Sharing “A Daily Whisper”

When we embark upon a new venture,

may we celebrate each step;

allowing gratitude to guide us

to expansion.

Thank you for choosing to walk a few steps together as we share affirmations of heart truth through “A Daily Whisper”!

You will receive your first whisper within 48 hours.

May you take some time to set an intention for receiving and applying this gift.  Some questions to reflect upon as you set your intention:

  • Something within nudged you to sign-up…what was that?
  • What is the feeling that you are hoping to amplify?
  • Does the style of the message resonate and you wish to expand upon this familiarity? or Is the style unfamiliar and you wish to explore?

While I am inviting you to set an intention, please note that this is not a “teaching” course.  I will provide reflections only, and you may apply them in ways that best suit you.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,