Transformational Magic: The Letter That Will Move You

I wonder
how my life will expand
as I open my heart to it
and allow my
heart whispers to roam free.

What is “Transformational Magic”: The Letter That Will Move You?

A paid subscription to a weekly letter delivered to your email inbox every Sunday.  If you are familiar with my work through my site or have attended an Energy Party, MeetUp, speaking engagement, or conference then you know that I honor transparency in all of my relations.  You know that my way of life is quite unconventional.

I choose Truth, I create from gratitude and love, and I rely upon clarity and intuition to guide me; my life truly is as magical as I allow it to be.

When I create within my personal life, I lead with my heart. I open my heart through fear and with faith to a depth that allows me extreme vulnerability and magnificent joy. I choose to create from a centered place of peace rather than react to an external circumstance.  I  choose to be love and light as I celebrate each day fully.  I do not need words to communicate; when you are in my space, you Feel my essence.

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“Transformational Magic”  is my essence on a page. I do not wish to add to the “noise” in your life; I do wish to present you with a few moments of peace and joy–a breath of fresh air to gently encourage you to open your heart to something that you perhaps might not consider, or to a depth that might have previously felt uncomfortable for you. I wish for you to feel a few moments of unconditional love and infinite possibility empowering you to move within your own life.

You will see how my way of life might border on radical because I am willing to rewrite my story daily–moving in all realms within my own life.  You will consider creating something new and different…or releasing something that no longer fits..or acknowledging Fear and working with it.  You will Feel empowered, capable, able to create anything.  You will understand that you are different and how to allow this to be your biggest asset as you create.  On the days that you feel “less than”–as if flow is blocked– you will feel as if you are not alone, because you will have my example of how living in alignment allows us to tap into abundance despite external.  You might do a lot of things, but you will not give up; you will challenge yourself to expand your perspective, to step outside of your self-imposed limitations, to create your world.

What to expect? My style of writing in public forums is gentle–lovingly guiding readers to accompany me to a beautiful place of peace. My letter has this same tone. I play big, I leap, and I love with my being.  As an energy worker, I allow my intuition to lead me, and I apply mind/body connection healing to my self daily.  The way that I create and the choices that I make within my personal life are not mainstream; what I share is “joy”..through and through.  It is my pleasure to share transformational magic with you!

For this letter, there are no archives for you to access;  just as I release yesterday as I create in life, so, too, I release the previous letter as I create the new one.  Our journey together begins with the first letter of your subscription.  There is one weekly letter per month–ranging from 4-8 pages in length.  Each letter begins with an intent, and has reflections for you to consider sprinkled throughout.

Excerpt from the July 8, 2012 issue of “Transformational Magic”:

(This excerpt is updated weekly as the latest issue is released)

I don’t have to relinquish my gifts or my spirit to learn focus and awareness.  And, it is through the practice of presence that I am able to celebrate this moment as it is, as I am.

I am learning, every day, a fluid process of release/embrace/celebrate.  When I remember I am a student, and my ‘role’ is to be present to possibilities, fear is replaced with trust; doubt is replaced with knowing; “not enough” is replaced with overflowing.

When I share tidbits of my life with others, I have received reflections such as: “but, you said there isn’t an impossible”…and I did say so, and I do believe that…and I am perfectly me in my imperfect way.  I have learned to accept and celebrate that: to honor my own pace, my unique creative techniques and voice, my being as I continue to evolve.  To love my self unconditionally, which then allows me to love others and World unconditionally..means exactly that, no conditions are placed upon my love.  This means that as I learn, I apply compassion, gentle observation, and gratitude to each step (mine and yours).  Again, for me to be present to this process requires that I release my past conditioning and patterns as I embrace the reality that this moment is as I allow it to be.

An example is my recent article: Learning to Use the Lens of Love in which I share a story from my personal life of how my vision currently ‘works’ in my life.  When I compare my past with my *now* (knowing it is all integrated), I am completely surprised at my way of life.  Having been abandoned by my mother, here I am teaching the way of love.  Having been emotionally abused throughout childhood and sexually abused in early adulthood, here I am teaching about full trust and allowing World to delight you. My mind cannot fathom “how” this is possible, yet my heart says “Yes, please!” to life, and life unfolds in miraculous ways that continue to fill me with gratitude and joy. 

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Transformational magic, indeed.  And that is what I wish to share with you.


“Your writing is exceptional! It’s so clear and precise, and you loop back and make points that the reader may have missed if they accidentally blinked. Next, the clarity with which you’re seeing life… it’s incredible. This letter puts you in the same circle as all those you respect and admire..Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay..Absolutely incredible! I loved reading it, and could see my own reflection – where I have opportunities and where I already shine – through your words. “  – Megan Bord

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