Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance

What is the Gift of Presence?

The gift of presence is the ability to invest full awareness and intention in the living of truth in this moment as it is presented, as we are.

Energetically, this means that as integrated ‘whole-body’ beings, we are fully vested in the “flow” of this moment; mind and heart occupied and engaged simultaneously as physical self moves through world.

The concept of presence is a way of life in which individual path and creative expression is supported, encouraged, and honored; allowing connections to be transparent, path to be explored, and creations to be in alignment with truth.

Presence can be a spiritual practice, yet as a way it is in congruence with diverse religious beliefs.  The energy work within presence is merely the acknowledgment of Source and honoring the principle of life flow in all that one, with intent and awareness, vests energy in.

In the video below, I share a bit with you about how I use the gift of presence in my life While the technical quality of the video is not “excellent”; I choose to use the resources I have and release ‘perfectionism’ to share with you my overall essence and manner.  If you are to trust me with your truth, I wish to show that trust is well-placed.  I choose to connect through vulnerability and imperfection…here it is then:

If you are unable to view the video on this page, please click this link: Sharing the Gift of Presence Intro.

Complimentary Guide

To learn more about the gift of presence, I offer you this complimentary PDF document: Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance.  (Please click the title to download the document).  This guide offers you techniques to cultivate presence using the tools of gratitude and love.

I have not only studied these principles, I live them; my life is a practice of sharing the gift of presence If you would like to experience inner peace in this moment, as it is, as you are, I invite you to read the document, and to peruse the services I offer.  This is an invitation to experience peace as you practice presence.

The Gift of Presence Transformed My Life

I share pieces of my “story” to reflect the transformational power of presence: raised in chaos and abuse (and without a mother), I lost my ‘prized’ virginity  in a violent stranger rape. Looking for safety, I took that brokenness into the covenant of marriage in which I chose to be a stay-at-home mother to my two beautiful children. Exhausted from compromising my spirit to “fit into” this idealized life, I left the marriage and fell into an abusive relationship.  Throughout all of *that*, I have been in a position of counting pennies to buy groceries *and* in the position of having so much money I have figuratively thrown it away. From this short snippet, one can see that conditioning and patterns had a strong hold on my inability to create anything other than what I had known.

Broken in all ways, I had a choice To continue to struggle, or to create a life in which the process of living was a joy to embrace and to share with others.

I chose life.  I promised my self gratitude for the gift of life, that I would live that gratitude through my creations and connections.

Thus, the journey of presence began…and continues to this day.  I looked at the mind/body connection and began to study energy movement and healing.  I did the inner work to be present to patterns and conditioning and used various techniques from different modalities to center into full awareness of mind/body/spirit in all realms.

I fulfilled a lifelong dream of raising my two children on a sailboat (solo, as a single mother) . We lived aboard for five years, recently moving to the suburbs nestled into farm property close to the mountains.

My children are being raised with the concepts of manifesting, unfolding, infinite possibility as part of their daily existence and experience.  We are transparent and communicate openly with each other.  We spend lots of time in nature.  We honor individual path.  Within this family unit we all experience the power of presence.

I opened my heart space to love fully and each significant love has expanded my world beyond what I could have visioned or asked for…to this: my reality of living my passion and purpose each and every moment. (If you are interested in learning more about this current stage of my journey, you may click this link: My Purpose).

If you are interested in working with me, either through ecourses or personal sessions, please follow the link to browse my services.

Much peace and abundant love,