Presence to Pain: Choosing to Create and Connect with Compassion and Care


You are here because the concept of a life with maximum joy and minimal pain is something you are experiencing and would like to enrich.


The concept of a life with maximum joy and minimal pain is unfamiliar and you would like to explore. 


It is my pleasure to present to you materials and practices that will invite you to understand the energy of pain; with understanding, comes the ability to make choices from a space of compassion and peace.

When we feel pain, we tend to numb, bury, avoid, resist it; while sometimes lashing out with words, or withdrawing from World…or a combination of all of this.

When we learn to understand the dynamics of the energy of pain, we are not restricted to merely reacting to fear, we begin to experience the feel of infinite possibility as we can choose to create with love. As we are, with full presence.

May you experience the freedom available from such a space.

The Exploration of the Energy of Pain

This ecourse is an exploration of the energy of pain.

The energy of pain manifests in myriad external and internal ways, often in forms that act as barriers to fullness of: being, feeling, movement, connection and creative expression.

Our society, in general, glorifies the presence of pain and struggle.   Then, we wonder why peace feels so elusive.

This study invites you to experience inner peace, regardless of external circumstances, as you vest presence to:

  • understanding the energy of pain in general
  • identifying sources of conditioning to pain in your life
  • practices of presence to body, mind, soul, spirit
  • the concept of self-love
  • the flow of gratitude
  • moving in ways that are with ease and joy, gently stretching as you explore edges
  • healing practices that invite you to examine previous pain and potentially dissolve the barriers it might have created
  • experiment with the feel of abundance in your life, by vesting presence to that which is enlivening and enriching

This is not a study we will “push through”. We will honor the concept of allowing for ample time and space to breathe and grow by receiving a weekly lesson, with daily reflections pertaining to that lesson.

The idea of presence to organic growth, and the application of love and gratitude, is not linear. The class is not organized in clear chapters, for instance chapter 1: Understanding the Energy of Pain.

The flow of the class eases you into the understanding and exploration of pain.  Each week we touch upon the full range of contemplation, but the potential depth varies.  For example, in the first week we will be at ‘surface level’, exploring content, by the fourth week we will have eased in depth of exploration.

Registration Details

This is a 4-week class.  The time commitment required is a minimum of one-hour weekly to read the materials and thirty-minutes daily to read the reflections and submit your response if you wish.

This is an ecourse.  You will receive all materials through email. You will receive your weekly class material in downloadable PDF format on Monday morning at 7am (PDT) and you will receive a daily reflection for the remaining 6 days of the week at 7am (PDT).  So, you will receive one weekly lesson and six daily reflections for four weeks.

The cost of registration is $40.00 for the ecourse with no coaching.

You may add coaching to the cost of registration.  Coaching is $180.  (The total with coaching is $220). 

When you register for the personal coaching package, you will receive:

  • instruction on how to set an energetic intention for the study,
  • instruction on a daily gratitude practice (I will receive your daily lists and affirm them weekly)
  • instruction on a daily accountability practice (I will receive your daily lists and affirm them weekly)
  • your choice of four – 30 minute skype calls or four – one-week clarity email sessions (or a combination as you feel comfortable).

Registration for the next session will be open from April 22nd- May 4th, 2013.  

The next session of this class will run from May 6th – June 2nd, 2013. 

When you choose to pre-register, by adding your name to this list, you will receive a 15% discount on the class and coaching package, along with a reminder to submit your information.  

The only discount available for this class will be offered to those who pre-register here (and subscribers to this site). 

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Journey into New Spaces

The effectiveness of the materials of this class is solely dependent upon your willingness and ability to read the material, journal and contemplate your responses, and apply the practices.

The materials and practices engage mind in thinking and invite heart to open to possibility. This technique uses whole-body integration of exploration and movement. 

If you are currently in a space of pain now, it could very well be that you have temporarily stopped: feeling, opening, receiving, believing, creating, connecting.  That is understandable.

I cannot guarantee that anything presented here will open your heart and mind; that is beyond my control. I can simply share that it is my intention to move you in the ways you allow yourself to be moved.

No-Refund Policy

When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises.  Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register to presence to pain: choosing to create and connect with compassion and care, you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class.

Please Note: These practices are meant to invite you to explore the energy of pain, through presence with love and gratitude.  These practices are not intended, nor should they be used as, a substitute for, or replacement of, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Thank You!

I am looking forward to walking a few energetic steps together.  Thank you for choosing to share your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.