Practical Joy

What I wish for you to know about me:

I am currently a 42 year-old single mother of two children about to be 13 and 15 years old.

My children and I spent five years living together on a sailboat.  The first year, I cried when wind gusts shook the  boat, and rain pelted us as we walked down the dock, and major systems on the boat broke in the midst of daily life. (For example, one day while I was washing the dishes, the entire plumbing system backed up and quite unexpectedly and quickly flooded the cabin of the boat with 60 gallons of toilet water.  True story.).

By the second year, I had learned far more about plumbing, electricity and diesel engines than I had ever wanted to.  And, I was hosting potluck wind parties on the boat and rain parties in the clubhouse of the marina we lived in.  I wanted to feel into the heart of the experience, and in my life the heart is a space of love, gratitude, connection, and creative expression.

I was the only single mother in my region–Ventura, Ca to San Diego, Ca who had raised her children as live-aboards.  By the time we left the marina, the kids and I were the second longest live-aboards there (the other was a married couple who lived there 24 years).

Together, the kids and I learned (are learning) transparency in communication, presence to unfolding, trust in flow, and the reality of living infinite possibility.  We all three also have different personalities and paths and are learning to honor each path, as we celebrate and learn from our diverse ways and expressions. 

We currently live very close to the beach, in the same small beach community in So CA that we have lived in for over eight years.  

These few paragraphs tell you quite a lot about who I am, what I believe in, and how I choose to move through World.

I live my heart whispers, often not knowing where they will lead, absolutely trusting flow.