Pearls of Peace: A Communal Celebration and a Complimentary Ebook


Approximately two weeks ago, I felt the prompt of a very strong heart whisper.

My heart asked me to celebrate, and amplify, peace through an article offering different perspectives on peace. I wished to present this material as a gift for International Peace Day. I invited my peers to join me in this celebration. Imagine my surprise when over thirty enthusiastically replied! (Exactly how heart whispers are answered).

My small article morphed into a collaborative ebook project; this very ebook that is now “real”. (A concrete example of “how” a heart whisper becomes reality).

Having been raised in chaos and abuse, peace has been my oasis, the consistent force in my life propelling me forward into this current stage of flow, harmony, and abundance. As I created this book, each contribution was perfectly placed….magnifying my small vision to a wonderful communal celebration of peace.

I believe that what we focus on grows; when we direct our focus and energy into enriching and enlivening what grows is something that nourishes and inspires.  When we focus our collective energy upon the practice of peace, we are affirming peace with our presence to it, amplifying the depth and range.

As I created this book, I realized the words were as much for me as for anyone else.  The true gift is in receiving as graciously as I share, so I received each perspective with the intention to absorb the message fully, thus expanding my practice through that which my friends and peers chose to share.  Each contribution touched my heart in exactly the “right” spot, growing my original small seed to this gorgeous array of blossoms, within a beautiful communal garden of peace. My heart is full of wonder, gratitude, and awe.

Thank you for accepting the beautiful gift of peace and for being present to the idea of cultivating it and sharing it with World!

Download the Complimentary Ebook

Please click the title to download your complimentary copy of Pearls of Peace

It is my pleasure to share this complimentary gift with you, no subscription or sign-up form required.  It is my genuine wish that something within inspires you to honor the presence and potential of peace in each moment, to cultivate it, and to share it as you create and connect with World.

The truth of the creation of this book is that my entire being celebrates peace, my passion is peace, my life is peace.   I wished to share this dedication, love, joy in a way that would touch as many people as possible; knowing that our creative expressions and methods differ, I reached out to my friends and peers.

This project grew far beyond what I could have imagined.  I *love* that! The idea was conceived two weeks ago..the scope of this project was far beyond what my *mind* said was possible.  Yet, here it is…infinite possibility in the form of “Pearls of Peace”!

I took the time to allow for the creative process to be fun and, as I received my peers contributions,  I allowed their generosity to inspire me to allow exploration in my personal creative expression.  I quickly released the myth of perfectionism, which would have stunted the growth of this ebook, to embrace the joy of collaborating within a diverse group of like-energy people.

Fun.  Creating this was an absolute joy!   And, that, truly, is the gift of peace.  

Share the Gift

If the contents of this book inspire you or move you in any way, please share it with your network of friends and family.

If you have a blog, consider writing a short review of this book along with your own answers to the questions in the “Asking Questions” section.   (If you email me a link to the review, I will post a link back to it on this books’ page).

Support the Contributors

Over 30 of my peers and colleagues listened to my heart whisper and enthusiastically offered their love and support through their participation.

A concrete example of “how” infinite possibility becomes reality, when we allow it to be!

My heart whispered and was answered by these wonderful men and women who so generously chose to share their time, energy, and talents to create the beautiful communal garden of peace that is this ebook.

Please visit their sites and support their work. They are living proof that when you create from your heart space, everything truly is possible!

Thank you for your presence.

Alex Blackwell – The Bridgemaker

Paige Burkes – Simple Mindfulness 

Alice Chan – Dr Alice

Jodi Chapman – Soul Speak

Cheryl Chavarria – The Convivial Woman

Suzie Cheel – Suzie

Satya Colombo – Fierce Wisdom for a Beautiful Life

Greg Denning – Determined Lives for Those Who Live Deliberately

Lori Deschene – Tiny  Buddha

Raam Dev – Raam

Maia Duerr – The Liberated Life Project

Levi Hannah –

Joshua Harbert – The Bright

Betsy Henry – Zen Mama

Carrie Hensley – Carrie

Lindsay Hinton – Soul Inspired Wellness

Laura Hollick – Soul Art Studio 

Linda Joy –

Janice Lynne Lundy – Jan

Tess Marshall – The Bold Life

Evita Ochel – Evita

Andrea Olson – A Multitude of Things

Amy Oscar – Amy

Galen Pearl – 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There)

Unity Schmidt – Healing With Unity

Liz Seda – A Life on Your Terms

Kim Boudreau Smith – Kim Boudreau

Elle Sommer – Reflecting a Life

Vidya Sury – Going-A-Musing

Dave Ursillo – Dave

Shann Vander Leek – Transformation Goddess

Ken Wert – Meant to be Happy

Stephen Yeh – Bomispi

Reviews and Press

Pearls of Peace with Joy Holland by Carrie Hensley

Paradise Found by Vidya Sury

If you write about this ebook on your site or share the download link through your site, please contact me with the link of the article or mention and I will add it to the following list of sites where this ebook was mentioned.  The list will be found here with a link to your site.

Poem From the Book

Peace Thrives Within Simplicity by Joy Holland

We take a seed, or a heart whisper, if you will.

And we plant it.

(Have we tilled the soil?)

If we honor organic growth,

The Elements of World will nourish and enliven the seedling.

(Or will they?)

When we vest in enriching, growth happens naturally, without effort or struggle.

The mere action of “being” allows growth.

(Or does it?)

Why do we tend to insist upon,

When our very nature is to unfold…

Peace thrives within Simplicity, attracting abundant Love and Gratitude.


Comments on: "Pearls of Peace: A Communal Celebration and a Complimentary Ebook" (10)

  1. Very very beautiful. Thank you, Joy, for the wonderful gift of peace on this very special day! Hugs! I felt blessed to begin my day reading this enchanting compilation so charmingly presented by you.

    Thanks again, with love in my heart, Vidya

    • Thank you, Vidya, for your contribution and for your love and support. *Enchanting* is a wonderful adjective to describe the variety of perspectives that comprise this ebook.

      More than words, though, it is your living example of being peace, and sharing peace, and your generous spirit that inspires me.

      Thank you for being you and for all that you share!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to living in peace. Thank you for your generosity. Congratulations!

    • Thank you, Shann, for your presence to this project…connecting with you is a wonderful gift..your generous spirit, message and style are so inspiring! My heart is full of gratitude for this connection!

  3. thank you so much.
    A beautiful LOVING gift

  4. Joy, honored to be a part of your vision of love, light and peace!

    • Thank you, Linda, for your generosity of spirit…your loving support, taking the time to connect and share through conversation, and the introduction to two fabulous women who also contributed to this project. You breathed love into my heart whispers; my heart is full of gratitude!

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