Six Days of Presence to Cultivate Inner Peace: Gratitude


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Welcome to the Six Days of Presence to Cultivate Inner Peace video series.

This series is based upon the six building blocks forming the foundation of Facets of Joy.  The six building blocks are: Gratitude, Love, Peace, Simplicity, Clarity, and Trust.  You will receive the next video in the series (Love) in one week.

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Here is the first of six videos: Gratitude.

As you listen to the words, may you breathe in the gratitude.  As the video progresses, I will pause and allow you space and time to breathe in the truth of the words, the magnitude of gratitude, the peace of allowing gratitude to fill the moment.  If, as you listen, a feeling rises, allow it to…just feel it as it is neither “good” nor “bad”, just a piece of you asking for presence…and soon it will pass.  (A wonderful opportunity to experience a heart opening and allow gratitude to move you).

Here is the YouTube link if you would prefer to watch the video there: Gratitude.


This moment is a precious gift.  Priceless.

You are a precious gift.  Priceless.  Thank you for being you.

When we choose to be aware of this gift, we are choosing to experience peace.  As we are in this very moment.  We are choosing to say “thank you!” for this moment, for the experience of being, right here.

When we open our eyes to see the beauty around us, we are magnifying beauty simply by being present to it. When we practice magnifying beauty, we begin to notice all that is beautiful about us.  As I say thank you to world for the beauty around me (Thank you, World for the magnificent beauty you present me with!), I realize I am part of that beauty (Thank you, Source, for allowing me to be beautiful!).

Nature’s beauty is not layered or masked or buried.  Nature’s beauty boldly presents itself as it is. Naked.  In our world, we would say transparent.  What a beautiful gift to share–nakedness, transparency.  Gone are the barriers and blocks to flow, present is the simple joy of presence.  Thank you for your willingness to consider the joy of being naked, transparent, fully present.  Thank you for the gift of sharing your presence.  Thank you for being you.

When you create something that touches me, I thank you for creating and for sharing.  I thank you with a smile, with a note, with something that allows you to know, your creation matters and this is how it has touched me.  Thank you for being you.


Can you receive that?  Breathe it in.  Thank you…Breathe it out.  Thank you.  Thank you for being you.

When we can comfortably practice this with self, then with others, we may practice with World.  Thank you, World, for being.

One might see that as, we apply gratitude, we are holding that which we are grateful for in reverence.  What we hold in reverence, we cherish, we care for, we invest in.  Thank you for choosing to invest your presence in connecting.

If you would like to transform any connection…simply apply gratitude to it.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for your presence.  Powerful.  Empowering.

We choose what we invest in.  When we choose to recognize and be appreciative of all that we do have in this moment, all that we do not have is no longer present to us.  The moment is now full of abundance.  We have filled the moment with abundance simply by being fully present in it.

When we choose to allow gratitude to fill the moment and guide us to the next, we are effortlessly tapping into flow; allowing a natural current to move us along as we practice presence.  Gone is the struggle, the exhaustion, the exertion of “trying” while we simply choose to be.  In such a way, we are using gratitude to draw to us peace and joy.

With my first waking breath of the day, I whisper “thank you” to Source for this breath, “thank you” to self for taking the time to rest, “thank you” to Day for presenting me with this wonderful opportunity to explore.  “Thank you” to those around me for sharing in this moment. I am setting an intention of experiencing this moment, this day, with gratitude. This intention is set, regardless of external circumstances.  In such a way, I welcome peace into my being.

Affirmation: When I wake grateful to be given the gift of this day, I am rewarded with a day to be grateful for.

With my last waking breath of the day, I whisper “thank you for being you” to self for moving me through the day, “thank you for being you” to Source, “thank you for this Day”.  I fall asleep with a smile in my heart, and that smile swirls through my dream state and allows me peace as I rest.

This cycle of gratitude allows us to experience abundance regardless of external circumstances.  When we are in a state of abundance, our entire being is at peace.  Gone is worry, doubt, fear replaced with the knowledge that in this moment we are enough, we have enough, there is absolutely enough.  We affirm with our being, thank you for this state of “enough-ness”.

Even if I Feel I have “minimal resources“, when I share genuinely, gratitude expands all and I See how much I truly have. Priceless.

Affirmation: I am full of gratitude for the ability to tap into Flow; transforming all that is a barrier into a beautiful gateway to abundance!

Thank you for sharing in this energetic space.  I very much appreciate your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,