Thank you for choosing to join the Worry-Shift teleclass


Thank you for choosing to join in the “Worry Shift” live teleclass!

If you may please consider three specific worries that you are currently holding and/or three specific areas that you are currently holding worry in and email that to me by 9a (pt) on the 18th, I would appreciate it. If people hold similar worries, I will address the worries during the teleclass (without using your name). My email is .

Here is your call-in information:

Title: Worry Shift teleclass
Time: Saturday, April 18th at 4:00pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 498599#

You can check out the event page now, if you’d like, by clicking the web link.

You will receive an email reminder the morning of the call.

Here is the link to the Worry-Shift ecourse information page for you to browse, if you wish. Class begins May 1st; registration  is open through April 30th.

I look forward to connecting on the call!  

Much peace,