning an entirely new way of being, moving, seeing, and doing. I am learning to love: myself and others more fully, more transparently, more abundantly. It’s a magical time for me; full of new discoveries every day, and moments that leave me simply in awe of the magic of life, the power of love, and the ripeness of living fully immersed in joy. It is also, at times overwhelming, emotional, and downright terrifying, moving through such depth of unknown day after day., waking everyday to embrace again the “unknowing.”

A few key experiences and people have been instrumental in guiding me to this path of self-love, and I am as grateful as can be for these angels I’ve encountered. One such angel I found in Joy Holland, clarity coach and magic maker extraordinaire, who I have worked with for months now, and who has most recently shared with me one of her newest offerings, an e-course, The Gift of Presence, which I have just begun today. I’ve worked privately with Joy, learning to apply these principles to my life, so this serves as a refresher for me, a return to the fundamentals, at a key time when so much “unknown” has left me reeling and returning to habitual patterns rather than newly formed awareness and movements.” – Molly Y

This is not: therapy, a place to air gripes and complaints, a space to blame or criticize.

This is a sacred container in which you may experience the power of presence and unconditional love, while you explore that which enriches and enlivens.

“It was so refreshing to connect with Joy. She is truly full of warmth, love, and light. She really cut through the surface right away. Not having connected before, I introduced myself with the usual stories I tell most people. But she was right – they were all facades for a deeper problem. With that out of the way so soon, I was able to see what my real questions were and began to ask them in our weeklong email session. And she responded right away. Joy has helped me soothe away many barriers to my life and work, and I feel so much more free because of it.” Lynn Fang

This is a place of love, acceptance, transparency, encouragement. 

I do not wish to scare you into action; I wish to invite you to experience the joy of living your full creative expression.

I will not “hard sell” or “bribe”; I will share with you my talents and skills which have allowed my clients to access inner peace regardless of external circumstances and to tap into their own reservoirs of faith, strength, gratitude to transform the overall feeling of a project, connection, or tangible goal.

“My interaction with Joy was remarkable. Her first email seemed confusing upon the first couple of looks. THEN, they became clear and I relished her style which is unique to others that I have experienced. She was completely right-on with all that she related to me. I highly endorse and recommend Joy Holland! Namaste!”  Ricky F.

My Skill

I have the ability to listen beyond your words.

I see the beauty in everything, regardless of “label”, minus expectation.

Which means that I can look at your present circumstances and reflect to you the “nugget” of peace within, as it is.  I can then share with you tools and resources that resonate with your current life experience and allow you to then consider expansion built upon peace and gratitude.

With your trust–and without expensive external resources–I can guide you to transform what feels chaotic to what feels true.  I can guide you to honor full presence so that what feels true may blossom into extraordinary.

Infinite possibility exists within inner peace–I haven’t “just” studied it, I live it. My experience is a potent combination of extensive study of a wide variety of healing modalities and spiritual and world philosophies with the practice of living these principles.

I was raised in chaos and my life now is one of peace and joy.  It is my pleasure to fulfill my life’s purpose by sharing the gift of presence to magnify your inner brilliance.

When I share tidbits of my life with others, I have received reflections such as: “but, you said there isn’t an impossible”…and I did say so, and I do believe that…and I am perfectly me in my imperfect way.  I have learned to accept and celebrate that: to honor my own pace, my unique creative techniques and voice, my being as I continue to evolve.  To love my self unconditionally, which then allows me to love others and World unconditionally..means exactly that, no conditions are placed upon my love.  This means that as I learn, I apply compassion, gentle observation, and gratitude to each step (mine and yours).  Again, for me to be present to this process requires that I release my past conditioning and patterns as I embrace the reality that this moment is as I allow it to be.

An example is my article: Learning to Use the Lens of Love in which I share a story from my personal life of how my vision currently ‘works’ in my life.  When I compare my past with my *now* (knowing it is all integrated), I am completely surprised at my way of life.  Having been abandoned by my mother, here I am teaching the way of love.  Having been emotionally abused throughout childhood and sexually abused in early adulthood, here I am teaching about full trust and allowing World to delight you. My mind cannot fathom “how” this is possible, yet my heart says “Yes, please!” to life, and life unfolds in miraculous ways that continue to fill me with gratitude and joy. 

This is how I know that infinite possibility is “real”, I live it…every day that I choose to be fully present, I live infinite possibility.

This is how I know that infinite possibility is “real” for you, too.  It is my pleasure to guide you to through your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clarity and Energy Facilitation

What does the phrase “your truth” mean?

Truth: You are here on Earth to fulfill a purpose.

Truth: You are unique.  You have your own temperament, physical ability, emotional patterns, spiritual beliefs, intellectual capacity, and creative expressions.

Truth: When you live in alignment (your external actions and creations honor your internal beliefs and values) you are living and creating from an internal center of peace.

