Savor the In-Breath – July Session


Welcome to Session Two of Savor the In-Breath!

This session runs from July 1-31st, 2015.

The cost is….free.

Registration is open through July 31, 2015. 

I created this space (of connecting with and celebrating the in-breath) for us for three reasons:

1.  We are mid-year, which typically is a time full of activity and to-do lists and hoping to achieve some of hte goals we set at the beginning of the year. What I know to be true, when we practice presence, is:

That taking the time to center – to fully breathe in peace and possibility – allows us to then create and connect from a space of peace and abundance with ease and joy. 

2. When we honor the energy within natural seasons and cycles, we *naturally* experience peace and possibility, regardless of external.

Instead of feeling the struggle and tension from resisting and pushing, our physical being feels comfortable and safe, which then allows our heart to energetically open to create and connect with love, joy and gratitude.

3.  What we focus our attention and energy upon grows.

Choosing to breathe in energies that enliven, nourish and inspire – for example beauty, peace, joy, grace, color, gratitude, abundance, whole-body wellness and connection – allows us to naturally *become* that which we breathe.

I invite you to consider this: When you intentionally breathe in, you send that energy throughout your entire being – naturally enriching, nourishing and enlivening in a physical *and* energetic way.

If there are physical blocks to flow, you notice and can work on opening that up; which then amplifies your ability to open to receive in *more* (energy and physical variables that resonate). 

Do you notice that you spend lots of time ‘holding your breath’?

When you think about this, and feel into the energy, you tend to hold your breath when:

  • you are busy / pushing through a day or experience
  • stepping into a new physical space / energetically opening with vulnerability
  • waiting for a result/outcome/blessing/change
  • moving from appointment to commitment to obligation, in a day/week/month
  • in fear – physical or energetic
  • not getting what you want/wish for/think you deserve
  • in judgment or expectation

What happens when you hold your breath for ‘too long’? 

Eventually, when your cells don’t receive in the oxygen they need, you may faint, at which point your body takes over breathing for you.

So, you can see this ‘holding breath’ stuff is, at base, a resistance to the full experience of life.

Included in the definition of breath in the dictionary (I looked at many both on-line and physical) is this idea of *life; vitality; aliveness*.

In yogic practice, the breath is Prana – life force.

What a beautiful, and somewhat ‘easy’ gift to share with yourself!


Our focus for this month-long connection will be to make the time daily to think about, connect with and celebrate the in-breath. 

You will receive a daily prompt via your email in-box at 1:30a (pt). Each prompt will consist of a photo (with a ‘breathing space’) and a few words reminding us of the power of the in-breath.

There will be a private Facebook forum to share connection, creative expression, experiences and affirmation.

The cost of this month-long celebration is…..*free*. 

Registration is open through July 31, 2015. You will receive the first prompt of the series within 48 hours and the sequential prompts, daily.

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Please note: When you choose to receive this series, you will also be welcomed as a member of the Facets of Joy community, which means that you will be receiving articles and updates in your email in-box.


I *love* collaboration!!  What my heart desires for this exploration is to combine into each prompt reflections, along with photos of creative expression, from my ‘artist friends’ who inspire me to revel in the in-breath in my own life. (I am excited to watch this collaboration list take shape!!) I will update this list of collaborators through June 1, 2015.


Thank you for your presence! I look forward to sharing this month-long celebration together!

Much peace and abundant love,