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My Retreat Vision

In life, as I practice unfolding within the application of the gift of presence, it is my pleasure to create the space for reflection. (If you wish to learn more about my essence, please click this link: My Purpose).

I consider this space a sacred container: a place where one feels comfortable gently exploring vulnerability by opening beyond surface to share from inner core.  Rather than fear (of what? so many fears out there!) is the trust that your expression will be received lovingly and your presence will be appreciated for the depth and texture it brings to the space.  “This space” is the physical retreat site; the connection between you and nature; the connection between you, I, and the other participants; the creative expressions you choose to share.

The presence of love and gratitude naturally, effortlessly, dissolves fear.  The invitation to vest fully in enriching and enlivening, removed from the circumstances of “every day” life, offers you the opportunity to experience the concepts of full presence, transparency within connections, and co-creating with like-energy beings, while nourishing your physical self with fresh air and food that is fulfilling.

These variables offer you the opportunity to experience a whole body immersion into the exploration of presence to enriching and enlivening.

You may choose to be an observer, you may choose to be an effervescent light…you may choose to experiment…whatever it is that you choose to be, is a wonderful gift to those whom are present.  In such a way, you will experience the transformative power of love and gratitude; for your presence truly matters…as you are…in this moment.

What I provide is the sacred container, the experience of love and gratitude and full presence (unconditional love), and the delicious foods.

What you provide is your self, as you are, with a willingness to share through heart space.

What They Are Saying:

“Sharing space with Joy Holland is one of the most unique experiences one may have the pleasure of experiencing, as it is a rare gift to be in the presence of such a pure energy, who is deeply heart-centered and light filled. Being with Joy means being seen at the depth of our soul. She offers wise guidance not only through her writing and teaching, but fully lives the truths she shares with others. She offers her full gift of presence in all of her interactions, inspiring each one of us to embody the fullness of our being and each moment lived.” Evita Ochel (New Earth living guide)

“Joy has a magnetic personality that shines through in her ability to absorb and then reflect with love the energy of those in her presence.” – Raam Dev (writer, explorer)

Joy’s intuitiveness, presence, guidance, and clarity are felt immediately. She speaks truth and is very in tune with any situation. Her connection with energy is nothing short than phenomenal. She gets straight to the heart of matters with love, light, and empathy. She treats everyone she meets with true light and has helped me find my own truth, light, and clarity. Her energy work has helped my physical and emotional well being. Her writings continue to inspire me on a deep level. She reflects love, light, and JOY in every life she touches. She is a gift to to the universe. I am honored to know her and be able to tap into her gifts. Gina Petry (mother)

Joy Holland is wisdom and spirit-filled, and generously shares her gifts and talents with a pure intention of making the world a better place for everyone. I spent a weekend with Joy and we simply had a blast…laughing, talking, and sharing. Simply Divine! – Tess Marshall (writer, speaker)

Sharing space with Joy is an honor and delight. Her presence and energy are peaceful and healing, and she brings clarity and understanding to any situation. Her awareness and empathetic nature allows her to connect with you on an energetic, soul level, allowing you to feel seen, heard, and understood to your very core. She uses her unique combination of skills, talents, and gifts to gently and lovingly guide you through difficult times, and to help you celebrate good times. Joy’s presence amplifies and enhances the natural field of love that surrounds us at all times, allowing those who share space with her to tap into the universal flow of life. Even if you don’t believe in miracles, the experience is nothing short of magical. Jay Schryer (author, poet)

My Overall Vision for this Retreat Space

As mentioned above, in life I create the sacred container (“set the space”) and facilitate the connection. I bring to this space my “being” of unconditional love, my skill as an energy and clarity facilitator, my experience with presence and my love of nature.

Anything can (and does) happen within this space as you have the opportunity to experience a setting where the act of being present is an invitation to Source to be delighted.

The group dynamic of that specific day determines exactly “how” each retreat will be run.  A loose schedule: After check-in we will share a snack as the participants unpack and meet each other.  There will be time to breathe fully and decompress.  We will come together as a group again to share dinner and decide as a group how we feel the evening shall progress.  We will come together as a group at the campfire, where I will work individually with each participant as an energy facilitator. We will meet together in the morning for a group meditation and breakfast.

You will have ample time and space to breathe, to explore, to “just be”.  You will have ample time and space to connect with the other participants and nature. 

Within that time and space, I am available to provide individual and group guidance.

The retreats are seasonal so that optimal weather conditions may be present; however, to honor full presence, the retreats are not dependent upon the weather conditions.  They will be held rain or shine (or wind).

Each participant will complete an application so that we may identify your overall intent for this retreat and honor that intent as we allow for unfolding.

The retreats currently are for adults over the age of 18.  The retreats are inclusive of both male and female participants (there will be separate gender-specific tipis).


The physical retreat space is at Ventura Ranch KOA: 7400 Pine Grove Rd, Santa Paula, Ca 93060.

We will be in the Grazing Deer Tipi (photo courtesy of Ventura Ranch KOA):


The inside of the tipi contains single beds. I  chose the tipi because it allows participants the comfort of sleeping in a bed, yet still the feel of connecting with the elements of nature. Directly outside of the tipi is a picnic table and  firepit.

Close to the tipi, there is a unit with full bathrooms and an electrical plug and there is one small shower in that unit.

The unit is steps away from the Santa Paula River, which is “warm” due to the heat of the sun shining on it daily, so is suitable for wading and swimming.

Participants will receive a welcome snack shortly after check-in, dinner, breakfast, and beverages. To honor the intent of the retreat, an array of fresh produce and delectable treats shall be provided.

Participants will need to bring bedding, a warm jacket, swimming attire, comfortable shoes,  toiletries, and a towel. Please bring any instruments you would like to share around the evening campfire.

Dates, Times, Pricing

The retreats are seasonal and will be offered a minimum of one each month from May through October.

This is the last outdoor retreat for 2012!

Celebrating Connection Retreat: October 27, 2012.  Check in at 4pm October 27, 2012.  Check out at 10am October 28, 2012.  The cost is $215 per person.  Registration is open now through October 24, 2012.

There is a limit of ten participants per retreat. If the retreat is booked, your information will be placed on a wait list.

Please contact me directly to schedule your participation in the retreat. Registration closes three days prior to the retreat.

Custom retreats

Whether you are celebrating a “milestone event”: calendar birthday, energetic birthday, wedding, anniversary, accomplishment of a career or personal goal or you are cultivating extra “inspiration/motivation” to explore a change in any area of life or you wish for time to refresh/relax we may honor your intent with a custom retreat.

Please contact me for private (solo) retreat information.  A solo retreat must be scheduled one month prior to the date of the event.  The cost is $425 per night.

Please contact me for custom group retreat information. A custom retreat must have a minimum of three participants and a maximum of ten participants.  A custom retreat must be scheduled one month prior to the date of the event. The cost is $295 per person, per night.


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