What is the most common barrier to clarity? 

The most common barrier to clarity is fear.  (One could say then, the most common barrier to inner peace is fear).

Truth: We all experience fear. Fear is nothing to be ashamed of, or guilty about, or even afraid of (afraid of fear? We often are because we are afraid of pain, and we tend to think that fear equals pain, so we become conditioned to be afraid of feeling fear).

Truth: Fear surfaces in different forms for each of us–such as: resistance, doubt, struggle, pain, exhaustion, physical illness.  When fear is present, most people tend to: curse external, find it impossible to create, feel scarcity which causes friction in all areas of life-relationships, finances, and the overall quality that one experiences.

Truth and Fear Within Mainstream Society

Within mainstream society, we tend to invest our energy into avoiding Truth and Fear, then we wonder why our lives are lacking meaning, depth, richness.  We invest energy, yet we feel empty.  We want to know that we matter, yet we feel inconsequential (would my lover, my boss, my soccer team actually notice if I didn’t show up?).  We talk about leaving a legacy, while we are creating a mess.

Let us  release this story and create a new one.  Effortlessly.

What is your gift of clarity? 

As an intuitive empath with a gift of clarity, I Feel you, I See your Truth and I See your Fear.

With this unique innate blend of skill, I am able to swiftly cut through your barriers to your inner core, where Truth lies waiting to be identified and expressed. I will reflect this Truth to you.

I am able to recognize Fear in all of its various forms. I will reflect this Fear to you.

I will share with you tools so that you may create from this Truth, even while Fear is present. (To review this concept, please read this article “Embrace Fear to Create Your Life“).

This video interview shares with you the essence of my being and my messageThe Power of Presence, Clarity, and Effortless Living with Joy Holland.

Introduction to My Style of Clarity

It is important to me that you understand a few things about my style of clarity:

1.  I will reflect to you the Truth as I see it–not as you present it, but as I see and feel it. If you choose to experience clarity with me, you are choosing to acknowledge truth.

2.  I will reflect to you Faith and Fear as I see it within you–even if you thought you have it hidden or buried or disguised–I see it and feel it and will reflect it to you.  If you choose to experience clarity with me, you are choosing to acknowledge Faith and Fear.

3.  I will reflect to you through your heart space as well as your mind space.  Your mind  might allow you to analyze, consider, contemplate, and research truth and fear but it does not allow you to feel it.  If you cannot feel it, you cannot access it; so we will connect through your heart space as well.  If you choose to experience clarity with me, you are choosing to access your heart space.

4.  I am not going to ask you to remove fear; I am going to ask you to acknowledge it and create with it. If you are choosing to experience clarity with me, you are choosing to create through your fear.

5.  My reflections are truths and fears that you already know; perhaps you need guidance in dusting them off a little, but you already know your truth and you already know what fear keeps you from living it fully.  In other words, you already have inner peace, and you know why you don’t allow your self to experience it fully.  My role is to reflect it back to you.

To listen to an audio interview and to get a feel for my style of clarity please click the following link The Intuitive Art of Moving Energy and Facilitating Clarity.

What is involved in a clarity session?

We connect.

You complete and return a short survey.

We determine what type (email, phone, Skype, or local in person appointment) of clarity session–or combination of clarity sessions you prefer.

We begin our journey as I review the survey and reflect to you accordingly.

You respond to my reflections.

We continue in such a manner.

The depth of clarity is completely dependent upon your participation; your willingness to share transparently and to receive openly.

What tools are used in a clarity session?

We custom the session to you: your values, beliefs, patterns of connecting.

Some common tools used: a combination of deep listening, energy movement, affirmations, custom creative expressions.

We will use the resources you have available in your life right now, right where you are, as you are.  As we illuminate the most effective places within your life for you to invest your talents, we will effortlessly shift your energy/vibration into high gear and the quality of your moment into magnificent.

I will not: ask you to give up your favorite anything.  I will: ask you to live your truth, create your legacy, and love the quality of your life.

What is the flow within an email clarity session?

Email clarity sessions are a unique tool that I offer to reflect truth and fear together.  If you would like to get a feel for the email clarity process, this article may help Clarity with Joy.

Email clarity sessions are unlike any other experience, as you will see.  Email clarity allows you to ponder much and stream to me as frequently as you wish.  This format gives you the option to write at any time, multiple times a day.  This option allows me to sift through these words and find Truth in it all.  Email clarity may be a powerful tool if you allow it to be (as may any other tool be).

Many clients find that they are able to be most transparent using this email format.

The general format of an email clarity session is: once you return the survey and I reflect to you, you may then email me as frequently in a day as you wish. My response to you varies according to the length of session you purchase.

An added “bonus” to the email clarity sessions is that all correspondence is written, so you may review these reflections at any time.  Many clients report that they refer to these reflections for refreshment and reminding.

Please click here to schedule a personal session.

Much peace and abundant love,