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All of my work is around sharing practices of presence and energy movement to use in our daily lives, to amplify peace and possibility in our physical body and our physical and energetic experience of life.

It can be a bit challenging to share, via the Internet, in the fullness of connection available within energetic practices of presence. Here are some ways that I share that energy via the web.


I have written many articles sharing different practices and points to consider. You can search for these articles by typing a keyword or phrase into the search function on the sidebar of my site.

I am going to add article links, as I write them, that have to do with working with elemental energy. These are the first two:

  1. Connecting With, and Celebrating, Full Moon Energy
  2. Connecting With, and Celebrating, New Moon Energy

Peace is a fabulous foundation to create and connect from. If you put ‘peace’ in the keyword search on the sidebar of this site, you will find many articles with this theme. This article is a ‘good’ place to start:

  1. Learning How to Experience Physical and Energetic Peace in Your Daily Life

People always ask me “Wouldn’t living a life tapped fully into flow, centered into love and gratitude, cultivating and celebrating peace, joy, ease, abundance, natural unfolding of creative expressions and fullness in heart connections, get boring, or the person become stagnant/disinterested in growing or expanding? Shouldn’t a person intentionally put their being in challenging stretch spaces?”

Here is my answer:

  1. “My Answer To ‘Doesn’t Living a Life of Flow Get Boring and Shouldn’t You Put Contrast in Your Day?”

Free Daily Affirmations with Joy forum

I facilitate a free Facebook forum in which we process daily affirmations by Louise Hay. I post the affirmation, along with my thoughts and experience on that affirmation. I invite you to share your thoughts, feelings and experience about that affirmation as well as photos or creative expression regarding that affirmation. To join in, please click the link.


I find that so much ‘more’ can be conveyed via spoken voice (tone and inflection hold lots of meaning) so I also share practices, points to consider and guided meditations via my Soundcloud and YouTube channels. I invite you to subscribe to these channels so you may receive the most current creative expressions (and if you have topic suggestions you’d like me to cover, please email me and let me know! Thank you!)

A few examples of what I am sharing on Soundcloud

A Guided Meditation Using Affirmations of Love, Gratitude and Abundance.

How to Process Feeling Like You Don’t Belong or Fit in (in your family or social settings).

How to Energetically Support a Loved One Who is Processing a Medical Diagnosis.

How to Not Worry About Money When You Aren’t Sure Where it will be Coming From.

Understanding the Energy of a Reaction and Finding Peace and Possibility in It.

A few examples of what I am sharing on Youtube

How to Practice Presence with the Energy of Criticism, Judgment, Insult.

Guided Meditation: Love, Light, Awareness.

The World That I Belong To.

Free Downloadable PDF’s

Here is a list of links for free downloadable pdf’s that I have created. There is no sign-up required to receive these materials, simply click the title to read and/or save the document.

1. Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance: Techniques to Cultivate Presence Using the Tools of Gratitude and Love.

2. Sharing the Gift of Presence to Enliven Your Connections.

3. A Simple Exercise to Build Trust Through Clarity and Energy Movement.

4. How to Practice Forgiveness: Moving Through Tender Spots with Grace.

5. Exploring the Energetic Wall worksheet.

6. Present to the Energy of Joy: Connecting, Creating and Celebrating with Joy.

7. A Practice of Taking an Energetically Cleansing and Refreshing Shower.

8. Choosing to Center into Connection with Love and Gratitude During “Crisis’ / Less than Lovely External: Why One Might Make this Choice and How One Might Do It.

9. Trusting in the Goodness of World – 13 page presentation.

Free Downloadable Ebooks

The following resources are original “Facets of Joy” eBooks– all available as complimentary downloads

The Art of Receiving Abundance

This book is dedicated to all whom choose to cultivate heart whispers, transcending the paradigms of mainstream, while graciously guiding others to experience abundance.

This book is for you if you believe in the concept of abundance and are ready to experience the inner peace that accompanies the reality of abundance in this moment, in your life.

To download your complimentary copy, please follow this link: “The Art of Receiving Abundance“.  This material is available as my gift of appreciation to those whom choose to join the Facets community.

Cultivating Your Voice

This is a complimentary ebook written by myself in collaboration with various women authors, presented as a gift to you–all women and men who have a voice.

For information on the story of the creation of the book and to download your complimentary copy, please follow this link: Cultivating Your Voice.

Pearls of Peace

My vision for the book is to invite readers (you!) to experience a few moments of peace, then to infuse their creations and connections as they move through each day.

A wonderful project to amplify the message of peace, including over 30 contributors worldwide.

To find out more about this book, and to download *your complimentary copy* please follow this link: Pearls of Peace.

A Power Prism: Reflections of Source

This eBook is a collaboration with readers of this Facets of Joy community. My role was to curate and edit their messages, weaving flow and energy through the individual messages; the content is solely from the readers. This is one of the few (perhaps only) eBooks written by readers within a community.

To find out more about this book, and to download your complimentary copy, please follow this link: A Power Prism

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder:  Experiment. Explore. Experience.